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Appendix K - Quests - complete list

Many of the quests are assassinations. It is not strictly necessary for the PC to do the killing. A pet or slave can do the dirty work (unless otherwise noted).

Assigned by Objective Target LocationRewards Section
Tywat Pare kill Kranach Wilderness 3000 gold pieces 1.2.1
kill Hotzenplotz Lawenilothehl blessed amulet of order, Law skill if both Kranach and Hotzenplotz are killed
Tiny Girl rescue the Cute Dog Puppy Cave lawful boost, candy from girl 1.2.4
Rynt save Yrrigs Village Dungeon Healing skill, cursed oil of rust removal, Yrrigs' manual of Bridge Building, hatchet, Yrrigs available in Terinyo to train Bridge Building 1.2.2
Guth'Alak kill Keethrax Druid Dungeon Herbalism or Gardening, or wand of cold and spellbook of Frost Bolt 1.2.3
help the Greater White Unicorn Unicorn Glades see below about Yrruir and Riurry
Blup find Shyssiryxius Water Dragon Cave Rune-Covered Trident (eventually) 2.13
Yergius Thieves Guild membership any admission to the Thieves Guild and the ability to train several skills with Yergius 1.3.1
Hotzenplotzkill Tywat Pare Terinyo amulet of chaos 1.3.5
kill Jharod Village Dungeon appointment with Kranf Niest -> Healing skill
Old Barbarian kill 20 first kill monsters any Courage skill 2.6
Thrundarr kill random creature any inventory ID or Potion of Literacy
venture beyond Animated Forest/Dwarven HallsCoC level 16blessed wand of fireballs (12)
exterminate the ogre tribe Ogre Cave 5000 gold pieces
become Arena champion Arena equipment plus Golden Gladius from Arena Master
kill greater daemon Dwarftown Big Punch
relieve the spirit of Griff BloodaxDwarven Graveyard equipment 2.7
Demented Ratling feed six artifacts Dwarftown reveals entrance to Stone Circle 3.5.8
Gaab'Baay satisfy the mutated one Dwarftown Demented Ratling reveals entrance to Stone Circle 2.1.6
get skull of giant boar Wilderness Medal of Chaos when all quests are done
get potion of cure corruption any
get farmer corpse Terinyo or HMV
get scroll of danger any
get wand of monster creation any
Kherab kill Guth'Alak Terinyo Shield of Raw Steel 2.4.2
kill Thrundarr Dwarftown Amulet of Raw Steel
Yrruir kill Riurry Black Unicorn Glade cleanses all corruption once 2.19.1
Riurry kill Yrruir White Unicorn Glade corruption + 3d3 PoGA 2.19.2
Sharad-Waador kill Srraxxarrakex Blue Dragon Caves Needle + misc equipment 3.19.1
Assassin Prince kill Filk (Mad Minstrel's request) Infinite Dungeon MM reveals Scintillating Cave (AP holds Sting)
Pool frog frog that becomes a prince [1] any potion of beauty, pendant of beauty, diadem of beauty, gold 
I:66/SIL kill MaLaKaI SIL (I:66) Sceptre of Chaos 2.2.2
Cat Lord don't kill a cat all Ring of the Master Cat 3.16
D:49 use the potion of uselessness to move one on iceD:49 random artifact 3.23
D:50 Paragon of Order all Platinum Girdle 3.24.5
Khelavaster close the Chaos Gate D:50 stoping of background corruption; winning the game 3.24
Ice Queenkill Haggar Frost Giant Jarl Caves4 blessed potions of cure corruption, temporary blessing
kill the Chaos Diplomat Ice Queen Domain +2 Strength, +2 Willpower, +2 Toughness
kill Hotzenplotz Lawenilothehl blessed amulet of order
Chaos Diplomat kill the Ice Queen Ice Queen Domain equipment

[1] The PC, only females, must search and chat with neutral giant frog (use Calm Monster, 10% chance for it to offer a kiss); if the proper one is found, some appearance-enhancing items are given as a reward; if the frog is unproper (25% chance), then -1 Ap and -1 Ch. Golden ball is not needed to do this quest; however, something is set by dropping the golden ball into a pool.

Updated December 21st, 2013