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Note that you can also eat food directly from the ground.

0.3.1 Preventing starvation

Starvation is often a definite problem for new players. Rest assured that there is enough food provided in the game to survive. The easiest source at the start of the game is Munxip's food store in Terinyo. He sells primarily large rations, which are heavy at 200 stones each. These can be useful for training the Strength of PCs that start with low Strength. Food will be found in the various dungeons available from quests assigned in Terinyo, and in all dungeons, for that matter. If the PC elects to take Tywat Pare's quest to find and kill Kranach and his gang in the wilderness, remember that wilderness square are big, take considerable game time to cross, and therefore require much more food per game turn than exploring in the dungeons.

Once the PC finishes the area around Terinyo, he will have to cross a large area of wilderness to reach the Caverns of Chaos, the main dungeon in the game. The same warning about food requirements in the wilderness applies. After reaching the Caverns of Chaos, a short descent to the Arena level will provide a very good food source. Ratling traders are found on this level, selling various comestibles. The best are cooked lizards. These are light at 3 stones each, fairly inexpensive and nutritious. Food problems are generally solved at this point.

Most of the corpses that monsters leave are edible. Some are to be avoided. Kobolds of any type cause sickness. Rats (simple rats, not giant rats) will make any race other than Trolls or Orcs vomit (no satiation). Eating humanoid corpses, such as goblins, causes the message "This meal does not sit well with you." or "You feel uneasy." to be displayed. Several players have tested eating a variety of humanoid corpses while wearing the Platinum Girdle, which kills if a chaotic act is committed. It never killed the PCs.

Having said that, PCs who have trained the Law skill will receive the message "You feel as if transgressing some law." when eating a humanoid corpse, even a lowly goblin. However, there is no effect on alignment. This seems to imply that there is a bug somewhere in the humanoid corpse-eating code. Bear in mind that Thomas himself has stated that eating humanoid corpses is not a chaotic act.

Be aware that some food items are susceptible to rotting. These include corpses of all types, apples and pieces of raw meat. Eating rotten food does not cause sickness or other negative effects. Food that starts to rot has actually become cursed and will soon disappear. Eat it quickly if possible. In the case of corpses, especially strategically important ones such as chaos creatures or quicklings, rotting may be indefinitely stopped by repeatedly dipping the corpse in holy water when necessary, thus blessing it. Cooked corpses decay more slowly than uncooked corpses. Cooked corpses can be created with the Cooking skill or by blasting them with fire, from the fire bolt spell, for instance. Blessed cooked corpses carried by PCs with Food Preservation at 100 decay at the slowest rate. This is very handy for preserving the corpses of Chaos Orb guardians (section

Wearing certain items causes a need for increased food consumption. This includes all items that grant invisibility, artifacts (especially for PCs that are not crowned) and worst of all (since they grant no positive effect) amulets of hunger. Interestingly, intrinsics, including intrinsic invisibility, do not have any effect on food consumption. Likewise, the Fate smiles / Lucky / Cursed / Doomed intrinsics have no effect.

The level of satiation is displayed on the screen. High levels of satiation (satiated or bloated) will cause a speed decrease.

One type of herb, stomafillia, is extremely filling. Blessed stomafillia will cause a PC to be bloated immediately.

The satiation value of food items is increased by 25% for blessed items and decreased by 50% for cursed items. Increasing satiation

These are the ways to increase satiation:

Satiation decreases naturally over time (see next chapter), or you can decrease it artificially by eating stomacemptia herbs.

0.3.2 Satiation levels

Credit Malte Helmert. Most "base" PCs use one unit of nutrition each turn. The units of nutrition for the various food items are listed below. None of the following applies to food consumption in the big wilderness map, where different rules apply (maybe just a multiplier). Apart from equipment, the formula for a PC's food consumption per turn is as follows:

1 standard
+1 for Trolls
+1 when Strained or Strained!
+2 when Overburdened!

The formula for moving is a bit different (+1 for Trolls still applies):

1 standard
+1 when Burdened
+2 when Strained
+3 when Strained!
1 standard
+0.5when Burdened
+1 when Strained
+2 when Strained!

The total value after those modifiers is halved for Farmers of Level 12+ and Monks of any level. So, for example, an overburdened Human Fighter would consume 3 units per turn, and a Strained! Troll Monk would consume 1.5 units per turn. In this case, fractions are not rounded away: The character will alternate between consuming 1 and 2 units.

