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Dungeon features

0.13.1 Messages

See also section for messages generated when sacrificing. Messages which indicate the presence of monsters or monster vaults
You feel excited.vault
You feel truly excited.greater vault
You sense a certain full of monsters
You sense the death of an innocent being.Cute Dog has just been killed
You feel a surge of power.artifact, guarded by a named monster
You hear a distant wind.vortex
You hear a distant "Hurumph!"Dorn Beast
*THUMB*titan or greater moloch
You hear a horrible unearthly wail in the distance!Banshee
You see a small hole in the ground.hive
Something is moving in the hole beneath your feet.hive creature is trying to emerge while the PC is standing on the hive
The whole dungeon level seems to be shaking.hive creature tried to emerge from a hive and was not successful [1]
You nearly fall into a small hole in the ground.hive in the dark
You see a crumpled hole in the ground.empty hive
The floor is very rough here.empty hive in the dark
You hear clicking sounds.ants
You hear buzzing sounds.bees
You hear an evil hissing and something large crawling about the ground.giant ant queen
You hear a vile buzzing sound! giant bee queen
You hear a slurping sound.spider spun a web
You hear a ripping sound.web was torn apart
You hear a burping/popping sound.breeder just bred
You hear a grinding sound.something just dug through stone
You sense imminent danger...chance of out-of-depth danger generation
... but the feeling passes.but it didn't happen
You sense a rupture in the spiritual aura of this place.(greater) moloch smashed an altar
You feel the presence of a friend.companion was generated out of LOS - in a dark room, for example
Someone shouts: "*Yippiyaiyay!*"Tywat Pare has found a bandit
You sense an imminent and blood-chilling threat...boss monster

