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Appendix F - Books and Scrolls - complete list

Spellbooks "
SpellbookUnID'd Name SpellbookUnID'd Name
Acid Ball / Rain of Sorrowbrass-bound Improved Fireball / Invoked Devastationshimmering
Acid Bolt cracked Invisibility / Veil of the Gods worn
Bless thinKnock / Divine Key dusty
Burning Hands / Baptism of Fire laced Know Alignment parchment
Calm Monster tattered Light leather-bound
Create Item / Divine Favour leather Lightning Ball / Heavenly Fury iron-bound
Cure Critical Wounds black Lightning Bolt / Divine Wrath heavy
Cure Disease small Magic Lock / Seal of the Spheres gilted
Cure Light Wounds old Magic Map / Knowledge of the Ancients compact
Cure Serious Woundsdirty Magic Missile / Minor Punishmentrune-covered
Darkness ancient Mystic Shovel / Divine Digger charred
Death Ray / Greater Divine Touch decorated Neutralize Poison tiny
Destroy Undead / Dispel Undead slender Petrification sooty
Disarm Trap used Remove Curse hide-covered
Earthquake enormous Revelation papyrus
Farsight delicate Scare Monster / Holy Awe shadowy
Fire Bolt / Hellish Flames scrawl-covered Slow Monster thick
Fireball / Major Punishment silk-covered Slow Poison huge
Frost Bolt / Nether Bolt bejewelled Strength of Atlas / Lordly Might ornate
Greater Identify / Greater Enlightement mangled Stun Ray / Lesser Divine Touch embossed
Heal large Summon Monsters brittle
Ice Ball / Freezing Fury satin-covered Teleportation / Ethereal Bridge iron-wrought
Identify / Enlightement light Webragged
Wish / Divine Intervenion embroidered    

Other books "
Book UnID'd Name WeightRemarks
tract of order tome 250s see 0.2.6
tract of balance tome 200s
tract of chaos tome 150s
The Collected Works of Confuciousbrittle book400s [1]
manual of bridge building huge manual 100s [2]
ruined libram   500s [3]

[1] This book generates random fortune cookie messages when read and disappears after several readings.

[2] Gives 5d5 points of Bridge Building skill on initial reading. Possession of this book is required at level up for ability to increase the Bridge Building skill.

[3] Generated instead of the Tome of Donors if PC exp.points >90169; useless.

All spellbooks weigh 100s. When used in melee or as a missile, both spellbooks and other books do (-4, 1d2) damage.

Artifact books
Name UnID'd Name Weight Special Damage
*black tome of Alsophocus black tome 400s CHAOS [1] HM(-4,1d2)
+weird tome   100s see 2.16.1 HM(-4,1d2)
+tome of donors lavish libram500s see 2.21.1HM(-4,1d8)

[1] It teaches the PC random spell (Light and Wish equally likely), or improves knowledge in a known spell if read successfully, and corrupts 20 CPs per turn spent reading, min 200, max 6666. As an artifact, the black tome cannot be destroyed - if a failure would destroy it, the next entry in the list is used instead (see Learning spells mechanics).

