0.2.2 Changing alignment

Alignment can range from -10000 to +6000 as follows: Changing alignment can be done in several ways. It is easy to change from a lawful flavor of alignment to a chaotic one. The PC need only commit chaotic acts, which include the following: Changing from chaotic towards neutrality and law is more difficult. The following actions move the PC towards lawful: Upon each alignment change, the following is apllied:

All of the above changing alignment are gradual methods which take some time to accomplish an alignment change. Without question, the fastest and easiest way to change alignment is by making sacrifices on an altar. See the section below about altars for more alignment change strategy.

0.2.3 Altars - how to use altars

The main thing you do on altars is sacrificing (or 'O'ffering). Things that can be sacrificed include items, monsters and gold. When sacrificing items, you stand on top of the altar and 'O'ffer the item, which will then be accepted or rejected by the deity. When sacrificing monsters, you stand away from the altar, wait for the monster to step onto the altar, and then 'O'ffer it. Note that most humanoid monsters have the ability to speak. This means they can sacrifice the PC. Most, but not all, humanoids are chaotic. So idly standing around on an altar, especially a chaotic one, near humanoid enemies is a very unwise thing to do.

When sacrificing items, one might want to keep in mind the fact that some races' deities specially favor some item types. These can be found in the manual and are listed here for reference.

Deities specialties
RacePreferred sacrifices
Human tools of all kind
Troll rocks, the larger the better
Hurthling cooked meals
Gnome gems
Dwarf gold
High Elf magical rings
Gray Elf magical rings
Dark Elf magical wands and books
Orc melee weapons
Drakeling musical instruments

Sacrificing monsters can be very bountiful, especially on levels with a high monster generation rate. There are a few things to be remembered, though:

Lawful and neutral gods don't like it when you sac "their beings", i.e. neutral beings to a neutral god or lawfuls to a lawful god. Chaotics don't care.

Bred, summoned, undead and unlife beings can not be sacrificed.

On any coaligned altar, you can detect your items' status by simply dropping the stuff on the altar regardless of piety level. Furthermore, when any offering has been accepted, you'll notice your standing with your deity. The effects are:

Messages generated when sacrificing on altars
-20000-"MORTAL, YE HAVE PESTERED ME FOR TOO LONG!" summons solars/holy slayers/greater daemons; spectres if fallen champion
-15000-"Mortal, ye art a pest." A bolt of -damage type- hits you! (67-79 points of damage)
-8000-"*I* hereby punish thee, puny mortal" equipment turned to dust
"You feel bad... very bad." same piety level as above, dooming results if no equipment
-3000-"Take this for ye impunity!" inventory cursed
-1000-"Mortal, you are a nuisance!"nothing
You hear -deity- grumbling in anger.nothing
-50-For some seconds the ground rumbles.nothing
-50..50-deity- seems to be unconcerned.nothing
50+-deity- seems to be pleased.nothing
1000+-deity- seems to be very pleased with you. deity will bless water dropped on altar
3000+You feel inner strength lifting you spirits. same piety level as inner peace, deity grants the Lucky intrinsic, occurs only if the PC didn't have the Lucky intrinsic
You feel inner peace. see above message about inner strength
You burn with the anticipation of power chaotic equivalent of inner peace
8000+You feel spiritually invincible. nothing
15000+You feel very close to -deity- deity removes Cursed/Doomed intrinsics if present
"You feel a terrible gloom being lifted from you" grants Fate Smiles intrinsic
30000+You feel extremely close to -deity- (pre/post)crowning possibility
-deity- seems to be absolutely close to you the PC is eligible for crowning: correct alignment and the highest level of piety

It's quite possible to have a prayer answered and the cost pulls you down to low enough to recieve a warning, or penalty, but there are some safeguards against this happening and it's unlikely unless you have been doing a lot of praying. Here's a funny example:

You pray to Istaria.
Your cursed broadsword (+1, 1d7+3) glows in a silvery light.
You suddenly hear a thundering voice.
"*I* hereby punish thee, puny mortal!"
Your equipment turns to dust.
The main safeguard is that you cannot drop more than 3 levels of piety in answering a prayer if you start off at least "Inner peace". Instead you will be at the bottom of the level three below where you started from. For example if you start at 3000 piety and your prayer costs 15000 piety you will end up at -50 piety. That applies to unanswered prayers too - which also cost piety. I don't know but I don't think it applies to non-prayer piety penalties but the only one big enough to matter would be destroying an altar I think...

A second safeguard is that if your prayer is NOT answered and you had at least "Unconcerned" then, if you drop to one of the low levels, you will NOT receive a penalty due to low piety (or a warning message) until the next time you pray.

Prices for praying

In general the cost of a prayer or unanswered prayer is the base cost multiplied by a factor that increases incredibly fast according to how many OF THAT KIND OF PRAYER (or how many unanswered prayers) you have had with that character. The count increases even if you switch deities. The multiplier is 'triangular n' or n(n+1)/2.

For example the first unanswered prayer costs 20 piety. The second will cost 60, then 120, 200, 300, 420 and so on. The formula for the total piety cost of n prayers of the same kind is n(n+1)(2n+1)/6 multiplied by the base cost.