[1] It will be followed by messages that indicate the reason, for instance "The center of the earthquake seems to be directly beneath your feet!" which means the PC is standing on the hive. There are other messages that need to be compiled regarding other monsters standing on the hive, etc. Messages which indicate the presence of a special dungeon feature
You hear the wind howling.forge
A lot of stuff seems to be standing around here.PC is standing at a forge's location in the dark
You sense a pious aura.altar
You stumble against some stone block.PC is standing on an altar in the dark
You hear someone counting money. shop
You hear someone cursing shoplifters.
You hear the chime of a tiny bell.
You hear arcane being restocked
You feel - invisible PC has been detected by a shopkeeper who is out of LOS
You hear splashing sounds.pool (note similarity to acid trap below)
Your feet suddenly feel wet.pool in the dark or while blind
You hear the sound of rushing water!river (note similarity to water trap below)
You hear the sound of falling coins.royal vault
You hear the steps of the royal guard.
You suddenly feel the urge to get very rich really soon!royal vault (while wearing an amulet of greed)
Something shifts beneath your feet!PC entered the top level of the Pyramid while blind or while the stairway is covered in darkness
You sense something of historical significance.statue
You feel a surge of pulsing power!disconnected room full of monsters containing an artifact, with out-of-depth named guardian
You hear a violent grating sound!dungeon shifts
A whole section of the dungeon <direction> of you shifts to the <direction>!
A whole section of dungeon shifts to the <direction>! Everything is shaking violently! Messages which indicate the presence of traps
You hear a splashing sound.acid trap was triggered
You hear the sound of rushing water.water trap was triggered
You hear a strange "ZAP!"light trap (also possibly a flash/stun door trap) was triggered
You hear a pained -foo sound- in the distance.spear or arrow trap was triggered
You suddenly sense taint in your vicinity.corruption trap was triggered
You sense a soul in agony.
You hear the sound of toppling stones.stone block trap was triggered
You hear a thundering explosion.fireball trap was triggered
The -foo- seems to move very (or companion) encountered a trap
You shudder.trap-filled room is somewhere on the level Messages which indicate a unique level
You feel watched. You shiver. You shiver really bad!Gremlin Cave
The air of this level is filled with a strange level
You hear someone chuckling evilly.underground level of the Dwarven Graveyard
You smell the reek of sulphur, steel and oil.Darkforge
The air suddenly is filled with the stench of death. The stone is colored strange gray shades and everything seems to be decaying, rotting dying slowly.CoC Graveyard
This dungeon is very dusty.second level of the Assassin's guild
Water drips constantly from the ceiling...Water Temple
This whole level seems to be filled with emotions of terror, sorrow, pain and death...Banshee level
Stormy winds howl through these tunnels.Air Temple
This level is intensely hot! The rocks are glowing...Fire Temple
You sense an intense tension.battle bunny level
This level seems somehow removed from the rest of the world." Cat Lord level
The walls seem to be closing in...Earth Temple
This part of infinity seems to be special in a very eerie way. You wonder whether you would be able to find it ever again...SIL (I:66)
The walls and floor of this level are filled with the marks of huge reptiles... hundreds of such level of the Blue Dragon Caves
You feel touched by the forces of chaos...lair of the Emperor Moloch
Some strange energy fills the air causing your skin to itch.Mana Temple
This level is covered with a very slippery layer of ice.D: 49
This level is very strange... the walls are hard to see, everything seems to blur and you feel slightly dizzy.D: 50
You enter rather unremarkable cave complex. An easy wind is going and you feel that life is rife with new experiences to make!Unremarkable Cave Special messages
Oh my, I'm so lonely and need some company.random, any NPC can say this, small lawful boost if the PC agrees to spend time with the NPC
You feel a great wave of relief rushing through these tunnels.Jharod has healed Yrrigs while both are out of LOS
Jharod, the healer, suddenly seems to touch someone in a soothing way. You feel a great wave of relief rushing towards you." Jharod, in LOS, has healed Yrrigs, out of LOS
You suddenly feel ancient magical energies manifest in your vicinity.PC has just achieved experience level 13; the papyrus scroll has been generated, which is an invitation to enter the Pyramid (see section 2.9). Alternatively:
You suddenly feel ancient magical energies manifest at your feet. same as above, but the papyrus scroll was generated on the dungeon square where the PC is standing
Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less.item has disappeared from the PC's pack, most likely a food item susceptible to rotting - this includes corpses, apples and pieces of raw meat
Your -foo- starts to rot!food item in the PC's pack has started to rot (which means it has changed from uncursed to cursed status)
Your -foo- rots away!cursed food item in the PC's pack has rotted away; the difference between this message and "Your equipment suddenly seems to weigh less." may be Perception dependent or may involve other factors
You feel a change of mind in a being close to has become hostile
You feel like scum. OR You feel like a traitor.PC sacrificed a pet
Your mood darkens.PC has lost blessed status
For a moment you feel tried to teleport to the PC's location
You hear a thudding sound.thrown rock landed without being destroyed OR a wounded monster died after running out of the PC's line of sight
You feel responsible.PC killed a ratling guardian
You feel a horrible loss.Cute Dog transformed into a writhing mass of primal chaos
You smash the stones to pieces. Some stuff buried in the rock in uncovered!PC dug through stone, uncovering an item dropped by a monster that was killed while in the wall
The altar is smashed by the greater moloch! An energy bolt strikes down on the greater moloch! The greater moloch shruggs it off and laughs with malicious glee!self-explanatory
*SORRY, MISSED*the above happens, but the PC is doomed; the god strikes at the PC by mistake
You hit something and notice a thudding sound.PC killed an invisible monster with a missile
Drops of blood appear on the ground.invisible monster is bleeding
The stairway is very long...generation of a dungeon level took a little bit longer; unnoticeable on faster machines

0.13.2 Traps ^

Traps are exactly what the name implies. They are represented by carets ^ in the dungeon maps once they are discovered. They can be deliberately set off by standing on the trap and pressing Ctrl-t. Trap types

There are several varieties which do various nasty things to the PC or her worn or carried inventory:

