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Animated Forest and Dwarven Halls

Thrundarr asks the PC to pass through the Animated Forest and find out what lies beyond. He also mentions a possibly dangerous shortcut which turn out to be the Dwarven Halls DH: 1 and DH: 2. On approximately D: 14 there will be a level that has two down staircases. One leads to the Animated Forest, the other to the Dwarven Halls. It is impossible to tell them apart.

3.6.1 Animated Forest P

animated tree
Animated tree: Level: 1, DV: 10, PV: 15, Hits: 68, Attacks: 2, Damage: 2d8+5, Speed: 100.
Passing through the Animated Forest is a test of one's patience among other things. The entire level is filled with living trees milling about. The majority are not hostile but will of course become hostile if attacked. It is difficult to get through them without accidentally hitting one or more. When the PC encounters hostile trees it is best not to try to fight them but rather keep moving. In fact it is usually best to be as defensive as possible and forget about offense completely: wield two shields and use Coward F7 tactics. The hostile trees will usually be left behind in the crowd. It seems to be best to keep moving in any case and refrain from resting on one square. Invisibility is a tremendous asset in the Animated Forest, but PCs usually do not have it available at this stage of the game. Note that any fire based attacks should not be used in the Animated Forest. While they are effective, the whole forest becomes hostile. This generates too many hostile trees for a PC at this level to cope with. The trees do not see in Darkness, so that tactic can also be used.

Summarizing the methods for crossing the forest:

3.6.2 Dwarven Halls

The alternative to the tedium of the Animated Forest is a descent through the Dwarven Halls. This is much faster but potentially dangerous. Very out-of-depth monsters can be generated in the Dwarven Halls. Use scroll or wand of monster detection, if possible, upon entering each level of the Dwarven Halls. This will allow you to immediately identify any dangerous creatures, and make a judgment about whether or not the level is remotely safe to explore. Furthermore, this will allow you to identify and avoid tension rooms. If the PC has invisibility, seven league boots or anything that increases speed, wear them before entering in case it becomes necessary to flee. Exploring other than finding the down stairways is highly inadvisable. Monsters that are probably too dangerous to tolerate include: balors, greater daemons, black unicorns, white unicorns, lich kings, emperor lichs, chaos wizards, quickling queens, diamond golems, ancient dragons, titans. Vortices spawned in DH can also do immense amounts damage and must be dealt with carefully.

Summarizing the useful items for the Dwarven Halls:

3.6.3 Your choice

Both of these locations can be problematic. The Animated Forest is always incredibly tedious. The Dwarven Halls can be a cakewalk if the PC is lucky enough to have the stairways generated close together. However, if the stairs are distant and the monsters dangerous, it is probably advisable to abandon the Dwarven Halls entirely and simply cross the Animated Forest. The Halls can also be a virtual instadeath if a very nasty monster shows up. As Thrundarr says, "It's yer choice."

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