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Ice Queen Domain

Credit ADOM Wiki - Ice Queen Domain, Ice Queen, Ice Queen's Quests, Chaos Diplomat, Kill the Ice Queen. The Ice Queen Domain is a ten-level domain located to the west of the Tower of Eternal Flames. The shorthand name of it is IC. It can be accessed by any PC of experience level 15 or more. There are seemingly no other requirements.

Throughout the whole location the following effects are active:

Unlike with usual dungeons the levels in the Ice Queen Domain normally are not connected with the stairs and instead the PC has to cross each level to the other side in order to reach the next one. Some levels have multiple open borders which typically lead directly to the wilderness and can be used as shortcuts. However, the architecture of the levels is straightforward enough for the player to identify the right path.

The following creatures can be found in the Ice Queen Domain: frozen ones, ice vortices, ice statues, ice elementals, ice lizards, frost salamanders, snow golems, yetis, berserkers, invisible stalkers, white baby dragons, white dragons, cavemen.
frozen onefemale frozen one ice vortex ice statue ice elemental ice lizard frost salamander snow golem yeti berserkerfemale berserker invisible stalker white baby dragon white dragon caveman

2.22.1 Moat House Area (IC: 1)

The first level features the entrance to the Ice Queen's castle. The entrance is guarded by two hostile snow golems Y who have interesting feature of respawning every time the PC enters the location. They are relatively tough but can be dealt with missiles and magic; as killing them gives a nice amount of experience (comparable to the rewards for killing steel golems), some players consider them as an easy farming target, although such tactic has consequences - it contributes to the increase in freezing damage.

The level then features a long corridor to the western side of the map. The two big halls behind the doors on the north and south sides are packed with ice statues. Each hall has a door on its west side, leading to a small treasure chamber. Each spot within these chambers contains several hundreds of gold pieces and often a valuable piece of equipment.

2.22.2 Small Court (IC: 2)

The second level contains no monsters and features a large empty corridor (with an opening in the western part filled with traps) connecting east and west side and two hidden pathways. Only the upper pathway is accessible - its entrance can be found by searching for a secret passage. This pathway leads to a down staircase to the Dungeon. By traversing the Dungeon and surfacing trough its second staircase the PC can reach the second secret pathway of IC:2. The second pathway ends with a dead end and a stack of items useful for the Tower of Eternal Flames (or the Tomb of the High Kings) - a ring of fire resistance = and a wand of cold \.

Using a wand of trap detection or Detect Traps skill is highly advised to traverse the trapped area as it contains nasty ceiling traps (instead of teleportation traps) which may inflict heavy item destruction. Dungeon (ICD)

The Dungeon is the only location within the Ice Queen Domain that is generated randomly. Likewise, it may feature random monsters aside from the usual ice inhabitants. It has been noted by multiple players that a small number of out-of-depth monsters (like balors and quickling queens) seems to be a guaranteed feature of the Dungeon - it has quite a bit higher DL than the surrounding IQD levels. Furthermore, all of the monsters on this level are enraged, and immune to Calm Monster.

The Dungeon features two up staircases, both of which lead to the IC:2 level described above. Aside from that and severe freezing effects (that target the PC and other random monsters in this place up to the point of killing them outright), this level seems to behave like any normal dungeon level. The Dungeon level generally contains no dungeon features. Unlike the surface levels teleportation is allowed in the Dungeon.

2.22.3 Training Grounds (IC: 3)

When the PC reaches the third level she will stumble right in a battle between an army of fire and an army of ice. The ice army consists of the usual inhabitants of the Ice Queen Domain and starts in the northwestern corner far from player. They are initially peaceful to the player. The army of fire consists of red dragons, fire giants, fire giant kings, fire elementals, and fire grues, and starts in the southeastern corner near the player. The fire army is standing on the heaps of rocks, presumably after the monsters have just broken through walls. Note that the PC can exit through the south of the level where the army of fire presumably entered; doing so will lead directly to the wilderness. Despite the fact that fire warriors are hostile to the player they initially ignore her and rush to attack the ice army. Fire monsters are generated enraged which make them very dangerous to fight (especially fire giant kings).

