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Appendix F - Books and Scrolls - complete list

Spellbooks "
SpellbookUnID'd Name SpellbookUnID'd Name
Acid Ball / Rain of Sorrowbrass-bound Improved Fireball / Invoked Devastationshimmering
Acid Bolt cracked Invisibility / Veil of the Gods worn
Bless thinKnock / Divine Key dusty
Burning Hands / Baptism of Fire laced Know Alignment parchment
Calm Monster tattered Light leather-bound
Create Item / Divine Favour leather Lightning Ball / Heavenly Fury iron-bound
Cure Critical Wounds black Lightning Bolt / Divine Wrath heavy
Cure Disease small Magic Lock / Seal of the Spheres gilted
Cure Light Wounds old Magic Map / Knowledge of the Ancients compact
Cure Serious Woundsdirty Magic Missile / Minor Punishmentrune-covered
Darkness ancient Mystic Shovel / Divine Digger charred
Death Ray / Greater Divine Touch decorated Neutralize Poison tiny
Destroy Undead / Dispel Undead slender Petrification sooty
Disarm Trap used Remove Curse hide-covered
Earthquake enormous Revelation papyrus
Farsight delicate Scare Monster / Holy Awe shadowy
Fire Bolt / Hellish Flames scrawl-covered Slow Monster thick
Fireball / Major Punishment silk-covered Slow Poison huge
Frost Bolt / Nether Bolt bejewelled Strength of Atlas / Lordly Might ornate
Greater Identify / Greater Enlightement mangled Stun Ray / Lesser Divine Touch embossed
Heal large Summon Monsters brittle
Ice Ball / Freezing Fury satin-covered Teleportation / Ethereal Bridge iron-wrought
Identify / Enlightement light Webragged
Wish / Divine Intervenion embroidered    

Other books "
Book UnID'd Name WeightRemarks
tract of order tome 250s see 0.2.6
tract of balance tome 200s
tract of chaos tome 150s
The Collected Works of Confuciousbrittle book400s [1]
manual of bridge building huge manual 100s [2]
ruined libram   500s [3]

[1] This book generates random fortune cookie messages when read and disappears after several readings.

[2] Gives 5d5 points of Bridge Building skill on initial reading. Possession of this book is required at level up for ability to increase the Bridge Building skill.

[3] Generated instead of the Tome of Donors if PC exp.points >90169; useless.

All spellbooks weigh 100s. When used in melee or as a missile, both spellbooks and other books do (-4, 1d2) damage.

Artifact books
Name UnID'd Name Weight Special Damage
*black tome of Alsophocus black tome 400s CHAOS [1] HM(-4,1d2)
+weird tome   100s see 2.16.1 HM(-4,1d2)
+tome of donors lavish libram500s see 2.21.1HM(-4,1d8)

[1] It teaches the PC random spell (Light and Wish equally likely), or improves knowledge in a known spell if read successfully, and corrupts 20 CPs per turn spent reading, min 200, max 6666. As an artifact, the black tome cannot be destroyed - if a failure would destroy it, the next entry in the list is used instead (see Learning spells mechanics).

