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Tower of Eternal Flames

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The Tower of Eternal Flames, found in the wilderness, is probably the nastiest place in the game given the experience level of PCs who must visit it.

PCs are denied entrance to the lower CoC until they have the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire, held by the Ancient Chaos Wyrm in the ToEF, and the game stalls at this point. PCs can continue to gain experience levels by staying on available cavernous levels (for instance) in order to have a better chance in the Tower. Ultimately, however, boredom will set in and the PC will have to face the Tower. Obtaining the Fire Orb is a huge hurdle to get over and marks a division between the earlier, beginning parts of the game and the latter parts of the game. Some players also believe it marks the division between beginning and advanced players.

The objective in the ToEF is of course the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire. It is held by the Ancient Chaos Wyrm who can be found on the top level of the ToEF. This level is typical of the levels containing elemental temples. The temple itself occupies half of the level and is disconnected. It can only be reached by digging. Teleportation is not allowed on the level. Since a PC may have his only means of digging destroyed on his way through the tower, praying on the top level will result in a pickaxe gift from the PC's god. The piety level required is 15000 piety. The PC must not be doomed or cursed. If he is using artifacts that grant those intrinsics, remove them.

There is chaotic elemental altar where the orb guardian is found (at least until it is disturbed and moves). The elemental altars are very dangerous. The temples are populated by sentient beings who will sacrifice the PC instantly should she step on it. In addition, they can only be converted by champions of Balance or Order, which means PCs going for an ultra ending cannot convert them early in the game, before retrieving the Medal of Chaos.

2.5.1 Fire Damage

The Tower of Eternal Flames consists of four levels. They are all very, very hot. This causes damage to both the PC and his equipment, whether worn or in the pack. To protect the PC, fire resistance or immunity is necessary. See section about fire resistance.

To protect the PC (other than Drakelings, see below) completely from the heat in the ToEF, the PC must have four sources of fire resistance. Note that intrinsic fire resistance counts as two sources. Thus, for example, a PC with intrinsic fire resistance wearing a ring of fire resistance under the elemental gauntlets would take no damage from the heat in the Tower.

The fire damage PC takes if the following:

If the player has the Immune to Pain talent, two resistances are enough.

There are a number of artifacts that grant fire resistance or immunity. Guaranteed examples include the Elemental Gauntlets, the Black Torc (curses), the Ring of the High Kings (all grant resistance), the Shield of Raw Steel (immunity, but corrupts) and the Crown of Science (immunity, but also dooms and curses). Assaulting the Tower with these intrinsics is a dangerous choice, of course. It is difficult enough without them. There are several other nonguaranteed artifacts which grant resistance or immunity to fire. It is worth remembering that artifacts are indestructible and so cannot be damaged by the heat in the Tower.

The heat in the tower will destroy equipment that is vulnerable to fire. This includes most items that are not made of the higher metals mithril, adamantium and eternium. Rings of fire resistance will not be damaged. Weapons and armor with the red prefix are also impervious to heat.

If a PC must wear items vulnerable to fire, a blessed ring of ice is necessary. Uncursed rings of ice will not work, they must be blessed. Even with a blessed ring of ice, some equipment destruction may occur. Blessed rings of ice seem to protect to the 92-95% level. Even wearing two blessed rings of ice does not guarantee worn equipment will not be destroyed, although the protection seems to go up to 99+%. A ring of ice is of course not necessary if the PC wears only artifacts and items made of the higher metals. Missiles are an obvious problem. It is rare to find enough arrows made from higher metals to satisfy an archer in the ToEF, for instance. Even rocks are vulnerable to the heat, sometimes exploding. Non-artifact slings, bows and crossbows are liable to be burnt or melted.

One thing to remember - rings are never destroyed until the gauntlets worn over them are destroyed. Since the artifact Elemental Gauntlets are available to all PCs, this provides a foolproof means of protecting nonartifact rings.

