Improved ADOM Guidebook

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Appendix S - Improved keymap

adom.kbd - download the improved keymap for ADOM, and put it to your adom_dat folder (overwrite the old keymap)

In the improved keymap for ADOM, d key is used to display various things, for example pressing dq will display current quests etc. Exception is the dd combination, which will not "display" anything, but is used for "comfortable drop". The : key is not used here, but could still be used if you remember it. The catch is that everything is possible to perform using alphanumeric keys, there is no need of pressing special keys, such as @ (press dc instead). The keybindings are complete as of ADOM R81 (2.3.8). Striked commands have been removed from game.

R81 command changes:

  Small Capital Ctrl Display
aapply skill again ' autopickup skills
bchat berserk F1wound status background
cclose coward F7challenge setup character @
ddisplay... drop extended drop comf.drop
eeat clean ears enter > elapsed time
fexplore -wipe face full screen msg.buffer
ggive attack monster wmgo to w*god
hhandle highlight help ? wealth $
iinventory equipment mindcraft items /
juse tool dip ! dynamic display available talents
kkick chaos \more key kick stats
llook examineleave < literacy
mability monster mem. &NotEye menumissile stats
nname normal F4NotEye... killed monsters
oopen offer issue order companions
ppickup ,primitive pickup ;comf.pickupprevious hints
qquaff (drink)go to item wiquit quests
rread display map redraw recipes
ssearch wssave weapon skills
tthrow tactic activate trap ^talents
uuse item unlock extended use burden levels
vview PC dataversion set variable variables =
wwalk... wait . weather weapon stats
xswap dbl.clickclass power experience
ypay pray _ extended paybill
zzap wand cast spell do nothing w.spells

NotEye commands:
Ctrl+n g switch game settings
Ctrl+n d switch display mode
Ctrl+n f or Ctrl+f switch fulscreen mode
Ctrl+n x activate NotEye expert context menu
Ctrl+n b switch message buffer location
Ctrl+n s or Ctrl+n vs switch sound volume
Ctrl+n m or Ctrl+n vm switch music volume
F10 switch between tile/ASCII modes

Additional commands:
we or w> go to enter location (down stairs)
wl or w< go to leave location (up stairs)
wf or w& go to forge
wa or w_ go to altar
Ctrl+1 or ( create short logfile
Ctrl+2 or ) create verbose logfile
Ctrl+3 or [ create screenshot
Ctrl+0 or :S set the auto-save interval
F9 act reasonably (present menu with options)

Updated November 16th, 2017