Scrolls ?
Name UnID'd Name UnID'd Meaning Effect when read Remarks
amnesia ECNETOPINMO omnipotence PC forgets some parts of maps and identified items; cursed forgets ALL map and item knowledge  
balance SutsI suits? reveals PC's balance of alignment; cursed gives nonsense [6]
blank unlabeled   new scrolls can be written on these provided the PC has a magical writing set created by dipping any scroll into potion of water
chaos resistance Yik Mech'Shegoth   removes corruptions 100d30/100d10/-100d5 B/U/C (about 1.5 corruptions if blessed) see
charging KAPOW opposite of WOPAK recharges wands 3d3/2d3/1d3 charges B/U/C; explodes if no wands in inventory  
crumpled crumpled   unique; held by the Emperor Moloch; Khelavaster summons the Trident of the Red Rooster when non-chaotics give him this scroll always "crumpled scroll"; [4] [5]
cure blindness YNORI ERUP pure irony a joke (scrolls can't be read while blind) [5]
danger REGNAD danger increases DL of current level by 1d2/2d2/3d2 B/U/C; quest object for Gaab'Baay  
dark predictions Odiv void reveals PC's percentage of corruption [5]
darkness ZTORF opposite of FROTZ darkens area around PC; the area can be lit again [5]
defense HITME hit me improves an items DV (fails more often with better items) [1]
education MANNANNANMACLIR Manannan mac Lir - Irish god of the sea grants or increases proficiency of a random skill, 6d5/4d5/2d5 points B/U/C  
familiar summoning mead ni najap made in Japan summons a tame companion whose power corresponds to the current danger level; blessed DL+6, cursed DL-6 see also 0.11.1; [2]
gold detection MKMNFST make money fast reveals locations of gold on current dungeon level for one turn [5]
great identify DOGO FUTSF good stuff reveals some (all if blessed) of an item's properties  
IBM guild manual irk gleknow mizk   permanently confuses until divinely removed [5]
identify KLATHA DATHA NY'ARYATHA   identifies one item if cursed, one class if uncursed, all worn/carried if blessed  
ill fate IAZNAB banzai if +Luck then +Curs; cursed will remove +Fate if present [6]
increase melee accuracy WoPaK opposite of KAPOW improves an item's to-hit; 2% chance to always fail; works on items up to +9; works if 1d100 < ((10 - CurrentToHitMod) * 10); blessed adds up to 3
increase melee damage HcUo ouch! improves an item's to-damage; 2% chance to always fail; works on items up to +8 works if 1d100 < (100 - (CurrentDamageMod * 12))
information ENO OWT EERHT one two three unique; found in small cave; reveals number of squares to the waterproof blanket always labeled "ENO OWT EERHT"; [4] [5]
item creation GNOZAB   creates a random item; item takes on B/U/C status of scroll creation of an artifact has been observed twice; chances are probably ~0.1%
item detection ABABILA Alibaba reveals locations of items on level for one turn [5]
item destruction MUNCH MUNCH to munch = eat destroys a random worn or carried item; useful for getting rid of trapped armor, but you need at least 4 items total (trapped armor + 3 junk items) plus the scroll for this to work curses artifacts instead of destroying them; [5]
light FROTZ opposite of ZTORF lights area around PC (it can be darkened again) [5]
literacy check EDEVESH HANAGASH   checks Literacy, which is useless - you can use L command instead [5]
luck YIKES   removes +Curs if present OR grants +Luck if absent OR grants +Fate if absent when +Luck is present - no effect on +Doom; cursed may do nothing [6]
magic mapping IDNUM AIROLG TISNART CIS sic transit gloria mundi = Thus passes the glory of the world reveals parts (or all if blessed) of the current level  
monster aggravation RambaZamba   makes all monsters on current level hostile [5]
monster detection KTTdLwrgt keep to the danger level, right? reveals locations of monsters on the current level for one turn [5]
omnipotence ancient   unique if it exists; probably a red herring from Thomas; see 5.2  
papyrus papyrus   unique; appears on the dungeon level when the PC reaches experience level 13; invitation to Pyramid always "papyrus scroll"; [4] [5]
peace GNAY-GNIY Ying-Yang - Chinese concept of opposing forces reduces DL (and thus corruption rate) of the current level by 3d2/2d2/1d2 B/U/C  
power Carpe Diem seize the day recharges some PP; blessed/cursed have a chance to increase/descrease max PP by 1d3+1  
protection CUTME cut me improves an item's PV (fails more often with better items) [1]
ratling pamphlet tattered   Ratling Rebel distributes them on the Arena level always "tattered scroll"; [4] [5]
repair FOO BAR foo bar - dummy programming variables removes broken trait from an item; cursed breaks items; blessed also upgrades status C->U, U->B [3]
satiation FPMAM food please ma-am acts as food when read: +2000/1000/0 satiation B/U/C; can be read even when Bloated  
strange message Fox Nawagu   unique; found in High Mountain Village; mentions scroll of omnipotence always labeled "Fox Nawagu"; [4] [5]
teleportation YTTOCS PU EM MAEB beam me up Scotty teleports PC [5]
treasure creation NADSIL SEETRURA treasure island creates a heap of gold; 100d50/20d20/3d4 gp B/U/C  
uncursing ACME mace; fictional company uncurses a single item, or all if blessed; a cursed scroll of uncursing curses a single item  
vermin control CHUTZPAH   sterilizes all breeders on current level [5]
warning scribbled   unique; found in Small Cave, warns about Small Cave always "scribbled scroll"; [4] [5]

[1] Scrolls of defense and protection affect only the following worn items in this order: armor, helmet, cloak, boots, gauntlets, girdle, bracers. Cursed SoD and SoP always decrease DV or PV by one. Blessed SoD and SoP may increase items with low DV or PV by two or three points.

[2] Raven borns get additional DL+5 and a more powerful ally on top of that.

[3] As you know (see 0.14.11) you can only dip 1 item into a potion of holy water at a time if the item in question is 10s or heavier. So a stack of say, 20 waterproof blankets will need 20 potions to bless them all. This would be quite a waste of holy water. This can be walked around by using scrolls of repair. Cursed scroll will break the stack and a blessed one will repair it AND improve B/U/C status by one rank. So a (cursed) stack of items, regardless of size can first be broken with a cursed scroll of repair, then repaired and blessed with a blessed scroll of repair. This is very cheap considering scrolls of repair can be manipulated easily in large stack using a combination of cursed scroll of uncursing (or unholy water) and holy water (thanks Anh Tong for this tip).

[4] Does not disappear after reading.

[5] B/U/C status doesn't matter.

[6] B/U status doesn't matter. Cursed does.

All scrolls weigh 2s. All books and scrolls are made of paper. When used in melee or as a missile, scrolls do (+0, 1d1) damage.

See section 0.5.2 for information about writing scrolls.

Updated March 20th, 2013