Scrolls ?
Name UnID'd Name UnID'd Meaning Effect when read Remarks
amnesia ECNETOPINMO omnipotence PC forgets some parts of maps and identified items; cursed forgets ALL map and item knowledge  
balance SutsI suits? reveals PC's balance of alignment; cursed gives nonsense  
blank unlabeled   new scrolls can be written on these provided the PC has a magical writing set created by dipping any scroll into potion of water
chaos resistance Yik Mech'Shegoth   removes corruptions 100d30/100d10/-100d5 B/U/C (about 1.5 corruptions if blessed) see
charging KAPOW opposite of WOPAK recharges wands 3d3/2d3/1d3 charges B/U/C; explodes if no wands in inventory  
crumpled crumpled   unique; held by the Emperor Moloch; Khelavaster summons the Trident of the Red Rooster when non-chaotics give him this scroll always "crumpled scroll" [4]
cure blindness YNORI ERUP pure irony a joke (scrolls can't be read while blind)  
danger REGNAD danger increases DL of current level by 1d2/2d2/3d2 B/U/C; quest object for Gaab'Baay  
dark predictions Odiv void reveals PC's percentage of corruption  
darkness ZTORF opposite of FROTZ darkens area around PC; the area can be lit again B/U/C status doesn't matter
defense HITME hit me improves an items DV (fails more often with better items) [1]
education MANNANNANMACLIR Manannan mac Lir - Irish god of the sea grants or increases proficiency of a random skill, 6d5/4d5/2d5 points B/U/C  
familiar summoning mead ni najap made in Japan summons a tame companion whose power corresponds to the current danger level; blessed DL+6, cursed DL-6 see also 0.11.1; [2]
gold detection MKMNFST make money fast reveals locations of gold on current dungeon level for one turn B/U/C status doesn't matter
great identify DOGO FUTSF good stuff reveals some (all if blessed) of an item's properties  
IBM guild manual irk gleknow mizk   confuses until divinely removed  
identify KLATHA DATHA NY'ARYATHA   identifies one item if cursed, one class if uncursed, all worn/carried if blessed  
ill fate IAZNAB banzai if +Luck then +Curs; cursed will remove +Fate if present  
increase melee accuracy WoPaK opposite of KAPOW improves an item's to-hit; 2% chance to always fail; works on items up to +9; works if 1d100 < ((10 - CurrentToHitMod) * 10); blessed adds up to 3
increase melee damage HcUo ouch! improves an item's to-damage; 2% chance to always fail; works on items up to +8 works if 1d100 < (100 - (CurrentDamageMod * 12))
information ENO OWT EERHT one two three unique; found in small cave; reveals number of squares to the waterproof blanket always labeled "ENO OWT EERHT" [4]
item creation GNOZAB   creates a random item; item takes on B/U/C status of scroll creation of an artifact has been observed twice; chances are probably ~0.1%
item detection ABABILA Alibaba reveals locations of items on level for one turn B/U/C status doesn't matter
item destruction MUNCH MUNCH to munch = eat destroys a random worn or carried item; useful for getting rid of trapped armor, but you need at least 4 items total (trapped armor + 3 junk items) plus the scroll for this to work curses artifacts instead of destroying them; B/U/C status doesn't matter
light FROTZ opposite of ZTORF lights area around PC (it can be darkened again) B/U/C status doesn't matter
literacy check EDEVESH HANAGASH   checks Literacy, which is useless - you can use L command instead  
luck YIKES   removes +Curs if present OR grants +Luck if absent OR grants +Fate if absent when +Luck is present - no effect on +Doom; cursed may do nothing  
magic mapping IDNUM AIROLG TISNART CIS sic transit gloria mundi = Thus passes the glory of the world reveals parts (or all if blessed) of the current level  
monster aggravation RambaZamba   makes all monsters on current level hostile  
monster detection KTTdLwrgt keep to the danger level, right? reveals locations of monsters on the current level for one turn B/U/C status doesn't matter
omnipotence ancient   unique if it exists; probably a red herring from Thomas; see 5.2  
papyrus papyrus   unique; appears on the dungeon level when the PC reaches experience level 13; invitation to Pyramid always "papyrus scroll" [4]
peace GNAY-GNIY Ying-Yang - Chinese concept of opposing forces reduces DL (and thus corruption rate) of the current level by 3d2/2d2/1d2 B/U/C  
power Carpe Diem seize the day recharges some PP; blessed/cursed have a chance to increase/descrease max PP by 1d3+1  
protection CUTME cut me improves an item's PV (fails more often with better items) [1]
ratling pamphlet tattered   Ratling Rebel distributes them on the Arena level always "tattered scroll" [4]
repair FOO BAR foo bar - dummy programming variables removes broken trait from an item; cursed breaks items; blessed also upgrades status C->U, U->B [3]
satiation FPMAM food please ma-am acts as food when read: +2000/1000/0 satiation B/U/C; can be read even when Bloated  
strange message Fox Nawagu   unique; found in High Mountain Village; mentions scroll of omnipotence [4] always labeled "Fox Nawagu"
teleportation YTTOCS PU EM MAEB beam me up Scotty teleports PC B/U/C status doesn't matter
treasure creation NADSIL SEETRURA treasure island creates a heap of gold; 100d50/20d20/3d4 gp B/U/C  
uncursing ACME mace; fictional company uncurses a single item, or all if blessed; a cursed scroll of uncursing curses a single item  
vermin control CHUTZPAH   sterilizes all breeders on current level  
warning scribbled   unique; found in Small Cave, warns about Small Cave always "scribbled scroll" [4]

[1] Scrolls of defense and protection affect only the following worn items in this order: armor, helmet, cloak, boots, gauntlets, girdle, bracers. Cursed SoD and SoP always decrease DV or PV by one. Blessed SoD and SoP may increase items with low DV or PV by two or three points.

[2] Raven borns get additional DL+5 and a more powerful ally on top of that.

[3] As you know (see 0.14.11) you can only dip 1 item into a potion of holy water at a time if the item in question is 10s or heavier. So a stack of say, 20 waterproof blankets will need 20 potions to bless them all. This would be quite a waste of holy water. This can be walked around by using scrolls of repair. Cursed scroll will break the stack and a blessed one will repair it AND improve B/U/C status by one rank. So a (cursed) stack of items, regardless of size can first be broken with a cursed scroll of repair, then repaired and blessed with a blessed scroll of repair. This is very cheap considering scrolls of repair can be manipulated easily in large stack using a combination of cursed scroll of uncursing (or unholy water) and holy water (thanks Anh Tong for this tip).

[4] Does not disappear after reading.

All scrolls weigh 2s. All books and scrolls are made of paper. When used in melee or as a missile, scrolls do (+0, 1d1) damage.

See section 0.5.2 for information about writing scrolls.

Updated March 20th, 2013