Usually the ice army ends up victorious (the outcome is heavily dependent on how efficient ice vortices are in taking out fire creatures) and will wander around the level oblivious to the PC. However, picking up any items will instantly anger ice creatures in the vicinity of the PC and prompt them to attack.

In a rare case when the fire army ends up victorious it will immediately turn on the PC. Due to the open design of the level, restricted teleportation and enraged status, the fight can be extremely dangerous. Luckily, no creatures in the fire army see through invisibility. If the PC is invisible, there is no need to actually fight the fire creatures; eventually, they will all freeze to death due to the environment, at which point the level will be empty and all the loot can be safely picked up without fear of retaliation.

2.22.4 Grand Hallway (IC: 4)

The ice on the lake is sturdier than normal ice bridges and will hold up to 3000 stones of weight. Due to the design of the level PCs without the Swimming skill can end up in a very dangerous situation if they fail to assess the location right away. It is thus recommended to use sources of water breathing intrinsic or drop items in a safe location (IC:3 is a bad choice for it as picking up items dropped by the PC will nevertheless enrage the remains of the ice army). Chaos Diplomat @

Chaos Diplomat
Level: 2, DV: 40, PV: 0, Hits: 90, Attacks: 4, Damage: 2d8+12, Speed: 170.
The Chaos Diplomat stands enchained on a single square frozen lake at the center of IC: 4. When talked to, he will give a quest to kill the Ice Queen. The quest is given regardless of the PC's alignment, although he will complain if the PC is lawful.

The Chaos Diplomat will reward the PC by granting them one or two corruptions, as well as a pile of items:

Of these, "Terror" is easily the most desirable, with very impressive typical damage stats of 4d8+15 (with an extra bonus of 2d6 if the PC is fighting berserk). The fireproof blanket is also handy before the Tower of Eternal Flames if the PC could not get one from Thrundarr or elsewhere.

One of the Ice Queen's quests is to dispose of the Chaos Diplomat. He is extremely fast, attacks several times per turn, and his attacks always bypass PV; the PC should thus be prepared to take a lot of hits from him per turn while he is in melee range - he can easily inflict over a hundred points of damage in a single turn if the PC doesn't have high enough DV to avoid most hits. His attacks also corrupt, as might be expected. PCs can take advantage of the fact that he is in a large open area with no guards to get in a few safe ranged attacks before he comes close. Note that although the quest to kill him is lawful, since the diplomat is not initially hostile to the PC, the first attack on him can lower the PC's alignment (only if he is attacked in melee or directly targeted with a missile). He ignores water, so simply breaking/melting the ice around him does not prevent him from pursuing the PC.

2.22.5 Inner Courtyard (IC: 5)

The fifth level continues with several tiles of frozen water (thus necessary precautions should be taken) and features a large zigzag-like corridor. The eastern part contains a number of berserkers and yetis (which are blocking the path to the next level). If the PC is invisible both berserkers and yetis can be avoided entirely by switching places with them (although the monster which was displaced will be able to track the PC). Berserker Prince K

Berserker Prince
Level: 1, DV: 20, PV: 0, Hits: 112, Attacks: 3, Damage: 2d8+5, Speed: 100.
On the east side of the level there is a hostile named berserker prince who will shout insults at the PC and immediately moves to attack. After a number of turns, he will unlock the southern wall releasing 200 monsters from the secret room. The monsters released are of high danger, including ice vortices and ancient white dragons and considering the open-spaced type of the level and inability to teleport may be lethal to some PCs. If the prince is killed quickly (invisibility helps with this immensely, as then he doesn't notice the PC until he is attacked), the trap can be avoided entirely.

2.22.6 Frozen Garden (IC: 6)

The sixth level features a forest filled with yetis. The yetis are neutral by default and do not move but will attack the PC should she come closer to them. Trees in the forest can be chopped down seemingly without consequences.