Acid [1]green Damages or destroys non-artifact worn equipment.
Alarm orange Warns every monster on the level of the PC's presence and causes them to become hostile; disarm with potion of oil.
Arrow [1]white Shoots an arrow at the PC; can be exploited to gain arrows; there is more than 5% chance to be hit, in which case the arrow does 1d10+2 - PV damage, 1/3 is chance for the arrow to not break, and 1/30 chance for the trap to vanish.
Ceiling [2]dark blue Drops a portion of the ceiling on the PC; found on levels with forbidden teleportation replacing teleportation traps.
Corruption purple Corrupts the PC; a relatively small effect (~55 CP).
Fireball [1]red Generates a fireball at the location of the trap.
Light yellow Blinds the PC.
Simple Pit brown or cyan [3]PC falls into a hole; can be used to train Climbing and Dx; deals 3d6 damage; if discovered and Dx>23, trap is always avoided and Dx is trained.
Pit with vipers brown or cyan [3](Ma/500)% chance is to avoid the trap entirely WITHOUT discovering, trains Ma. Dx/40 is chance to avoid falling in pit, vipers still come out. 2d6 vipers spawned.
Spear [1]brown Shoots a spear at the PC; can be exploited as a source of metal.
Stone block [2]gray Drops a stone block on the PC; can kill low level PCs; (Ma/500)% chance to avoid entirely WITHOUT discovering, this trains Ma. Damage is 4d10 - PV, 1/2 chance to create rocks.
Teleportation light green Teleports the PC; sometimes handy for on-demand teleportation.
Water blue Causes a gush of water; can destroy scrolls if the PC does not have a waterproof blanket to protect the backpack; rusts vulnerable armor and weapons; unavoidable besides Alertness & Sixth Sense.

[1] Eventually runs out and dissappears.

[2] Dissappears once triggered.

[3] When unopened, this trap is cyan, when the pit has been revealed it becomes brown.

Traps can be created using a wand of trap creation. A pit trap can be created by using a pick axe or casting Mystic Shovel spell and pressing 5 as direction. A pit can be covered using a blanket - this will transform the pit into a different type of trap depending on the trap pattern. In R+, this disarms the trap.

It should be noted that traps affect monsters as well as the PC: light traps will blind monsters, corruption traps will corrupt monsters, acid traps will damage monsters, etc. An interesting use for an alarm trap is to lure a monster across it. Other monsters will become hostile towards the monster which triggered the trap and attack it. This can be very handy for disposing of cats (see section 0.9.2).

Traps can be discovered with the Detect Traps skill. PCs with this skill automatically apply it when the search command is used. In ordinary dungeons it is not worth using this technique, but in heavily trapped areas (the underground level of the Dwarven Graveyard, the Pyramid, the Gremlin Cave, the Assassin's Guild, the Minotaur Maze, the Mana temple) it is definitely prudent to use this skill multiple times during every turn where the PC suspects a trap is present.

Traps are much easier to avoid once they are discovered, probably by a factor of 100 or more. This is why the Detect Traps skill is so useful. Every PC should attempt to gain this skill. Wands of trap detection can be used for this, but they run out of charges. They can be recharged of course, but the skill never runs out and is unaffected by the mana battery corruption.

Note that it is not possible to use the w5 (walk in place) command while standing on a trap.

Finally, bear in mind that PCs with high Alertness, Mana, Dexterity attributes and the Sixth Sense talent will avoid undiscovered traps much more successfully than those without these abilities. Trap pattern

In R+, the trap pattern has been removed; traps occur randomly.

Traps occur in a known pattern. The order, left to right or top to bottom, is:

There are several places on fixed-layout levels where trap types and locations are shown in these documents. Note that trap types, in particular, are dependent upon the dungeon level where the fixed-layout level in question is generated. Examples include Dwarftown and (most of) the elemental temples. There is generally a warning in those sections concerning variations caused by differing dungeon level. There is also variability introduced if the player chooses to play with nonstandard resolution. There is no warning about this factor. Nevertheless, the above pattern applies; identifying a single trap allows the player to predict the type of trap generated elsewhere on the level.

