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The art of Mindcraft is a very strange discipline. Many believe it to be just another type of magic, but the truly enlightened know that it is a very different way of using one's inner strength and willpower.

Mindcrafters utilize their mental powers to generate astonishing effects. The arts of Mindcraft and magic do not work very well together. Only long meditation and inner peace will allow a person to awaken the mental powers within, while magic seems to encourage active and curious minds.

The following sections will describe the mental powers available to Mindcrafters. The number in brackets mentions the level at which the power will become available.

Be warned! The powers of Mindcraft come at a price. Artificial and mindless beings are immune to mental powers and undead are a great danger to all Mindcrafters. Their corrupted and insane minds are able to turn the mental powers upon the Mindcrafter, harming or killing him. Additionally, walls are not able to block the powers of the mind – so be careful about what might be lurking behind the next wall before wildly employing Mindcraft. Many beings don't like others trying to toast their brains. Your mindcrafter also might want to avoid contact with corrupted monsters. Sages claim that corrupted minds will transfer some of the corruption to the contacting mind.

Mental powers are fed with power points and if the character does not have enough power points to activate the power, he is at a loss. Some powers are continuous and cost power points each turn.

Mental Power List

The following special powers are available in the game (W is the shortcut for willpower, L for the level of the Mindcrafter):

Teleport Control

Level 1 mindcraft power. The ability to control your destination when teleporting.

Confusion Blast

Level 1 mindcraft power. A linear blast which disturbs the minds of your opponents and confuses them.

Confusion Wave

Level 3 mindcraft power. Similar to Confusion Blast, but affects all beings within a certain range.

Mind Blast

Level 6 mindcraft power. A mental attack trying to destroy the brain cells of the victims. Damage: [{(W + L) / 6} + 1]d5.

Mental Shield

Level 9 mindcraft power. A mental defense, which affects both defensive and protection values of the character. DV: + [(L + W) / 5], PV: + [(L + W) / 8]. Continuous power.

Mind Wave

Level 12 mindcraft power. A mental attack similar to Mind Blast, with the difference that it affects all beings within a certain range.

Telekinetic Blast

Level 15 mindcraft power. A projected force which might shatter doors and is able to damage beings physically. Damage: [(W / 5) + L]d3.

Eyes of the Mind

Level 18 mindcraft power. A hypersense which allows the character to sense creatures and beings within a certain range.

Greater Mental Blast

Level 25 mindcraft power. A more advanced form of Mind Blast. Damage: [{(W + L) / 8} + 1]d9.

Greater Telekinetic Blast

Level 30 mindcraft power. A powerful force ball causing a lot of physical damage to beings. It might even be powerful enough to shatter stone. Damage: [(W / 5) + L]d6.


Level 35 mindcraft power. A defensive power which allows the Mindcrafter to heal his wounds. Continuous power.

Teleport Self

Level 40 mindcraft power. A power allowing the travel to remote places within the blink of an eye.

Teleport Other

Level 45 mindcraft power. Similar to teleport self, but can be used on other beings.

Greater Mental Wave

Level 50 mindcraft power. Similar to Greater Mental Blast, but affects all creatures within a certain range.