StartingLevel 1AlertTreasure Hunter, Missile Weapon Master+1 Pe
CharmingHeir+1 Ch
Dextrous +1 Dx
Fey-Blooded +1 Ma
Good Looks +1 Ap
Learned +1 Le
Strong +1 St
Strong of WillMelee Weapon Master, Saint+1 Wi
Tough +1 To
Level 1WealthyVery Wealthy3x starting money
Level 1, WealthyVery WealthyFilthy Rich2x starting money
Level 1, Very WealthyFilthy Rich 2x starting money
Level 1Boon to the FamilyHeir2x starting money
Level 1, Charming, Boon to the FamilyHeir Receive a special magical item inherited from family, class dependent, see Guidebook
Level 1, Le 9+SkilledVery Skilled+2 to all initial skills
Level 1, Skilled, Le 12+Very SkilledExtremely Skilled+3 to all initial skills
Level 1, Very Skilled, Le 15+Extremely Skilled +5 to all initial skills
Level 1Long Lived +30% to MaxAge
Level 1Strong Legs kicking in doors is much easier, +2 to kick damage
Melee Affinity with AxesMelee Weapon Master+2 to hit with axes
Affinity with Clubs and Hammers+2 to hit with clubs and hammers
Affinity with Daggers and Knives+2 to hit with daggers and knives
Affinity with Maces and Flails+2 to hit with maces and flails
Affinity with Polearms+2 to hit with polearms
Affinity with Swords+2 to hit with swords
Affinity with Whips+4 to hit with whips
Affinity with Staves+2 to hit with staves
Affinity with Twohanded Weapons+2 to hit with twohanded weapons
3 melee weapon affinities, Defensive Fighter, Strong of WillMelee Weapon Master +3 to hit and damage in melee
St 13+Brawler +2 to hit in umarmed melee combat
 AggresiveNatural Berserker+1 to hit in melee
AggresiveNatural Berserker +2 to hit and damage when berserking
 Ambidextrous +2 to hit when fighting with two melee weapons
 BasherPowerful Strike+1 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones
Basher, St 13+Powerful StrikeMighty Strike+2 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones
Powerful Strike, St 18+Mighty Strike +3 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones
Missile Affinity with BowsMissile Weapon Master+2 to hit with bows
Affinity with Crossbows+2 to hit with crossbows
Affinity with Slings+2 to hit with slings
Affinity with Boomerangs and Scurgari+4 to hit with boomerangs and scurgari
Affinity with Thrown Daggers+3 to hit with thrown daggers
Affinity with Thrown Axes and Hammers+3 to hit with thrown axes and hammers
Affinity with Thrown Rocks and Clubs+3 to hit with thrown rocks and clubs
Affinity with Thrown Spears+3 to hit with thrown spears
3 missile weapon affinities, Alert, Keen ShotMissile Weapon Master +3 to hit and damage with missile weapons
 Good ShotKeen Shot, Eagle-Eyed+1 to hit and damage with missile weapons
Good Shot, Dx 13+Keen ShotMissile Weapon Master, Quick Shot, Far Shot+2 to hit and damage with missile weapons
Good Shot, Dx 18+, Archery 80+Eagle-Eyed +3 to hit and damage with missile weapons
Keen Shot, QuickQuick ShotLightning ShotMissile attacks require 10% less energy
Quick Shot, Archery 60+Lightning Shot Missile attacks require 10% less energy
Keen Shot, St 10+Far Shot Missile attack ranges are increased by 20%
St 12+Strong Thrower +2 range with thrown weapons
Defensive CarefulVery Careful, Defensive Fighter, Good Book Caster+1 DV
CarefulVery Careful +3 DV when very defensive or coward
Careful, QuickDefensive FighterMelee Weapon Master, Dodger+2 DV
Defensive Fighter, Dodge 75+Dodger +2 DV
 Shield SpecialistShield Expert+1 DV when wielding shield
Shield Specialist, Shield Weapon Skill 3+Shield ExpertShield Master+2 DV when wielding shield
Shield Expert, Shield Weapon Skill 6+Shield Master +3 DV when wielding shield
To 10+HardyVery Hardy, Tough Skin+3 HP
Hardy, To 15+Very HardyExtremely Hardy+6 HP
Very Hardy, To 20+Extremely Hardy +9 HP
Hardy, To 12+Tough SkinIron Skin+1 PV
Tough Skin, To 15+Iron SkinSteel Skin+1 PV
Iron Skin, To 20+Steel SkinMithril Skin, Immune to Pain+2 PV
Steel Skin, DwarfMithril Skin +3 PV
Iron Skin, Wi 15+Immune to Pain One point of damage is always negated for all attacks; at least one point of damage will be caused nonetheless
MagicalMa 10+Potent AuraStrong Aura, Strong Magic, Charged, Strong Healer, Good Book Learner +3 PP
Potent Aura, Ma 12+Strong AuraMighty Aura, Durable Magic, Great Book Learner, Good Book Caster+6 PP
Strong Aura, Ma 15+Mighty AuraExtended Magic, Great Book Caster+9 PP
Potent Aura, Ma 16+Charged Regenerates PP at higher speed
Potent Aura, Ma 15+Strong Magic +2 to all damage caused by spells
Strong Aura, Wi 16+Durable Magic all spell durations are increased by the PCs current level times 3
Mighty Aura, Ma 24+Extended Magic all spell ranges are increased by 2
Potent Aura, Wi 15+Strong Healer +4 to HP healed by spells
Potent Aura, Good LearnerGood Book Learner PC is 10% more effective when learning spells from books
Good Book Learner, Strong Aura, Great LearnerGreat Book Learner PC is 10% more effective when learning spells from books
Careful, Strong Aura, Dx 14+Good Book Caster Casting spells from books costs only double PP
Good Book Caster, Mighty Aura, Dx 18+, Pe 15+Great Book Caster Casting spells from books costs only 50% more PP
MiscellaneousLe 10+Good LearnerGood Book Learner+2% to all xp gained
Good Learner, Le 16+Great LearnerGreat Book Learner+3% to all xp gained
St 8+, Dx 10+PorterMaster Packager10% more carrying capacity
Porter, Le 12+, Pe 12+Master PackagerBeast of Burden20% more carrying capacity
Master Packager, Wi 12+, To 12+Beast of Burden 30% more carrying capacity
 QuickVery Quick, Defensive Fighter, Quick Shot+2 Speed
QuickVery QuickGreased Lightning+3 Speed
Very Quick, Dx 15+Greased Lightning +4 Speed
Cha 10+Silver TongueNatural TraderShop prices are reduced by 10%
Silver Tongue, Cha 14+Natural Trader Shop prices are reduced by 20%
Wi 15+PiousVery PiousPrayers are 5% less expensive
Pious, Wi 20+Very PiousSaintPrayers are 5% less expensive
Strong of Will, Very Pious, Wi 30+Saint Prayers are 5% less expensive
 Healthy Heals wounds 20% faster
Pe 18+Sixth Tense More easily evades traps
 Mechanicaly Inclined All Disarm Traps checks are 10% easier
 MiserTreasure HunterFinds more gold
Alert, MiserTreasure Hunter Finds more items
 Long Stride Movement costs but 950 energy points
Dx 10+, Pe 13+Scout More likely to evade wilderness encounters; less likely to be ambushed
 Stealthy All Stealth checks are 10% easier

The IGB also contains (subjective) ratings for each talent.