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Potions - Artifact Potions

Appendix E - Potions - complete list

Potions !
NameUnID'D Name Weight Effect when drunk Remarks
balance gray 4s adjusts attributes toward the attributes' average [1] XOR draw alignment towards N=; chance for modifying attributes is 100-((AttributeAverage-10)*4)%: 100% for 10 or less, 0% for 35 or more; see also  
beauty silvery 4s +Ap  
berzio brown 2s food (can be drunk even when bloated: +20d10/+10d10/-10d10 satiation B/U/C) pacifies animals when thrown - a very brief effect; always "brown potion"
blindness amber 2s blinds (10d10/20d10 turns U/C); blessed cures blindness blinds monsters when thrown
boost appearance blubbery 2s +Ap (temporary)  
boost charisma light blue 2s +Ch (temporary)  
boost dexterity light red 2s +Dx (temporary)  
boost learning mercury 2s +Le (temporary)  
boost mana rusty 2s +Ma (temporary) recharges wands 3d3/2d3/1d3 B/U/C
boost perception bright 2s +Pe (temporary)  
boost speed thin 2s +1d30+19/1d20+9/1d10 temporary speed B/U/C no permanent speed increase
boost strength light green 2s +St (temporary)  
boost toughness turquoise 2s +To (temporary)  
boost willpower light cyan 2s +Wi (temporary)  
booze black 4s drunks (temporary) [2] recharges wands 2d2/1d3/1d2 B/U/C; Yggaz trades random potions for potions of booze
carrot juice orange 4s +1 Pe limit 20 +5 Pe when drunk in a room that smells like carrots; Blup will teach Swimming when given enough potions of carrot juice; always "orange potion"
charisma murky 4s +Ch  
confusion green 2s confuses (temporary); blessed cures confusion confuses monsters when thrown
cure corruption mottled 2s removes corruptions 50d30/50d10/-50d5 B/U/C (about 0.75 corruptions if blessed); see damages 24d24+24/16d16+16/8d8+8 B/U/C creatures that corrupt by touch when thrown (ignores PV); quest object for Gaab'Baay
cure poison cyan 2s cures poisoning stuns monsters with poison attacks when thrown
deafness red 2s deafens (1d1000/10d1000 turns U/C); blessed cures deafness  
dexterity muddy 4s +Dx  
education dull 2s trains an existing skill or grants a new one, 6d5/4d5/2d5 points B/U/C  
exchange golden 4s exchanges attributes; see dipped items are exchanged if the potion is blessed; throw to exchange monsters - no uniques, exchange if 1d(Dx)-1 + 1dlvl-1 + 10 > MonsterLevel; see 0.14.5
extra healing blue 2s restores HP (max 333 HP if blessed), cures sickness (100% chance only if blessed) blessed potion will permanently increase max HP 1-2 points when drunk
gain attributes glowing 4s +1 to one (uncursed) or all (blessed) attributes; cursed: -1 to random attribute  
healing swirly 4s restores a few HP, cures sickness (100% chance only if blessed) blessed potion has a ~35% chance to permanently increase max HP by 1 when drunk
insight magenta 2s reveals your intrinsic resistances and regeneration rates  
invisibility clear 4s makes invisible (temporary), cursed blinds PC cursed blinds enemies when thrown
learning misty 4s +Le  
longevity purple 4s increases MaxAge by fixed amount (4d8 years if blessed) - reverses effects of eating quickling royalty  
mana blazing 4s +Ma recharges wands 3d4/2d4/1d4 B/U/C
oil slimy 2s poisons if not blessed rustproofs metal and waterproofs other items (may fail, chance is about 1%/50%/99% B/U/C 99%/50%/1%), but does not remove rust [6]; Use to disarm alarm traps
oil of rust removal white 2s poisons for 3 damage, 3 frequency rusts dipped iron items if cursed, removes rust from rusty items if uncursed, rustproofs unrusty iron items (waterproofs other items) if blessed; always "white potion" [4]
poison oily 4s poisons if not blessed poisons dipped weapons/missiles/food; poisons monsters when thrown for 1d3 damage, 1d8 frequency - no undead or constructs
potential beauty clotted 4s +Ap ceiling  
potential charisma translucent 4s +Ch ceiling  
potential dexterity shiny 4s +Dx ceiling  
potential learning thick 4s +Le ceiling  
potential mana light 4s +Ma ceiling does not recharge wands
potential strength viscous 4s +St ceiling  
potential toughness heavy 4s +To ceiling highly satiating (Hunger level +2000)
potential willpower speckled 4s +Wi ceiling  
quickling blood opaque 2s +2d3/+2d2/-2 speed B/U/C  
raw chaos flickering 2s severely corrupts 50d5/50d10/50d30 CP's B/U/C dipped items are exchanged; occasionally dipped items will explode, causing ~5 corruptions and 30d30 points of damage; see 0.14.4
raw mana sparkling 2s alters mana regeneration rate -4d3/-2d3/+2d3 B/U/C does not recharge wands; see
sickness light magenta 2s sickens sickens monsters when thrown
strength bubbly 4s +St  
stun recovery icky 2s a joke, potions can't be drunk when stunned  
toughness sandy 4s +To highly satiating (Hunger level +2000)
training light yellow 2s increases advancement rank (dice modifier) of a random skill, by 2/1/-1 B/U/C  
troll blood blood red 2s alters natural regeneration for non-trolls: -4d3/-2d3/+2d3 B/U/C see
ultra healing rainbow-hued 2s restores HP (max 333 HP if blessed), cures sickness (100% chance only if blessed) blessed potion permanently increases max HP 1-3 points when drunk
uselessness violet 2s no effect, but still satiates artifact gift granted on D: 49 when thrown
visibility smelly 4s removes invisibility (10d9/10d6/10d3 turns B/U/C) when thrown at an invisible monster, the monster becomes visible
water watery 4s tastes like muddy water (unholy), plain water (uncursed), fresh and clean water (holy - blesses the PC) uncursed clears scrolls and rusts iron; dip items in holy water to bless them [3], unholy water to curse them; always "watery potion"
willpower pink 4s +Wi  
wonder shimmering 2s grants or increases knowledge of a random spell (equal distribution) - +3d6/+3d6/-3d6 castings B/U/C [5] confuses monsters when thrown
youth milky 4s reverses unnatural aging, -3d8 years if blessed; cursed increases age  