0.13.3 Doors /+

There are doors on many of the dungeon room entrances. The majority of doors are not a problem, as you can easily open and close them. However, they can be locked or locked and trapped. Doors are generated with the following probabilities: open door: 45%, closed door: 25%, doorway (no door): 20%, locked only door: 3%, locked and trapped door: 7%. Locked doors

Locked doors can be opened using several methods. Safe ways are:

Non-safe ways:

Under some conditions player might want to lock doors to isolate part of the level or stop monsters from pursuing the character. Locked rooms are also recommended for storing items. General ways to lock (and sometimes also trap) a door are: Trapped doors \

There are different types of door traps:

Door trap types
Trick door trap [1]Drops door directly in front of doorway, damages the PC and worn equipment; first chance to evade: ((Pe+Luck)/30) %, second chance to evade: (Dodge/200) %; damage: Min(10,DL+3)d4 - (PV of head armor); if evaded, trains Pe and Dx.
Stone block trap [1]Similar to the collapsing door, drops stones directly in front of the door, can kill low level PCs. (Dx+Luck)/30 chance to jump back (if there's space to do it, of course). Otherwise, 3d10-PV damage. No equipment destruction.
Explosive runeArguably the worst door trap, destroys a variety of worn items and backpack items and damages the PC; can injure companions, making them become hostile; possible deafening of the PC. Damage dealt is (Min(DL+1,16)d6)*x/2, where x is 1 if you "partially evade the explosion" (depends on Dx and Luck) or 2 otherwise.
Booby trap Similar to the explosive rune trap, generates a fireball, can injure companions, making them become hostile. Damage is Min((DL+3)d4,100).
Stunning runeIf the PC has stun resistance, you only get "You receive a minor electric shock." Otherwise: If the PC can see the tile standing on, there is a (Dx+Luck)/30 chance to avoid being stunned for (DLd4) turns. If the roll fails, in addition to being stunned another roll (Pe+Luck)/30 determines if the PC gets blinded. In addition to previous roll, there is a 1/30 chance to get heavily blinded for (DL*10d10) turns, otherwise it's just (DLd4)+DL turns. If passed, the corresponding attribute that influenced the roll is trained.
Flash trapX is 0 if both the door's tile and the tile at the PC's position are lit, 10 if only one is lit and 20 if both are unlit. If 1d30+X+1 > (Pe+Luck), then the PC gets blinded for (DLd4)+DL turns and Pe is abused by (-1-1d4). Otherwise, Pe is trained.

[1] Can be avoided by not standing directly in front of door.

Players should get into the habit of never standing directly in front of a door when opening it whenever possible. This will completely eliminate deaths from Stone block door traps and damage from Trick doors. It also lessens the damage from an Explosive rune: "You partially evade the explosion." As with ordinary traps, PCs with high Dexterity are more successful at evading door traps: "Suddenly a huge rock drops directly in front of the door! You barely evade it by jumping backwards!"

If the PC has the Detect Traps skill, it is worth applying it a few times in the direction of closed doors, or simple searching can be used as well.

Unlike regular traps, the type of a discovered trapped door cannot be recognized neither by a color - it is always red, nor by looking around using look command. But it can be discovered by applying the Detect Traps skill in the direction of a known trapped door. Secret doors

Some doors are hidden and must be searched for. A ring of searching will do this automatically. Dark Elves (5), Thieves (6), Orcs (10) and Dwarves (20) get bonus to finding secret doors. Alternatively, secret doors may be discovered by kicking them. Kicking a normal dungeon wall results in the message "You hurt your foot kicking the wall!". Kicking a concealed secret door results in the message "You really hurt your foot kicking the wall!" Special door features

Closed doors can be kicked down for wooden sticks, which can then be used for Fletchery. However, a destroyed door (either original or created) will leave an invisible doorstep, which has the following properties: Door pattern

Door pattern has been removed. As with traps, door locks and door traps occur in a known pattern. Notice that door keys and door traps have pattern of six, which leads to fact that all doors with same key on same level can have only one trap type.

The order, left to right or top to bottom, is:

The trap type holds for the entire Infinite Dungeon. For Caverns of Chaos, D:1 round doors have collapsing door traps. D:2 round doors have booby traps, D:3 stone blocks etc. For other locations, door trap patterns have not been investigated. Monsters who can smash doors

The following is a list of monsters that can break doors:
dragons and wyrms of all colors and sizes, ogres, giants, minotaurs, golems, titans, slayers, turtles, balors and molochs of all types. Additionally: annihilator, (big) casino guard, bugbear, bulette, burly adventurer, cat lord, caveman, chaos warlord, dark orc, Dorn Beast, dwarven (elite) guardian, emperor lich, Eternal Guardian, giant boar, greater earth elemental, lich king, Old Barbarian, orc butcher, revenant, sheriff, Snake from Beyond, stone statue, stone snake, undead chaos dwarven berserker, writhing mass of primal chaos.

