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Khelavaster, the dying sage @

Khelavaster, the dying sage
Level: 1, DV: 10, PV: 2, Hits: 4, Attacks: 1, Damage: 1d4+2, Speed: 40.
Khelavaster is the sage who revealed the prophecy about the coming of Chaos. He entered the dungeons in the Drakalor Chain never to be seen again. The PC eventually encounters him below Dwarftown, after the Dwarven Halls or Animated Forest, generally on D: 16. By this time Khelavaster is sitting on the stairs, mortally wounded and surrounded by chaos servants.

3.7.1 Saving Khelavaster

At this time the PC must make a choice about saving Khelavaster. He is on the down staircase and it is impossible to descend further without saving him or allowing him to die. He will shrug off and ignore any non-ball spells, teleport attempts from the wand, and Mindcraft, excepting (Greater) Telekinetic Blast which kills him. You can't :swap places with him, even with the Monk and Beastfighter powers. Companions and monsters will refuse to attack him.

It is however, possible to ascend, leaving the level in its state as found for an indefinite period of time. He can only be saved by giving him an amulet of life saving before Chatting with him. There is no guaranteed way to obtain an amulet of life saving and they are very rare items. If the player is determined to attempt an ultra ending, Khelavaster must be saved since he is the only one capable of summoning the Trident of the Red Rooster.

Common methods of attempting to get an amulet of life saving include staying in the Infinite Dungeon until one is generated or draining every pool the PC has found in the hopes of obtaining a wish. A ring of djinni summoning may also be generated in the Infinite Dungeon, which provides a wish when blessed. Digging graves or dipping amulets/rings into a blessed potion of exchange are other options.

If Khelavaster is saved, he reappears in invisible visible form in Terinyo late in the game. If the PC gives him the crumpled scroll, obtained by killing the Emperor Moloch, he will summon the TotRR for non-chaotics. There is a 30 experience level requirement in order for Khelavaster to appear in Terinyo, but the PC does not need to have the crumpled scroll. In Terinyo, he is suddenly known as an ancient sage, and his stats change:
Level: 1, DV: 200, PV: 3, Hits: 28, Attacks: 1, Damage: 1d4+6, Speed: 120.

3.7.2 Khelavaster's gifts

In any case, Khelavaster reveals a bit about the plot of the game including the existence of the chaos orbs and their general locations. He also leaves some equipment for the PC. The equipment he leaves depends on whether he is saved or dies. The equipment is guaranteed, but if he is allowed to die the exact status varies. Three examples are shown below.
cursed robe [+0, +1]
uncursed boots of sneakiness [+0, +2] {Dx +2}
blessed amulet of protection +2
uncursed eternium dagger (+0, 2d4+7)
cursed wand of digging (4 charges)
cursed potion of invisibility
474 gold pieces
uncursed robe [+0, +1]
uncursed boots of sneakiness [+0, +0] {Dx+5}
uncursed amulet of protection +2
uncursed eternium dagger (+1, 2d4+7)
uncursed wand of digging (4 charges)
uncursed potion of invisibility
271 gold pieces
uncursed robe [+0, +1]
uncursed boots of sneakiness [+0, +0] {Dx+2}
uncursed amulet of protection +2
cursed eternium dagger (+0, 2d4+7)
uncursed wand of digging (4 charges)
cursed potion of invisibility
406 gold pieces
If Khelavaster is saved, the equipment he leaves is exactly the same every time:
blessed eternium dagger (+0, 2d4+7)
blessed wand of digging (8 charges)
heap of 4 blessed potions of ultra healing
heap of 6 blessed scrolls of chaos resistance
blessed spellbook of Identify
blessed spellbook of Teleportation
Note the quality of this equipment. The six blessed scrolls of chaos resistance alone are roughly equal to two wishes. Thus it is definitely worth spending a wish to obtain an amulet of life saving for Khelavaster.

The exact stats of the eternium dagger vary, it may be as good as (+0, 2d4+10) and have a prefix or suffix.

3.7.3 Khelavaster's speech

If Khelavaster is saved, the following text is displayed:
Khelavaster, the dying sage, snatches the amulet of life saving
with great haste!
Khelavaster, the dying sage, puts on the amulet, gasps, shudders and
suddenly slumps to the ground.
Moments later his body is surrounded by a bright light and he reopens
his eyes.
His gaze once more is clear and all his wounds are gone!
Khelavaster looks in your direction.
"Aye, hero, at last some support."
"I have done what I could, but I ain't no warrior."
"Finally I have gotten to a stage where I'm no longer mighty enough to
"Nonetheless I'll be able to give you some information that might help
in your quest."
"To defeat the threat of Chaos you will have to close the gate."
"The gate is protected by..."
"...mighty magic cast to prevent anyone from entering."
"Chaos corrupted the elements to fuel this magic."
"The keys to break the lock are five powerful orbs..."
"Five elemental orbs --- once powerful artifacts of Balance --- now
corrupted by Chaos!"
"These orbs are the keys to the lock preventing your entrance to the
metaplane, where the gate is kept."
"Find those five orbs."
"Four of them are kept under guard in four temples of elemental
"... in the levels below. You have to penetrate the walls to those
"Then you need to defeat the powerful guardians. Be careful. They are
very strong and use mighty magicks."
"Take the orbs and use them to find the source of Chaos."
"Make sure that you look for the fiery one in the wilderness."
"Also try to refrain from using the Chaos Orbs. While they contain
powerful magicks, they also tarnish your soul."
"I will depart now since I can't oppose these mighty forces of Chaos
with my weak powers."
"But you shall receive this. It hopefully will help you in your quest."
Khelavaster puts down some stuff and then disappears in a bright blue
You notice a whispering voice...
"We shall meet again... maybe."

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