[1] Add 3 to the average if potion if blessed, substract 3 if cursed.

[2] Blessed potion drunks for about 60 turns, uncursed 35, cursed 10 turns. While drunk, the PC gets about -3 DV, -5 speed, -1 to hit, and +2 to melee damage. Cursed potion also blinds for short time.

[3] Throw holy water to damage undead for 6d6, this also raises alignment.

[4] Throw at rust monsters to permanently remove their rusting capability.

[5] Cursed grants 1 casting if no previous knowledge.

[6] So it is possible to have for example "rusty rustproof orcish spear".

Most potions increase hunger level by 100 when drunk, exceptions are:

Blessed potions give +25% more satiation, cursed -50%, +10% if Wolf birthsign, -95% savegame cheating.

All potions are made of glass. When used in melee or as a missile, potions do (+0, 1d2) damage in addition to their normal effect. They are destroyed after such attack.

Stuff can be dipped into potions - section 0.14.11.

Artifact potions
Name UnID'd Name Weight Special Damage
+potion of literacy sulphuric potion 2s grants Literacy when drunk HM(+0,1d2)
+phial of Caladriel crystal phial 2s uses PC's PP to generate light [1]; blinds monsters when thrown (5d2 turns) except undead and constructs HM(+0,1d2)

[1] Acts as Light spell; the radius is (PP+10)/20; cannot be quaffed.

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