0.13.4 Rooms Dark rooms

Dark rooms, and dark areas in general, are just that - dark. They are problematic since approaching enemies can't be seen. It is also possible to inadvertantly kill a creature in a dark room. The darkness can be permanently dispelled with the Light spell or a wand of light. A torch or an amulet of light provides a temporary light source. If a doomed PC enters a dark room, there is a 1 in 1000 chance of being instakilled by a grue each turn. See section 0.15.5 for more detailed information about darkness. Tension rooms

Tension rooms have 1/5 chance to be generated.

Tension rooms are relatively small rooms filled with monsters. They always have doors that cause the walls around them to crumble. This allows the monsters within to swarm the PC. They can be filled with monsters of one type, two separate types or a variety of different monsters. Mixed tension rooms in particular can contain out-of-depth monsters. Since the level message "You sense a certain tension." is always associated with these rooms, the PC is forewarned. It is prudent to find out what is in the tension room with a wand of monster detection, especially at deeper dungeon levels. It is quite possible to be faced with a ghost king and ancient karmic dragon simultaneously from such a room.

PCs that are blinded by a trap whilst breaking into a tension room can still try to identify what monsters they are facing from the message generated, as this tends to usually relate to a sound or feeling rather than a sight: Threatening rooms

Threatening rooms have 1/8 chance to be generated if DL>7.

The level message "You suddenly feel threatened." is generated on levels containing these rooms. These rooms are similar to tension rooms, but are always filled with a single type of monster. In addition, they do not have the crumbling walls feature of tension rooms. Trap rooms

Trap rooms have 1/50 chance to be generated, or 1/10 if Doomed.

If the message "You shudder." is created upon entering a new dungeon level, one of the rooms on that level will have a trap on each square. Care should be taken to locate this room as soon as possible. Monsters that don't fly or hover will activate the traps if they stumble in such a room. It is possible for a threat room to be the same as the trap room. Watch the carnage. Pulsing power rooms

These are very rare rooms that are isolated from the rest of the dungeon level, like royal vaults. Such a room is full of monsters including a very powerful named monster, but also contains an artifact. The message "You feel a surge of pulsing power!" is generated when the PC enters a level containing one.

0.13.5 Special rooms and their effects

Special messages rooms are dungeon rooms with either a one-time effect on the PC or a permanent unique effect that affects the PC (or other monsters) as long as they remain on one of the tiles of the room. However some messages have no effect whatsoever. Permanent effects
Strange lights flicker in this room. squares adjacent to the PC will be lit and darkened, changing with every turn, methods of creating/removing darkness do not have their usual permanent effect in these rooms
This seems to be a very dull room. this room abuses the Learning attribute if stayed in too long AND almost no monsters or items are generated in this room (?)
The floor of this room seems to be very sticky. the energy points cost to move is increased by 30%
There seems to be a shifting breeze in this room. missile to-hit bonus is reduced by 2/3