After all that there is a final deduction to the cost of 50% if you are a champion and paladins seem to get prayer at 2/3rds cost (not priests though), or 1/3rd if crowned. Those do NOT apply to the cost of pre-post crownings.

In the table below, if not mentioned otherwise, at least 50 piety is required in addition to the requirement mentioned. In elemental temples, this requirement is 2 levels higher (3000 piety for standard rewards)

Praying costs
pre/post-crowning piety at least 30000 50000
removal of doom doomed 10000
removal of curse cursed 3000
prevent breeding at least 40 breeders on level 2500
granting of pickaxe certain location, at least 15000 piety 2000
uncurse 1 equiped item cursed item equipped 1000
food at least Hungry 500(*)
remove mute Mute 350
cure sickness Sick, at least 3000 piety 250
cure blindness Blind 150
full heal less than 75% health 150
remove darkness being at dark 120
remove slowed Slowed 100
cure poison Poisoned 100
full mana not at full PP 80
remove confused Confused 50
remove stun Stunned 25
nothing happens nothing of the above, or piety below 50 20

(*) The BASE cost of divine mana is between 450 and about 520 depending upon how starved you are. The cost of 450 is if you have just become hungry, the cost of 500 is for when you are just about to start reducing ability levels. Remember to multiply by the triangular n penalty.


Crowning itself requires "Extremely close" (30000 piety) and costs 40000 piety but does not reduce you to below 20000 piety. So effectively the cost is 10000. Very odd behaviour. In practise then the crowning costs only 10000. Pre or post crownings cost the same. Although I have listed their base cost as 50000 (meaning that the first one costs 50000, 2nd costs 150000, then 300000 etc) there are a couple of oddities. Sometimes (usually) there is a special pre/post crowning that costs only 10000 piety. The rest use the formula above but all cost an extra 10000 more than the formula would suggest. However it looks like you may need to have 20000 piety more than the cost of the pre/post crowning to get it.

(Post)crowning requirements
Min piety Cost Crowning
30000 10000 crowning
30000 10000 1st post-crowning (usually)
80000 60000 2nd post-crowning
180000 160000 3rd post-crowning
330000 310000 4th post-crowning
530000 510000 5th post-crowning
780000 760000 6th post-crowning
1080000 1060000 7th post-crowning

Miscellaneous piety changes
ActionPiety cost
Start game with 200
Attempt to turn undead -200
Destroy altar -10000 (and alignment shift)
Kick altar -100
Destroy others altar +1000 if opposite alignment, +100 if it was neutral
Use of holy symbol +0.5 (yes, a half point!)
Convert using altar piety set to -850 for new deity
Gain a level +10 x level in piety for aligned deity
220 actions -1%
Convert altar -2000 for former owner, +1000 for new owner
Change deity (alignment)-10000 for old deity

For the usual ways of altering piety (prayer and sacrificing) the two rival deities gain or lose 1/30th the amount of piety (rounded down) that the aligned deity loses or gains. That doesn't apply to crownings or to any of the miscellaneous changes above.

Gold coin gives about 0.32 piety per gold coin, except for dwarves who get about 0.48 piety (because their deities likes cash especially). Or roughly triple (double) the amount of piety needed and there's your gold cost. Tentatively it looks like live sacrifices score 448 piety and food scores 120.

Order of precedence:

Note that heal and food have two levels of precedence which cost the same and count as the same prayer. Also I couldn't seem to get cursed or doomed removed using prayer if I had both of them at the same time (by prayer that is - you can do it by sacrificing), so effectively they have the same precedence. Remove stunning may be 2 places higher in the list... needs a little more testing. Didn't attempt to find the precedence of preventing breeding on a level by prayer. Crowning seems to have the highest precedence, but then it also seems to heal you.

Other possible sacrificing messages
"You feel spiritually elated!"the PC receives the Lucky and Fate Smiles intrinsics simultaneously. This works regardless of alignment.
"*MORTAL, I AM NOT BUILDING A BLOODY GARDEN UP HERE! NO MORE TREES! }*" the PC tried to sacrifice an animated tree; there is a typo, apparently, the }
A voice in your mind lectures you. "*WHAT A MEDIOCRE SIGN OF DEVOTION. IMPROVE!*" the PC tried to sacrifice a summoned creature
A voice in your mind lectures you. "*THOU SHALT TAKE PAINS TO PROVE THY DEVOTION!*"the PC tried to sacrifice a spawned creature
You hear a booming voice in your mind... "*BE WARNED! SACRIFICING MY OWN CREATURES IS NOT SOMETHING I WELCOME WITH JOY!*" the PC tried to sacrifice a creature coaligned with the altar
-deity- booms: "*YOU DARE TO SACRIFICE MY GIFTS AT MY HOLY PLACE?!?* "*FOOL!*" The -foo- is consumed by a -bar- light and disappears. the PC sacrificed a divine gift
Suddenly -deity- speaks to you. *YOU DARE TO OFFER THE CRAP SOLD BY RATLING TRADERS?* *FORGET IT!* The -ratling fodder- disappears. sacrificing ratling wares

Messages when sacrificing in the dark
"You feel a warm aura." lawful altar
"The air is suddenly very moist." neutral altar
"You suddenly feel a chilling cold." chaotic altar

These messages are generated regardless of piety. The piety messages follow these. Note that creatures cannot be sacrificed in the dark.