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Eternal Guardian
Level: 1, DV: 30, PV: 60, Hits: 2400, Attacks: 3, Damage: 5d8+5, Speed: 100.
The Eternal Guardian is found one or two levels before the Casino. He guards the down staircase on the level. He only allows peaceful passage of PCs if they are wearing the Ring of the High Kings, obtainable from the Tomb of the High Kings (section 2.12). It is definitely possible to pass him without the ring, although it presents special problems. The obvious tactic of teleporting him away from the stairs does not work, as he is resistant to teleportation. Trying to kill him in melee or with missiles is more or less pointless, since he reincarnates even if the PC manages to kill him, which is very difficult. His hitpoints are extremely high even for a boss and his attacks are penetrating. Furthermore, his reincarnations will be leveled. If a PC wants to pass him without the RotHK, it is best to make him angry such that he chases the PC, followed by a quick teleport to the down stairs and descent.

Fighting multiple copies of the Eternal Guardian is a recipe for suicide. Or a recipe for lots of experience, if the PC is fast enough. The Eternal Guardian is not especially fast, so hit and run tactics can be used. He is vulnerable to humanoid slayers or ball spells. It takes a lot of either to bring him down though.

Even if the PC manages to pass him without the Ring of the High Kings, the shortcut to the surface through Darkforge (see section 3.14) will not work in the down direction - a distinct disadvantage.

It is possible to anger the Eternal Guardian, kill his hostile copies and still pass peacefully by showing the Ring of the High Kings to the nonhostile copy that remains on the stairs. This can be used to exploit the Eternal Guardian for experience.

Updated March 10th, 2013