After that, additional modifiers apply, which are not halved for Monks or Farmers:

+3 for each (!) equipped item granting Invisibility
+0.5 for each equipped artifact (rounded down), for uncrowned or fallen champion PCs
+1 for thin and nimble corruption
+0.25 for each equipped artifact (rounded down), for crowned PCs
+15 in the wilderness, for non-Trolls
+30 in the wilderness, for Trolls

Food consumption in the wilderness is independent of movement speed, including seven league boots, and terrain type.

So, for example, a strained Troll Barbarian, crowned chaotic, wearing 7 artifacts and one item granting Invisibility will consume 7 units per turn (1 standard, 1 troll, 1 strained, 7/4 rounded down = 1 for the artifacts, 3 for the invisibility).

No influence on food consumption:

The different satiation categories are:

Satiation levelSatiation display
2501+ Bloated
1501..2500 Satiated
200..1500 (no display)
100..199 Hungry
50..99 Hungry!
49- Starving
Satiation levelSatiation display
2501+ Bloated
1501..2500 Satiated
250..1500 (no display)
-50..249 Hungry
-300..-51 Hungry!
-301- Starving

A character with satiation level 0 -301 can die because of starvation each turn. Apparently no food consumption takes place while eating, so it should be impossible to starve to death while eating.

Note also that starvation does not kill until Strength has dropped to half of what it was when the Starving message is shown. There is a -4 drop on getting to Starving status. From there Strength and other attributes will continue to drop until Strength reaches 50% of its value when Starving status was reached.

The exact turn of death seems to be -(Toughness*8)+2 -300-(To*8)+2, with minor variations at some levels. In short, this means that for every point of Toughness the character has, their satiation can go 8 points lower below zero. Thus higher Toughness equals more time to find food to reduce starvation.

Satiation value can flip over 32 bit integer (about 2.1 billion), similarly to piety level, gold amount, xp amount, etc. It can be achieved for example by reading 1.07 million blessed scrolls of satiation. At this point, the PC will die.
Fixed, as all integers overflow.

Some other observations:

0.3.3 Eating corpses %

Credit Sorear's Wiki - Monster_Corpse_Effects. In addition to Appendix J, this section lists corpse effect in greater detail.

How to read the list


Speed Chances
Speed Chance
0-119 100%
120-139 57.95%
140-159 15.90%
160-179 3.88%
180+ 0.78%

Parenthesised Attribute Chances
1-21 100% 31 10% 41 0.95%
22 55% 32 6.67% 42 0.83%
23 58.33%33 4.76% 43 0.74%
24 55.56%34 3.57% 44 0.65%
25 100% 35 2.78% 45 0.58%
26 25% 36 2.22% 46 0.53%
27 25% 37 1.82% 47 0.48%
28 100% 38 1.51% 48 0.43%
29 46.67%39 1.28% 49 0.40%
30 16.67%40 1.10% 50 0.36%

