ADOM Manual

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Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM)

An Interactive Adventure In A Fantastic World
Copyright 1994-2018 by Thomas Biskup
All Rights Reserved All Over The World

To my parents for always allowing me to choose my path in life.
To Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax for inventing the most wonderful pastime ever.

Table of Contents

A. Introduction
The Background Story
The Coming of Chaos
The Myth of Creation
The Price of the Game
The Cost of ADOM Classic
ADOM Deluxe compared to ADOM Classic
Bug Reports & Requests For Enhancements (RFEs)
B. Generating the Player Character
C. The Horoscope
The Ancardian Month
The Ancardian Calendar
The Meaning of the Star Signs
Star Sign List 
D. The Races
Effects of Choosing a Race
Race List 
E. Professions
Profession List 
F. Alignment
The Gods
G. Skills
Skill List 
Increasing Skills
Marking Skills for Quick Selection
H. Talents
Starting Talents
Cumulative Talents
Talent List 
Shaping Characters with Talents
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Talents in ADOM
I. Weapon Skills
Melee Weapon Skills 
Fighting with Two Weapons
Missile Weapons
Advancing Weapon Skills
Weapon Skills and Attack Energy
J. Attributes
Primary Attributes 
Attribute Generation
Secondary Attributes 
K. Experience and Gaining Levels
L. Magic & Spells
Spell Display
Casting Spells from Books
Spell List 
M. Mindcraft
Mental Power List 
N. Corruptions
O. The Game
Starting ADOM Classic
Starting ADOM Deluxe
Important Concepts
The ADOM Classic Main Screen
The ADOM Deluxe Main Screen
Quick Hints
The Display
The ASCII Display
The Tiled Display
The Monster Memory
The Player Character Screen
Standard Commands
Special Commands in ADOM Deluxe
The Dynamic Display
The Inventory & Item Descriptions
The Inventory
Working with the Backpack
Beasts of Burden
Saving the Game
P. The World of Ancardia & The Drakalor Chain
Travelling the World
Time & Food
Entering Locations
Light Sources
Special Features
Doors & Traps
Q. How to Start – A Beginner's Guide

R. Appendix A: Credits
Monster memory credits
Attribute question credits
Source code addition credits
Credits for inspiring program features
Miscellaneous idea credits
Bug report credits
S. Appendix B: Customizing ADOM
ADOM Configuration Option List 
Default Configuration Creation
Appendix C: Command-Line Options
Appendix D: Customizing the Keymap
Appendix E: Message Customization
Editing Message Customizations
List of Message Customization Directives