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Appendix G - Food - complete list

Food %
Name WeightSatiationSpecialRemarks Damage
alraunia antidote 2s 20 1 eaten, fights poisoning (best when blessed) HM(+0,1d1)
apple 2s 100 2   HM(+0,1d1)
bit of plain candy 2s 20 3 abuses To when eaten; can be given to children or BlupHM(+0,1d1)
bit of gnomish candy 2s 1000 3 really abuses To when eaten HM(+0,1d1)
bone 4s 10  calms/tames dogs, heals skeletons (1d6) H(-2,1d4) M(-3,1d3)
burb root 2s 20 1 eaten, causes acid damage (worst when cursed, does not damage acid resistant PCs)HM(+0,1d1)
cooked lizard 3s 500 10   HM(+0,1d1)
cooked roach 3s 20 10   HM(+0,1d1)
curaria mancox herb 2s 20 1 eaten, fights sickness (best when blessed) HM(+0,1d1)
demon daisy 2s 20 1 eaten, causes poisoning (worst when cursed, does not damage poison resistant PCs)HM(+0,1d1)
devil's rose 2s 20 1 eaten, causes sickness (worst when cursed) HM(+0,1d1)
dwarven sausage 20s 500    H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
fat worm 3s 20 10   HM(+0,1d1)
fortune cookie 3s 100  contains a rumor, see,1d1)
fried bat 3s 100 10   HM(+0,1d1)
frog legs 2s 500    HM(+0,1d1)
herb seed 2s 20 4 apply Gardening to grow into herbs HM(+0,1d1)
hurthling cake 30s 100  cursed ones stun non-trolls H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
iron ration 100s 500    H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
large ration 200s 500    H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
loaf of bread 40s 500    H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
loaf of dwarvish bread 60s 500  satiation points quadrupled for Dwarves H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
loaf of elven bread 3s 2000    H(+0,1d1) M(+0,1d1)
loaf of hurthling bread 30s 500    H(+0,1d2) M(+0,1d3)
loaf of spider bread 3s 20 5   HM(+0,1d2)
lump of beeswax 5s 20 11 use to plug ears, remove with clean Ears commandHM(+0,1d1)
lump of gelee royal 3s 2000 11 use to remove scar OR eat for +1 Ap, cure disease, cure poisonHM(+0,1d1)
melon 20s 500    HM(+0,1d1)
morgia root 2s 20 1 eaten, trains To then Wi up to about 25 HM(+0,1d1)
moss of mareilon 2s 20 1 used, trains Dx (abuses if cursed) up to about 25HM(+0,1d1)
pepper petal 2s 20 1 eaten, restores HP (6d10/3d8/3d4 B/U/C) HM(+0,1d1)
piece of dry meat 15s 500    HM(+0,1d2)
piece of raw meat 20s 500 2,6,9 can be cooked to produce a piece of fresh meatHM(+0,1d2)
piece of fresh meat 20s 1000  cooked version of raw meat HM(+0,1d2)
piece of fish meat 10s 500 2,8,9 can be cooked to produce a fried piece of fish meatHM(+0,1d2)
fried piece of fish meat 9.5s 1000 7 cooked version of fish meat HM(+0,1d2)
plant seed 2s 20 4 can be given to farmers for lawful boost HM(+0,1d1)
rat tail 3s 20 10   HM(+0,1d1)
spenseweed 2s 20 1 used, restores HP (5d4+20/3d6+3/1d6 B/U/C) HM(+0,1d1)
stomacemptia 2s see 0.3.21eaten, reduces satiation (worst when cursed)HM(+0,1d1)
stomafillia 2s 6250/2000/5501 eaten, increases satiation (best when blessed)HM(+0,1d1)

All food and corpses are made of various materials, except for bone, which is considered wood. The satiation value is increased by 25% for blessed items and decreased by 50% for cursed items.

1herb; unidentified appear as strange herb; can be identified by picking with the Herbalism skill; more on herbs see 0.13.6
2susceptible to rotting
3unidentified appear as bit of candy; can be identified by taste: plain = 'sweet', gnomish = 'annoyingly sweet'; children and Blup will only accept plain candy
4unidentified appear as seed
5more nutritious for Dark Elves: cursed = 2010, uncursed = 1020, blessed = 125; this unusual fact is in fact intentional
6more nutritious for Orcs (2x), Trolls (3x), Barbarians (3x) and Beastfighters (3x); if a PC falls into more than one category, only the higher bonus applies - i.e. Orcish Beastfighters are 3x; Drakelings receive a different message than other races but get the usual 500 satiation points
7fried fish meat indeed has a fractional weight. If a stack of fried fish meat contains an odd number of pieces, the weight of the stack is rounded up
8tames black hurthlings
9tames animals
10ratling trader food
11only generated in beehives

See section 0.3.2 for satiation level details.

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