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Unique NPCs - Great Wyrm Names - Deity Names

Appendix I - Unique NPCs - complete list

Unique NPCs
NPC Associated monsterOrigin of NPC's name Significance Section
Tywat Pare sheriff Wyatt Earp; american old west sheriff assigns 2 quests: kill Kranach and kill Hotzenplotz; Hotzenplotz's quest objective 1.2.1
Kranach raider lord   Tywat Pare's first quest objective
Rynt village elder   assigns save Yrrigs quest 1.2.2
Guth'Alak druid   assigns 2 quests: kill Keethrax and help the Unicorn; Kherab's quest objective 1.2.3
Tiny Girl   literal description assigns rescue the Cute Dog quest 1.2.4
Blup baby water dragon   assigns find Shyssiryxius quest; teaches Swimming skill 1.2.5
Munxip shopkeeper   shopkeeper in Terinyo 1.2.6
Yggaz fool Zagyg; mad demi-god from "World of Greyhawk" source of rumors; trades random potions for potions of booze 1.2.7
Yergius master thief   teaches a variety of skills to non-lawfuls 1.3.1
Barnabas shopkeeper   shopkeeper in Lawenilothehl 1.3.2
Kranf Niest mad doctor Frankenstein teaches the Healing skill to chaotics 1.3.3
Skriek cloaked ratling   ratling in Lawenilothehl; sells keys 1.3.4
Hotzenplotz crime lord nasty in German children's literature assigns Tywat Pare and Jharod quests; Tywat Pare's second quest objective 1.3.5
Grunge & Munge half-orc bouncer describes their appearance Hotzenplotz's bodyguards
Jharod healer   teaches the Healing skill to non-chaotics; Hotzenplotz's quest objective 1.6.1
Yrrigs carpenter or mad carpenter   trains the Bridge Building skill if rescued 1.6.2
Keethrax black druid   Guth'Alak's quest objective; holds Black Torc 1.7.1
Cute Dog   literal description Tiny Girl's quest objective 1.8.1
Hawkslayer burly adventurer Bard's Tale III computer RPG character companion 2.1.2
Leggot shopkeeper   shopkeeper in the High Mountain Village 2.1.4
Ogre Guardian     guards prison in the HMV 2.1.5
Gaab'Baay old crone Baba Yaga; russian folklore assigns quests for the Medal of Chaos 2.1.6
Oracle   literal description provides hints about special endings 2.1.7
Malicious Doctor   literal description has a flesh golem for sale to non-lawfuls 2.1.8
Borys flesh golem russian flavored [2] companion
Filk quickling bard altered song name Assassin Prince/Mad Minstrel quest objective 2.2.1
MaLaKaI chaos knight evil servant; also old testament prophet guards Sceptre of Chaos 2.2.2
Kherab dwarven artificier   assigns 2 quests: kill Guth'Alak and kill Thrundarr 2.4.3
Old Barbarian   literal description assigns Courage quest to non-chaotics 2.6.1
Griff Bloodax undead chaos dwarven berserker  Thrundarr quest objective
Nonnak master necromancer   Thrundarr quest objective
Mad Minstrel   literal description reveals location of Scintillating Cave; sings hints 2.8.1
Rehetep mummy lord egyptian flavored holds two artifacts: ancient mummy wrapping and ankh
Assassin Prince   literal description assigns kill Filk quest; holds Sting
Shyssiryxius great water dragon   arranges for delivery of Rune-covered Trident 2.13.2
Minotaur Emperor     holds Axe of the Minotaur Emperor
Ratling Dealer   literal description sells climbing set in the Rift Dungeon
Ghost Librarian   literal description presides over the Sinister Library of Niltrias 2.16.1
Keriax multi-headed chaos dragon   holds Crown of Chaos 2.17.1
Yrruir greater white unicorn   assigns quest: kill Riurry; cleanses corruption once 2.19.1
Riurry greater black unicorn twisted reflection of Yrruir assigns quest: kill Yrruir 2.19.2
Emperor Moloch     holds crumpled scroll, key to the TotRR 2.20.1
Dak arena master   provides access to the Arena 3.2.4
Ratling Rebel   literal description hands out pamphlets; sprays mace on those wearing furs 3.2.6
Li-Hon-Kay ogre magus Hong-Kong? 20th Arena opponent; casts invisibility and frost bolt 3.2.2
Spardakius minotaur Spartacus? 20th Arena opponent
Ripclaw troll troll-flavored name 20th Arena opponent
Bonk hill giant hill giant-flavored name 20th Arena opponent
Waldenbrook shopkeeper Waldenbooks? shopkeeper in Dwarftown 3.5.1
Ruun priest   identifies healing potions; Dwarftown -> hostile if killed 3.5.2
Thrundarr ancient dwarf   assigns several quests including Griff quest; Kherab's quest objective 3.5.3
Dwarven Mystic   literal description provides gifts to non-chaotics 3.5.4
Garth dwarven weaponmaster   trains attributes 3.5.5
Glod dwarven smith   teaches Smithing; repairs broken items; removes rust from items 3.5.6
Bart grizzled gladiator   teaches Tactics, Two weapon combat, Backstabbing skills
Torgall dwarven innkeeper   innkeeper in Dwarftown; source of rumors
Demented Ratling   literal description makes Crown of Chaos and Gaab'Baay quests available 3.5.8
Khelavaster dying sage or ancient sage   provides access to ultra endings; provides powerful gifts 3.7
Banshee   sheep exploitable deadly scream 3.10
Eternal Guardian   literal description guards staircase leading to lower CoC 3.12
Casino shopkeeper [1]  literal description shopkeeper in Casino 3.13.2
Big Casino Guard   literal description tougher than normal casino guards 3.13.4
Bugs bunny master Bugs Bunny leader of battle bunnies 3.15.1
Cat Lord     provides Ring of the Master Cat 3.16
Sharad-Waador ancient karmic wyrm   assigns kill Srraxxarrakex quest; holds Needle 3.19.1
Srraxxarrakex ancient blue wyrm   Sharad-Waador's quest objective 3.20.1
Ancient Chaos Wyrm     Fire Orb Guardian 2.5.4
Snake from Beyond     Water Orb guardian 3.9.2
Yulgash master summoner   Air Orb guardian 3.17.2
Ancient Stone Beast     Earth Orb guardian 3.18.2
Nuurag-Vaarn chaos archmage   Mana Orb guardian 3.21.2
Fistanarius greater balor   final boss for regular endings 3.24.2
Andor Drakon ElDeR cHaOs GoD evil priest in one of Thomas' AD&D campaigns final boss for special endings 4.1
Ice Queen   literal description assigns several lawful quests in IQD; Chaos Diplomat's quest objective
Chaos Diplomat   literal description assigns quest: kill the Ice Queen; Ice Queen's second quest objective
Haggar frost giant jarl   Ice Queen's first quest objective 2.23.1