Eating corpses effects
Ancient Black Dragon+1 Wi, -Acid
Ancient Blue Dragon(+1 Dx), -Elec
Ancient Blue WyrmSpellcasting monster, (+6 Dx), (+5 Ma), (+5 To), (+1 Pe), =Elec
Ancient Chaos WyrmSpellcasting monster, (+1 Ma), (+1 St), -Fire, Corrupts 2500, (+3 St)
Ancient Dwarf+6d6 PP, +Curs
Ancient Karmic DragonKarmic
Ancient Karmic WyrmSpellcasting monster, (+10 Ma), (+10 To), Restores PP to Max, Karmic
Ancient Minotaur-1 Wi, 25%: (+1 Pe), Confuses 10d3
Ancient Red Dragon(+1 St), -Fire
Ancient Stone BeastCorrupts 3000, +2 St, +4 To
Ancient White Dragon+1 To, -Cold
Ankheg90%: -Acid
Annis HagSpellcasting monster, +Curs
Baby Water Dragon+WBre
Battle BunnyTrains St, Dx, To, Abuses Le -2d4
Black Baby Dragon-Acid
Black Dragon-Acid
Black DruidSpellcasting monster, -4 Wi, +3 Ma, +2 Le, +1 To, Corrupts 999, Alignment -1000
Black UnicornCorrupts [2d2 * 1000]
Blink Dog+TCtr
Blue Baby Dragon-Elec
Blue Dragon-Elec
Cat LordSpellcasting monster, (+6 Dx), +Doom
Cave Fisher!Dark Elf: Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%: -Pois
Chaos ArchmageSpellcasting monster, +50 PP, (+12 Ma), Corrupts 5000
Chaos LizardCorrupts 10d10
Chaos RatCorrupts 2d5
Chaos SpiderPoisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%: -Pois, Corrupts 20d20
Chaos Viper(+1 Dx), -Pois, (+1 Sp), Poisons 8d5Da_3d3Fr, Corrupts 10d200
Claw Bug-2 Wi, (+1 Dx)
CobraTrains To +100
Cooshoo![-Slee]: Sleeps 4d4
Cute DogBad luck
Cyclops[[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 60%: (+1 St); [St < 20]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 16.7%: (+1 St); [St = 24]: 14.3%: (+1 St)] {St up to 25}
Dark Elven Archer-1 To, (+1 Dx), -Pois
Dark Elven Lord-2 To, (+2 Dx), -Pois
Dark Elven Priestess-1 To, (+1 Dx), -Pois
Dark Elven Princess-2 To, (+2 Dx), -Pois
Dark Elven Warrior-1 To, (+1 Dx), -Pois
Dark Elven WizardSpellcasting monster, -1 To, (+1 Dx), -Pois
Dark Orc(+1 St)
Dark SageSpellcasting monster, NotCursed: DontHaveLiteracySkill: [Gain LiteracySkill = 1d20+19, Blessed: (+1 Le)]; ELSE: Cursed: LiteracySkill -5d5
Displacer BeastStuns 3d8, Confuses 3d6, LevelAllowsTeleportation: Teleports
Doppleganger KingTroll: 50%: +1 attribute (every attribute individually)
Dwarven Child+Curs, +Doom
Dwarven Elite Guardian (+1 Wi)
Emperor Moloch-6 Dx, (+8 To), (+6 St), Corrupts 2500, Alignment -666
Ettin[[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 60%: (+1 St); [St < 20]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 16.7%: (+1 St); [St = 24]: 14.3%: (+1 St)] {St up to 25}
Fairy DragonSpellcasting monster, Cures sickness, Confuses 6d10
Fire Beetle50%: -Fire (no special message)
Fire Drake-Fire
Fire Giant King(+1 St)
Fire Giant5%: -Fire, [[St < 8]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 57.1%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 56.3%: (+1 St); [St < 30]: 55.6%: (+1 St); [St < 32]: 11.1%: (+1 St); [St < 40]: 10%: (+1 St)] {St technically up to 40}
Fire Lizard10%: -Fire (Shiver Message)
Fomorian Giant50%: -1 Ap, [[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 60%: (+1 St); [St < 20]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 16.7%: (+1 St); [St < 30]: 14.3%: (+1 St)] {St up to 30}
Frost Giant Berserker 5%: -Cold, [[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 60%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St = 24]: 57.1%: (+ 1St); [St < 32]: 14.3%: (+1 St); [St < 35]: 12.5%: (+1 St)] {St technically up to 35}
Frost Giant Jarl(+1 St)
Frost Giant5%: -Cold, [[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 60%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St = 24]: 57.1%: (+1 St); [St < 32]: 14.3%: (+1 St); [St < 35]: 12.5%: (+1 St)] {St technically up to 35}
Gelatinous Cube![-Para]: Paralyzes 12d6, 33.3%: -Para
Ghul![-Para]: Paralyzes 2d8
Giant Ant Queen90%: -Acid
Giant Ant Warrior90%: -Acid
Giant Ant Worker90%: -Acid
Giant Boar-4 Wi, (+2 St), (+1 To)
Giant CentipedePoisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%: -Pois
Giant Slug=Acid
Giant Spider!Dark Elf: Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%: -Pois
Gorgon![-Petr]: (extremely low chance based on Luck): [-Petr, (+1 To)]; ELSE: Death!
Great Black WyrmSpellcasting monster, +1 To, +1 Wi, -Acid
Great Blue WyrmSpellcasting monster, (+1 Pe), (+1 Dx), -Elec