2.22.7 Prison Section (IC: 7)

The seventh level has two features - a guaranteed forge & and a number of prison cells. Room doors (but not the prison cell doors) are guarded by ice statues which are, however, oblivious to the PC and any actions she undertakes. The forge is located in the room in the southeastern corner. The prison occupies the top part of the map and consists of 1x1 cells. Every cell is located behind a locked, but never trapped door. Most of the cells contains only bones, but some contain living monsters. When the PC releases them, some will be grateful for that and join her as companions but most will try to kill the PC before fleeing. The entrance to the next level is on the southern side.

2.22.8 Grand Antechamber (IC: 8)

The 8th level is a large open space similar to the Big Room. As the in-game description implies, there are multiple hot springs located throughout the level (along with water tiles). Combined with freezing temperatures of the Ice Queen Domain hot springs create a unique environmental effect - constant powerful wind gusts that have the ability to blow out PC's headgear and any item equipped in her hands as well as a chance to throw the PC one tile in the random direction. Characters without Swimming and water protection will suffer all negative effects if they are thrown on a water tile.

There are no monsters on the level and no other features except the multiple water tiles. The entrance to the next level is on the western side.

2.22.9 Throne Room (ICT)

The final level is the main hall featuring the Ice Queen herself and lots of invisible stalkers. The Ice Queen will give non-chaotic her three quests which, like Thrundarr's, must be completed in sequence.

Note that the invisible stalkers will fight against anyone who threatens the Ice Queen; the PC may rid of all of these before the battle with the Ice Queen without actually making her hostile. They may be attacked without consequences (besides alignment drop). Attacking one will not make the others or the Ice Queen herself hostile. The alignment drop can be negated by shooting past the stalker itself. Ice Queen @

Ice Queen
Level: 1, DV: 40, PV: 10, Hits: 530, Attacks: 1, Damage: 3d7+19, Speed: 100.
The Ice Queen rules over her domain in the west side of the Drakalor Chain. The Chaos Diplomat will ask the PC to kill the Ice Queen. She is a tough opponent, possessing a lot of hit points and being able to quickly regenerate. She is also somewhat dangerous in melee since she has a paralyzing attack that is more powerful than those used by master mimics, though at least she is not as fast as them. Her arsenal of spells include summoning snow golems and ice statues, confusion, cursing the PC or their items, and a cone of cold spell (though the PC should already be adequately prepared for the latter). Note that fire spells cannot be used on her due to the nature of her environment, and she is immune to cold (as might be obvious). Killing her removes the icy spell that damages the PC and her inventory from the domain.

The Ice Queen is apparently the estranged wife of Yggaz, or so the fool himself claims. He will complain about her the first few times he is chatted with, giving clue to the player about her location, and will also mention her amongst his other babblings. Ice Queen Quests

The Ice Queen provides 3 quests, each of which involves vanquishing a follower of Chaos, to PCs of lawful or neutral alignments. She will not speak with chaotic PCs, except to request that they repent their ways.
  1. Kill Haggar
    Haggar is found in the Frost Giant Jarl Caves (see next chapter). The caves will not appear until this quest is taken. PCs taking on this quest will not only have worry about defeating Haggar, who is a very strong opponent, but also the hazardous path to facing him since the caves contain powerful frost giant berserkers as well as other quite high DL monsters.
    Rewards: 4 potions of cure corruption, temporary blessing.

  2. Kill the Chaos Diplomat
    Chaos Diplomat is found in the fourth level of Ice Queen's chambers. Note that if you kill him before receiving the quest, you won't get the rewards.
    Rewards: +2 Strength, +2 Willpower, +2 Toughness.

  3. Kill Hotzenplotz
    Note that this is exactly the same as a quest that Tywat Pare gives out, with the same reward.
    Reward: amulet of order. After the Quests

If all three quests have been completed, Chatting with the Ice Queen produces the message "There will be more for you to do... come back at a later point." However, as of ADOM R70, there is no other quest given by her.

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