Improved ADOM Guidebook

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Big Room

The Big Room is found on level six or seven of the CoC. It is indeed one big room with no walls. This means it is not possible to use corridors to restrict monster movement. If there are many monsters present they can always swarm the PC. Breeders and summoners are thus very dangerous on this level. If the PC does not have poison resistance this level is exceptionally dangerous since dark elven wizards and dark elven priestesses who summon poisonous spiders are guaranteed to appear sooner or later. Breeders can get completely out of control on this level. Even if they can't really hurt the PC, once a high enough number breed and continue to breed the PC can't kill them as fast as they are being generated. Being trapped like this will lead to starvation eventually. Remember that breeders can be sterilized by a scroll of vermin control or divine intervention.

Herbs are guaranteed in the Big Room which leads to the dilemma of whether to stay and harvest herbs or flee from the constant onslaught of monsters.

Petri Sihvola has discovered a way around this dilemma. His post from RGRA is here.

Updated March 8th, 2002