Great Karmic WyrmSpellcasting monster, Karmic
Great Red WyrmSpellcasting monster, (+1 Ma), (+1 St), -Fire
Great Water Dragon+WBre
Great White WyrmSpellcasting monster, +1 Ch, +1 To, -Cold
Greater Black UnicornCorrupts [3d3 * 1000]
Greater Claw Bug-6 Wi, (+3 Dx), (+2 Sp)
Greater DemonSpellcasting monster, +Doom
Greater Moloch-3 Dx, (+2 To), (+1 St)
Greater Titan(+1d3 St), (+1d3 To)
Greater White Unicorn Bad luck, Alignment -8000
Green Hag Spellcasting monster, +Curs
Harpy![Muted]: Mutes 20d100
Hill Giant Chieftan50%: (+1 St)
Hill Giant [[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 15]: 60%: (+1 St); [St = 15]: 20%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 16.7%: (+1 St); [St = 24]: 14.3%: (+1 St)] {St up to 25}
Hill Orc SergeantTrains To 300
Hill OrcTrains To 150
Homunculus![-Slee]: Sleeps 4d4
Hydra![-Conf]: Confuses 4d6
ImpPoisons 2d3Da_1d4+5Fr
Invisible Stalker[10%: +Invi; 90%: +SeeI]
Jackalwere Sickens 6d6
Karmic Baby DragonKarmic
Karmic DragonKarmic
Karmic LizardKarmic
Killer Bug-12 Wi, (+6 Dx), (+4 Sp)
King CobraTrains To 100
Kobold ChieftanSickens 20d8
Kobold Shaman+1 Ma, [Cursed: 5%: +2d3PP; Uncursed: 25%: +2d3PP; Blessed: 50%: +2d3PP], Sickens 20d8
KoboldSickens 20d8
Large KoboldSickens 20d8
Large Snake50%: -Pois
Large Spider!Dark Elf: Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%: -Pois
Least Demon+Doom
Lesser Demon+Doom
Lightning Lizard[Blessed: 12.5%: =Elec; ELSE: -Elec]
Master SummonerCorrupts 2000, +4 Le, +4 Wi, +4 Ma
Minotaur Emperor-8 Wi, +3 St, +3 To, +3 Pe +6 Pe, Confuses 40d24+60, Corrupts 200d10
Minotaur King-6 Wi, 50%: [(+3 Pe), (+2 St), (+2 To)], Confuses 20d12+30, Corrupts 10d100
Minotaur Lord-2 Wi, 66.7%: (+1 Pe), 25%: (+1 St), Confuses 10d4
Minotaur MageSpellcasting monster, -4 To, 50%: [(+3 Ma), (+3 Pe)], Confuses 20d10+20
Minotaur Mazelord -4 Wi, 33.3%: [(+2 Pe), (+1 St), (+1 To)], Confuses 10d8+10
Minotaur Mazemaster-3 Wi, 33.3%: [(+1 Pe), (+1 St) (+1 To)], Confuses 10d6
MinotaurTrains Pe 800, Confuses 5d10
Moloch-1 Dx, (+1 To)
Multi-Headed Chaos DragonSpellcasting monster, (+10 St), (+10 To), (+10 Ma), (+5 Pe), Corrupts 8000
Mutated Battle Bunny(+1 St), (+1 To), (+1 Dx), -2d4 Le
Ogre Emperor[St < 35]: 50%: +1 St {St up to 35}
Ogre Guardian[St < 25]: 50%: +1 St {St up to 25}
Ogre King[St < 25]: 50%: +1 St {St up to 25}
Ogre Lord[St < 22]: 33.3%: +1 St {St up to 22}
Ogre MagusSpellcasting monster, 25%: (+1 Ma), [St < 22]: 33.3%: +1 St {St up to 22}
Ogre[St < 19]: 25%: +1 St {St up to 19}
OracleSpellcasting monster, (+6 Le), Bad luck
Orc Butcher(+1 St)
Pit Viper50%: -Pois
Pixie Archer25%: +Tele
Pixie25%: +Tele
PriestSpellcasting monster, +Curs, +Doom
QuasitPoisons 3d2Da_3d3Fr, Sickens 6d6, +Curs
Quickling BardSpellcasting monster, (1d5+2 Sp), -25% MaxAge
Quickling King(1d5+2 Sp), -25% MaxAge
Quickling Lord(1d4+1 Sp)
Quickling Queen(1d5+2 Sp), -25% MaxAge
Quickling(1d3 Sp)
Rabid DogSickens 30d10
Ratling GuardianAlignment +250
Ratling RebelAlignment -1000
Ratling WarlordAlignment -1000
Rattlesnake50%: -Pois
Red Baby Dragon-Fire
Red Dragon-Fire
Royal Guardian[![+Curs]: +Curs; ELSE: +Doom]
Shadow Troll-1 To, -1 NaturalRegen
Shadow WyrmSpellcasting monster, -2 To, (+4 Dx)
Snake from BeyondCorrupts 2000, +4 Dx, +4 Ma
Spectre(+1 To), Alignment -500
Stone Giant Lord(+1 St)
Stone Giant[[St < 8]: 62.5%: (+1 St); [St < 16]: 60%: (+1 St); [St < 20]: 58.3%: (+1 St); [St < 24]: 16.7%: (+1 St); [St < 30]: 14.3%: (+1 St)] {St up to 30}
Stone SnakeTrains To 500
Swamp Hydra![Blind]: [Pe > 10]: 0.1%: Sickens 10d3; ELSE: ![-Conf]: [Trains To 5000, Confuses 12d6]
Tarantula!Dark Elf: Poisons 2Da_10Fr, 90%: -Pois
Titan(+1 St), (+1 To)
Troll Berserker[Blessed: -1 NaturalRegen; ELSE: 50%: -1 NaturalRegen]
Troll Chief[Blessed: -1 NaturalRegen; ELSE: 50%: -1 NaturalRegen]
Troll King [Blessed: -1 NaturalRegen; ELSE: 50%: -1 NaturalRegen]
Troll[Blessed: -1 NaturalRegen; ELSE: 50%: -1 NaturalRegen]
Vampire(+1 To), Alignment -500
Viper50%: -Pois
Water Snake-Pois
WereratSickens 6d6
Werewolf KingSickens 42d6
Werewolf LordSickens 18d6
WerewolfSickens 6d6
White Baby Dragon-Cold
White Dragon-Cold
White UnicornBad luck, Alignment -4000
Wight(+1 To), Alignment -500
Wraith(+1 To), Alignment -500
ZombiePoisons 2Da_8Fr
Frost Salamander90%: [-1 Dx, -Cold]; 10%: [-5 Sp, =Cold]

