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Random Dungeons

Random dungeons were introduced in ADOM R+. Entrances to these dungeons are located in the wilderness, but their actual positions vary throughout different games. Some of the dungeons may be generated in the north-western part of the Drakalor Chain and thus may require a climbing set to reach.

Various dungeon features may be encountered in these dungeons. Thus, low-DL caves might be scouted for herbs early in the game and altars and forges to use later in the game. The Putrid Cave might be of high interest for players who place high value in early precrowning which may be trivial to do if an altar is generated on one of its levels.

6 random dungeons appear in every game. Their shorthand descriptions, depth, and DL ranges are fixed.

Random Dungeons
Dungeon Abbr Depth DL Special Features
Moldy Dungeon R1 5 Low 5th level can contain the Tome of Donors, 4th level is always a shifting level.
Shadowy Dungeon R2 12 Low High chance for a vault on level 12.
Sinister Dungeon R3 5 Medium  
Ancient Dungeon R4 13 High Statues are more likely.
Putrid Cave R5 3 Low At least one level is cavernous.
Crumbling Dungeon R6 7 Very High 

2.21.1 Tome of Donors

The Tome of Donors is generated on the final (5th) level of the Moldy Dungeon, if it is entered before the character acquires more than 90169 experience points. Once the character passes this experience amount, a useless ruined libram is generated instead. It is guarded by a somewhat experienced stone golem along with a pile of 9016 gold pieces.

------------------------------ tome of donors ------------------------------

Weight: 500s

When used in melee combat it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d8 points 
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d8
points of damage.
The Tome of Donors is a guaranteed artifact book that may be read to gain a random beneficial effect. If the tome is cursed, or the PC is of chaotic alignment, reading it will not have any effect. Once read, it cannot be read again for a number of turns; this number increases the more times it is read. In its unidentified form it is described as the lavish libram. Reading the tome for the first time produces the following description:

"You seem to have discovered the legendary tome of donors. This tome is said to collect the legends of all Ancardian heroes that donated their blood, souls, and lives in order to ward off past incursions of Chaos. Some succeeded, some failed, but they have all become legends. You start paging through the tome and discover a story..."

This text does not appear on any consecutive readings. If the tome is currently "locked", attempting to read it will produce the following message: "You fail to open the tome of donors. It seems to be locked by some unknown force!" Successful reading of the tome will provide a randomly generated message mentioning one of the many character names, supplied by the participants of the ADOM Resurrection campaign. The message has the following structure: "You read <story type> of <character name> who <story>."

The following story types are available:

The following stories are available:

Successful readings of the Tome of Donors are followed by the description of the effect bestowed:

Tome of Donor Effects
You suddenly feel well prepared!-Fire, -Cold, -Acid, -Para, -Deth, -Conf
You feel much sharper after reading this.+10 speed
You feel greatly hardened by the forces of life!+max HP
You feel infused with magical might!+max PP
You feel blessed!temporary Blessed status, removes -Curs and -Doom
You learn a lot!+xp, +2 Le
You fell well-educated by this.skill training
You feel well looked-upon by the gods!+piety
You feel bolder!+1 St, +1 Wi, +1 Ch
You feel refreshed!get full HP and PP OR +1 To and +1 Wi
Your muscles feel stronger.+1 St
You feel studious.+1 Le
Your will seems inflexible.+1 Wi
Your movements are getting swifter.+1 Dx
Your health increases.+1 To
You feel very self-confident.+1 Ch
Your looks improve.+1 Ap
You feel more in touch with the world.+1 Ma
Your senses sharpen.+1 Pe
Your muscles feel incredibly stronger!+2d2 St
You feel highly studious!+2d2 Le
Your will seems incredibly inflexible!+2d2 Wi
Your movements are getting extremely swifter!+2d2 Dx
Your health greatly increases!+2d2 To
You feel extremely self-confident!+2d2 Ch
Your looks improve greatly!+2d2 Ap
You feel a lot more in touch with the world!+2d2 Ma
Your senses sharpen greatly!+2d2 Pe

The tome needs to blessed to get the 2d2 increases.

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