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Appendix Q - Other online resources about ADOM

ADOM related Web sites
ADOM CentralThomas Biskup's official site.
ADOM Hall of FameADOM Hall of Fame, forums.
ADOM SageFrontend for ADOM: adds drawing lines & boxes, simple mouse support.
ADOM informationItems and monsters data dump, random encounters and more, wishing stats, patches.
ADOM walkthroughA rather funny walkthrough from 1996.
ADOM Strategy WikiADOM Wiki; little information, inactive.
ADOM WikiThe ADOM Wiki, a lot of information, active.
ADOM Strategy GuideVery old strategy Guide, written at times of ADOM 0.9.9 gamma 4.
ADOM Monster MemoryA list of the fine, colourful descriptions of Ancardia's denizens.
ADOM GuidesGuides to specific classes (covers archer, assassin, barbarian, beastfighter, druid, merchant, mindcrafter, monk, wizard).
ADOM tutorials"Let's play" style walkthroughs.
Sorear's WikiSome code dived info.
Herb gardenAll you need to know about herbs and Herbalism.
Opening questionsHelps searching through the opening questions system.
Guidebook WikiWiki listing items and monsters, supports v1.2.0, but now inactive, abandoned.
Steam community guidesDealing with orb guardians by Soirana; ADOM, Monks, and You by Gref; Early game stuff by Yulgash.
The ADOM DomainVarious Adom Metalman game challenges.

Updated July 31st, 2017