Note that eating corpses won't raise attributes beyond maximum limit in R+.

0.3.4 Monsters who never leave a corpse

These are:
acid vortex, air demon, air elemental, air grue, ancient sage, animated armor, animated tree, annihilator, arena master, assassin prince, balor, banshee, berserker, berserker emperor, berserker king, berserker lord, berserker prince, big casino guard, black slayer, black wizard, bone golem, brown worm, bunny master, burly adventurer, carpenter, casino guard, chaos brother, chaos eye, chaos knight, chaos mutant, chaos plague bearer, chaos servant, chaos sister, chaos spawn, chaos warlord, chaos warrior, chaos wizard, child, clay golem, cloaked ratling, corpse fiend, corruptor, crime lord, crystal statue, death ooze, demented ratling, diamond golem, djinni, Dorn Beast, dragon turtle, druid, dwarven artificer, dwarven chaos knight, dwarven inn keeper, dwarven mystic, dwarven smith, dwarven weaponmaster, dying sage, earth elemental, ElDeR cHaOs GoD, emperor lich, eternal guardian, eternium golem, eye of destruction, fire demon, fire elemental, fire grue, fire vortex, flesh golem, floating eye, fool, ghost, ghost bat, ghost king, ghost librarian, ghost lord, giant dragon turtle, giant rust monster, giant shark, giant turtle, gibbering mouther, goodwife, gray ooze, gray slayer, greater air elemental, greater balor, greater chaos servant, greater earth elemental, greater fire elemental, greater mimic, greater mummy, greater water elemental, green blob, green slime, green worm, gremlin, grizzled gladiator, half-orc bouncer, healer, holy slayer, ice vortex, iron golem, jackal demon, ki-rin, large rust monster, lich, lich king, lightning vortex, living wall, mad carpenter, mad doctor, mad minstrel, magebane eye, magedoom eye, malicious doctor, master lich, master mimic, master necromancer, master thief, mimic, mimic hivemind, mummy, mummy lord, necromancer, ochre jelly, old barbarian, old crone, purple worm, ratling dealer, ratling trader, red worm, revenant, rust monster, shadow, shadow centipede, shadow lord, shambling mound, shark, sheriff, shopkeeper, skeletal king, skeletal warrior, skeleton, slow shadow, small dwarf, solar, staring eye, steel golem, steel horror, steel zombie, stone golem, stone grue, stone ooze, stone statue, tiny girl, undead chaos dwarven berserker, vapor rat, village elder, wall beast, water demon, water elemental, water grue, white worm, will o'wisp, writhing mass of primal chaos, yellow ooze.

Monsters who always leave a corpse are the following uniques:
Ancient Chaos Wyrm, Ancient Stone Beast, Black Druid, Chaos Archmage, Cute Dog, Master Summoner, Minotaur Emperor, Multi-headed Chaos Dragon, Oracle, Snake from Beyond, Raider Lord.

Farmers are special case. They never leave a corpse before a quest for a farmer corpse is assigned, after which they leave a corpse with 50% probability.

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