Using gold as sacrifical item

I made some experiments with a human druid (neutral), got WADOMF and hacked
a copy of my binary especially for that guy. Went straight to dwarftown,
don't remember the PC's level. Anyway, I made a series of checks to find out
the lower bounds on money required. When a certain amount seemed sufficient
to get to extremely close, I reloaded and tried again with 10,000 less to
check if it is really minimal.

First crowning took 100,000 gp
First postcrowning took only 40,000 gp (!)
Second postcrowning took 180,000 gp
Third postcrowning took 500,000 gp
Fourth postcrowning took 970,000 gp
Fifth postcrowning took 1,600,000 gp.
Didn't check further, what's the point anyway.

All postcrownings took place at extremely close, so I wondered if it is
possible to be crowned/postcrowned at very close. It turned out that this
was only the case for the second postcrowning, for which then 160,000 gp
seemed sufficient.

I also wondered whether there as a difference between saccing 100,000 in one
go or in ten parts of 10,000 gp. It did not make any difference.

I then tried to measure the negative impact of praying before being able to
get crowned (something you occasionally do when you think you should be able
to get (pre-) crowned though still at very close). It was quite small: If
I sacced 10,000, then prayed, sacced 10,000, then prayed, and so on, it took
me 110,000 rather than 100,000 to get crowned. I suppose the cost of praying
might be higher if your god actually does something, though. In my case the
prayers simply remained unheard, since I was fully healed etc.

Last check was with "overflow". If I sac 200,000 rather than 100,000, do the
extra 100,000 do me any good or is the piety reset to some fixed value after
crowning? It turned out that you can safely sac more: It gets carried over.

I did not make quantitative checks, but saccing about 4,000,000 gp (don't
remember exactly), then praying six times in a row gave me a crowning gift
and five postcrowning gifts.

Don't really know if this matters, since by the time you have that money
(Casino and so on), you're normally no longer able to be pre/postcrowned,
but maybe it's interesting to know all the same.