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Village Dungeon

The Village Dungeon is where Yrrigs can be found, after receiving the quest from Rynt. It is southeast of Terinyo. It consists of seven levels. The first six seem to never have any dungeon features besides altars. A tension room is sometimes found on the seventh level. Two important NPCs are found in the Village Dungeon.

1.6.1 Jharod, the healer @

Jharod, the healer
Level: 1, DV: 10, PV: 0, Hits: 12, Attacks: 1, Damage: 1d8+3, Speed: 100.
Jharod is found on level four of the Village Dungeon. He will completely heal the player - no matter their alignment - up to seven times. This healing includes treatment of sickness or poison, which can otherwise be fatal if left untreated. This means you can safely consume kobold shaman corpses if Jharod is near.

He also will teach the player the Healing skill if they prove their ability to show mercy, and the PC is not chaotic. This can be done in three ways. The first is healing wounded monsters with any healing spell or potions of healing. The wounded monster must not have been damaged by the PC. A pet can wound the monster. The second is offering peace to an afraid monster. In both cases, the PC may not have performed any hostile actions against the monster. The third involves Yrrigs the carpenter.

If you already have the Healing skill and Chat with Jharod after showing mercy, he'll give you a stethoscope. If you already have Healing at 100, showing mercy and chatting to Jharod will yield a potion of ultra healing. There is no limit to how many potions can be obtained in this manner, potentially allowing the player to inflate maximum HP to very high values.

Jharod is the subject of the Kill Jharod quest, assigned by Hotzenplotz under certain conditions. PCs intending to kill Jharod will not find him a particularly dangerous opponent. Jharod is able to rapidly regenerate his wounds (basically requiring one hit kill), however.

1.6.2 Yrrigs, the mad carpenter t

Yrrigs, the mad carpenter
Level: 1, DV: 20, PV: 0, Hits: 80, Attacks: 2, Damage: 1d8+3, Speed: 100.
Yrrigs is the Village Carpenter from Terinyo. A short time before the game began, he left the village to explore the Village Dungeon. While there, he was corrupted by the essence of chaos and became mad.

Yrrigs can be found on the last level of the dungeon, level seven. He will be a purple t and will be hostile. He is moderately dangerous. Despite his purple color, Yrrigs does not have a corrupting melee attack, nor does using Mindcraft against him corrupt a Mindcrafter. Ideally he should be led to Jharod, who will heal him. Yrrigs recovers from his illness and leaves a Manual of Bridge Building, a hatchet and a cursed oil of rust removal as rewards. While leading Yrrigs to Jharod, the PC should use tactics that are as defensive as possible. This means using the 'Coward' setting and possibly dual-wielding shields. Problems arise when the PC encounters other monsters that must be fought on the way back to Jharod, of course. It is possible to complete Rynt's quest by killing Yrrigs. In this case Yrrigs drops his items immediately, but the PC must demonstrate mercy in another way in order to receive the Healing skill from Jharod, and Rynt does not lower the prices in Munxip's shop. After saving Yrrigs, he changes color to green, loses 10 hp, can be found in Terinyo and can further train the Bridge Building skill. Note that it is possible for a chaotic PC to lead Yrrigs to Jharod, change alignment at a later time and still receive the Healing skill from him. Similarly, it is possible for a PC to heal a monster earlier in the game in which case Jharod will grant the Healing skill upon meeting the PC.

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