[1] Moorton, Orgovek, Heriadat are examples of several possible names.

[2] Borys might be named after Boris Karloff, who played a monster flesh golem in the 1931 version of Frankenstein.

Great Wyrm Names
Aaroneliadeles Cawerexcius Gravadirxis Kasathrabenewaris Metelethenes Poktarenebes Testrekedres
Alkarasydes Cornaxarius Heftoronios Keredetiussanavus Moldarenexedes Putgarpurnawar Thonadarantaklus
Ambaretelydes Creothades Heg'An-Shabbutt Konradexiuses Ocarydenes Sektoridikes Thrunderuxur
Askaxarus Dulakarysior Hondawamedledes Kosteriaknarwat Onnaarexenes Sekunaxius Tonabelemneros
Baralakteriontar Ektranarius Henaftaaraxenes Maalaxadior Oondarabadekes Sepikalessinis Tuuungarathanares
Belegenethes Erdakixiriris Henandralades Mebdebereth Oxygotholodes Setremedes Ukalionatrius
Betwedeneftelgar Exteriakus Hewetexioresius Mehederius Pasiatrius Skathanangar Ungarenethenes
Boraxannaar Exadelioteles Hombolinth Mekoladantherus Perfonaredikius Soktoboridus Uskaradetes
Brapagophelgar Fylatinius Hydelionaxis Menewekes Pesestrenaderius Taharaderenes Xedrolinius
Combarynthior Golanamedes Jederixeledes Meriathradexius Pesitriokalus Terexialus Yug-Saggath

Deity Names
RaceL N C
Human Onn Istaria Ssraxx
Troll Ka'Omsh Ne'Ftrr Vagrak
High/Gray ElfCorellius Ayssia Ni'Pregh
Dark Elf Elderon Anssaria Lol'th
Dwarf Morodwyn Clamgaddin Abbad-Undar
Gnome Gnarl Berwyn Urglyn
Hurthling Shalla Auroree Fnordjar
Orc The One Who Sees The One Who Kills The One Who Rages
Drakeling Sssracht Issrecht Ussrachs
Mist ElfOrderBalanceChaos
Ratling Fiit-Ssaaar Sssaass Fiit-Yaaar

Note that Chaos Knights of any race take Andor Drakon himself as their deity when chaotic.

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