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Notation for item appendices

Most items are listed with the "common" group, then the "noble" group (expensive metals and the like), then artifacts. + denotes an artifact which is obtained through game plot, * an artifact which is obtained randomly. H(+x, mdn) denotes hand-to-hand damage, M() missile damage. Effect abilities conferred are abbreviated. +Tele means "grants teleportation", -Fire means "fire resistance", =Fire (two lines, get it?) means "fire immunity". Slaying powers are denoted by !. Bad items are in red. Most items are listed with their unidentified appearance (UnID'd name). If this appearance is shown in (), that means the appearance is not always the same, but the "associated" or "most common" appearance. For expendable magical items (amulets, rings, wands, potions, books, scrolls, ands gems) imagine that ALL appearances are listed in (). ALL STATISTICS ARE "BASE" NUMBERS AND CAN BE ADJUSTED UP OR DOWN AS THE ITEM APPEARS: base odds for a chance of +/- variation for item generation is 15%. This goes up (as high as 40%) depending on the difference between the DL PC is on and the DL of the item. There is further 10% chance of deviating from the standard +/- 1-3 variation, but this also requires the DL difference to be high enough and at least one further 1/3 check passed (more 1/3 checks passed = more deviation).

As always, corrections are invited.

Intrinsic Effect Great identify message
+Crit increased chance to score critical hits [1] It is very good at scoring critical hits in melee.
+Curscursed, -2d2 to Luck, -1d3+1 for items It grants bad luck.
+Doomdoomed, -3d5 to Luck, -1d8+1 for items Wearing it makes you doomed.
+Fate fate smiles upon the PC, +6 to Luck, +4 for itemsIt makes Fate smile upon you.
+Invi grants invisibility It grants invisibility.
+Luck PC is lucky, +3 to Luck, +2 for items It grants luck.
+Rgen faster HP regeneration It causes your wounds to regenerate.
+SeeI grants ability to see invisible It grants the ability to see invisible things.
+TCtr grants ability to control teleportation It allows you to control teleportation.
+Tele grants random teleportation It grants teleporting powers.
+WBre allows water breathing It grants the ability to breathe water.

[1] Critical hits deal double damage.

ResistanceEffect Great identify message
-Acid acid resistance It grants resistance to acid.
-Cold cold resistance It grants resistance to cold.
-Conf resistance to confusion It grants resistance to confusion attacks.
-Deth resistance to death rays It grants resistance to death attacks.
-Elec shock resistance It grants resistance to shock attacks.
-Fire fire resistance It grants resistance to fire.
-Para paralyzation resistance It grants resistance to paralyzation.
-Petr petrification resistance It grants resistance to petrification.
-Pois poison resistance It grants resistance to poison.
-Sick resistance to sickness It grants resistance to disease.
-Slee resistance to sleep It grants resistance to sleep attacks.
-Stun resistance to stunning It grants resistance to stunning.

ImmunityEffect Great identify message
=Acid immunity to acid It grants immunity to acid.
=Cold immunity to cold It grants immunity to cold attacks.
=Elec immunity to shock It grants immunity to shock attacks.
=Fire immunity to fire It grants immunity to fire.

Slaying Powers
Power Effect Great identify message
!Cons slays constructs It is an unlife slayer.
!Demo slays demons It is a demon slayer.
!Drag slays dragons It is a dragon slayer.
!Gian slays giants It is a giant slayer.
!Huma slays humanoids It is a humanoid slayer.
!Inse slays insects It is an insect slayer.
!Jell slays jellies It is a jelly slayer.
!Plan slays plants It is a plant slayer.
!Unde slays undead It is an undead slayer.

Item Powers
PropertyEffect Great identify message
AUTOCURSINGitem curses when equipped It is a permanently cursed item.
CHAOSmerely carrying the item corrupts the PC It contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption.
chaoscorrupts when used (Moon Sickle + Orbs)  
returns item returns when thrown This weapon returns when thrown.
rustproof item is not susceptible to water damage It is rustproof.
poisoned item is poisoned permanently (Serpent's Bite) 
searching bonus to searching (Shirt of the Saints) It improves your searching capabilities.
Paladin double damage for Paladins (Justifier)  
Casino grants peaceful passage past Eternal Guardian (Ring of the High Kings) 
Orbs halves the corrupting effects of Chaos Orbs (Elemental Gauntlets) 
Bart can be exchanged with Bart for training (Golden Gladius) 
TwoHanded this artifact melee weapon is two-handed  
Terror periodically causes monsters to flee in panicIt spreads terror.

Updated September 9th, 2007