2.5.2 Drakelings in the ToEF

Drakelings face special problems in the ToEF. The Mad Minstrel sings a song about this. Drakelings, even those with fire immunity, always take damage in the ToEF. This is not because of the heat itself but is a secondary effect due to the greatly increased metabolism Drakelings will suffer from in the ToEF. There is no way around it. In order to survive, Drakelings must have a means of regeneration or healing in the ToEF. Ideally an artifact that causes regeneration should be worn. An alternative is to bring blessed potions of extra healing along. It is possible for Drakelings to do the ToEF with only three or four blessed PoEH if everything is done efficiently with no wasted time.

One technique Drakelings (and other races for that matter) can use is to read a blessed scroll of magic mapping upon entering a new level of the ToEF followed by teleportation to the up stairway. Obviously the PC must have the necessary scrolls, wands or spell and teleport control.

2.5.3 Fire Temple Monsters

This whole situation is very vexing, because the ToEF contains a very nasty collection of monsters and the PC naturally wants to bring her best equipment, but at the same time does not want it destroyed.
fire beetle fire lizard fire drake fire giantfemale fire giant fire giant king fire demon fire grue fire elemental red baby dragon red dragon red worm
Monsters (except possible vaults) who can be generated in the ToEF consist of the following: fire beetle, fire lizard (double chance), fire drake (thrice chance), fire giant (thrice chance), fire giant king, fire demon, fire grue, fire elemental, red baby dragon, red dragon, red worm (double chance).

The temple itself is occupied by problematic monsters. The fire demons and fire grues in particular are annoying because they have a corrupting melee attack with a very high to-hit. Even PCs with excellent DV will be hit eventually. Taken as a whole, this means that invisibility is very, very desirable in the Fire Temple.

The only temple monsters that see in darkness are fire demons and the Ancient Chaos Wyrm. It is most useful for fighting the elementals. It is probably wise to dispel the darkness before tackling the ACW.

chaos servantfemale chaos servant fire drake fire demon fire grue fire elemental
C - chaos servants: Level: 1, DV: 13, PV: 4, Hits: 52, Attacks: 2, Damage: 2d6+5, Speed 100.
D - fire drakes: Level: 1, DV: 15, PV: 3, Hits: 42, Attacks: 3, Damage: 1d8+3, Speed 100.
& - fire demons: Level: 1, DV: 42, PV: 15, Hits: 228, Attacks: 1, Damage: 3d15+12, Speed 100.
x - fire grues: Level: 1, DV: 44, PV: 17, Hits: 232, Attacks: 2, Damage: 3d12+9, Speed 100.
E - fire elementals: Level: 1, DV: 44, PV: 17, Hits: 210, Attacks: 2, Damage: 1d40+8, Speed 100.

2.5.4 Ancient Chaos Wyrm W

Ancient Chaos Wyrm
Level: 1, DV: 50, PV: 20, Hits: 410, Attacks: 3, Damage: 6d12+9, Speed: 130.
The Ancient Chaos Wyrm holds the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire, the key to the lower parts of the CoC. It has a fire breath attack and a corrupting melee attack. In addition it is able to cast confusion and an energy ray. It is able to heal its wounds. The ACW can be killed in a variety of ways including brute force, although it is preferable to attack it from a distance due to its corrupting melee attack. The ACW is vulnerable to dragon slaying ammo. If it is killed on the temple's altar, be extraordinarily careful! If the PC is visible the fire demons will sacrifice him instantly. Even if the PC is invisible, fire demons who have been engaged in melee will "know" where the PC is and sacrifice her. The safest thing to do is kick anything dropped on the altar to an adjacent square before picking it up. The ACW is immune to paralysis, confusion, and stunning.

The ACW holds the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire, greater identified as follows:
-------------------- Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire {St+10} -------------------

Weight: 100s

When used in melee combat it grants a +3 bonus to hit and causes 2d9+3
points of damage. When used as a missile it grants a +3 bonus to hit and
causes 1d10+3 points of damage.

It modifies your strength attribute by +10.

(fireball + corruption when Used)

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