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Puppy Cave

The Puppy dungeon is six levels deep; the puppy is on the last level. There are some guaranteed features in the dungeon. The first is a hive of giant ants, always found on the second level. These are very difficult to kill for a low level PC and ideally should be avoided completely. They can be easily killed if you bolt them with spells or wands. Their corpses will make the PC vomit and lose some satiation, but grant acid resistance, an otherwise rare intrinsic. The second is an open cavernous level on the fifth level with a high monster generation rate that is characteristic of these open levels. Finally, there is a lesser vault on the last level of the dungeon. The puppy generally can be found without fighting through the vault; this is the best course of action. There is no chance of other vaults except the one at PC6. It is worthwhile to do visit this dungeon even if the time limit for the Puppy quest has passed, since shops, altars, herbs and pools can be generated in this dungeon. Hives containing bees are common but not guaranteed.

The last level must be entered before four days of game time have elapsed, otherwise the puppy is generated as a corpse, presumably dying from starvation. The corpse can still be given to the Tiny Girl for a slight lawful boost, or you can just tell girl it died for the same result, even without corpse in inventory. The cute dog corpse will not rot, however eating it will both curse and doom, so should be done only in an emergency if at all.

1.8.1 Cute Dog d

Cute Dog
Level: 1, DV: 32, PV: 0, Hits: 6, Attacks: 1, Damage: 1d3, Speed: 130.
If the player reaches the bottom level before 4 ingame days have passed, the Cute Dog will be generated as a tame pet, which will follow the player around and help you fight monsters. However, if it takes more than 4 days to reach the bottom of the cave, then the Cute Dog will not be generated; instead you will find a cute dog corpse somewhere on the level.

As might be expected, the Cute Dog is an eager, but not very good fighter, and it is quite frail, so if it starts a fight, be sure to be around to end it before the dog is hurt. Try to avoid luring it into traps if at all possible - a single corruption trap will transform it into a writhing mass of primal chaos, which is not only a terribly tragic thing to happen but also dangerous. Other traps, like an acid trap or spear trap might simply kill it outright.

If the dog is returned to Terinyo alive, the PC will receive an alignment boost and the ability to randomly receive a piece of candy by talking to the Tiny Girl. Note that when the PC enters Terinyo, the dog will stop following them and will instead follow the Tiny Girl around.

The Cute Dog is one of the few unique monsters that can be wished for. A wished-for Cute Dog at any point of the game will satisfy the Puppy quest requirement if returned to Terinyo. Bringing multiple cute dogs to Terinyo will not give multiple alignment boosts.

Updated March 12th, 2013