The floor of this room is covered with puddles of ancient dried blood. bleeding is increased
You get the odd feeling that something is wrong with your perception of this room, but can't seem to tell what it is from just looking around. the direction of game actions that use the 'Which direction' dialog is reversed
This room seems to be filled with a deadly and chilling silence. All sounds are muffled. damage is 10 times increased
The air of this room is filled with the smell of carrots. drink a potion of carrot juice for +5 Pe, then the smell will disappear
This room seems to be magically charged. this room probably does not exist - see next
The air of this room is filled with a very rich flavor. satiation level does not go down (the PC doesn't get hungry), or goes down very slowly
This room smells of herbs and antiseptics. HP regenerate faster: +2 HP per increase
The air of this room refreshes you and sharpens your spirits! HP regenerate much faster: +4 HP per increase
The walls of this room are made of many small stones of uniform height; they almost look like shelves of books. faster when learning spells from books (half time)
This room seems to vibrate with life. Insects are crawling everywhere, strange mushrooms cover the walls and moss is growing at the ceiling. all damage is divided by 10
The aura of this room seems to be devoid of all life! HP regeneration rate is reduced to 0
The air in this room is stale in a highly unnatural way. increases spell PP cost by 3x
The atmosphere of this room makes your skin tingle! decreases spell PP cost by 20%
The air in this room seems to be magically charged. decreases the PP cost by 20%, but not visible in the spell list, and even beyond the 50% of base cost limit
This room seems to be incredibly ancient. the effect of aging attacks is doubled
The skulls of many creatures are embedded in the walls. It's almost like being in the grave with them. Necromancy skill does not consume Mana - instead, the best possible slave is summoned for free
The walls and the ceiling of this room are sewn with cracks. increased chance of equipment being damaged/destroyed? less turns to mine through walls?
You sense the presence of some supernatural entity of benevolent nature. reduces cost of actions that consume piety 4 times (using holy symbol to turn undead, praying, kicking altars)
You sense the presence of some supernatural entity of malevolent disposition. doubles cost of actions that consume piety
The walls of this room seem to be made from pure obsidian. more chaotic creatures generated? better rolls for chaotics?
This room seems to be tainted by evil. undead deal double damage
The walls of this room are covered with leering visages of demons of all kind! demons deal double damage?
The walls of this room are covered with ancient runes. doubles PP recovery rate? aging attacks doubles? may contain artifact?
This room is very humid. possible rust or water damage? OR possibly killed monsters drop water?
Hundreds of tiny insects are crawling beneath your feet and the whole ground seems to be covered with tiny white eggs! breeders breed faster
You hear a crunching sound beneath your feet.

same as above, but in darkness
The walls of this room are scarred by the signs of many fights. Most parts of the room are heavily damaged. triple chance for item destruction One time effects
This room seems to be particularly unholy! temporary blessing is removed - permanent blessing, by crowning, will not be removed
Upon entering this room you feel a strange magical shock! PP is reduced to 0
Images of books and comfortable chairs line the walls. Suddenly the images fade away!
-1 St, +1 Le
The breeze accompanying you causes some ancient bones on the floor to transform into dust. You feel a sense of relief. heals 1 HP
This room looks like a spa with a mud bath. You are hit in the face by a glob of hot mud! Suddenly everything disappears! blinds the PC, lowers Ap by 1. Wipe the PC's Face, to raise the PC's Ap by 2 for a net gain of 1.
You notice a pale fading ball of light upon entering this room. It quickly disappears. no effect
You hear an eerie wail for a few seconds... no effect
You hear a strange "*TCHUNK*" in your vicinity. no effect
A rat scurries between your feet and disappears in a small hole in the ground. no effect
For a few seconds you see a looming shade before you. It points its hand towards you in a threatening manner! Then it disappears. no effect
A mouth appears on the wall and says: "[random fortune]". no effect
For a moment a mouth appears on the wall and seems to say something! no effect (PC is deaf)
The walls have mirrors with many distortions of your image. <message> All the mirrors shatter! if Ap > 18 PC gets +1 Cha and message is "You look great in all of them.", else PC gets -1 Pe and "You can't stand the sight of warped self." message; PC also takes 1d4 damage from shattering mirrors

0.13.6 Herbs "

Herbs have 1/6 chance to be generated if DL>2, no altar, no forge. Herbs growth

Herb bushes are always found in the Big Room (level 6 of the Caverns of Chaos). They grow according to Conway's Life rules. They are as follows: ADOM adds to this: there are 1d1000 turns between generations. If a bush has two neighbors, it will remain the same during the next generation. If a bush has three neighbors, it will gain strength during the next generation. These additions are important, since there are many stable patterns, but very few that will continue to blossom over time. For instance the following patterns are stable:

                                       *     *
                                      * *   * *
                                      * *    *
but are quite useless as far as ADOM is concerned. Since none of the bushes has three neighbors, once they reach a withered state they will never recover. The best pattern to create for farming herbs in ADOM is a 2 x 2 square of herbs. This will remain alive indefinitely and generate more herb blossoms every generation. It is also worth preserving a 1 x 3 pattern. This is a pattern that oscillates between horizontal and vertical. Since two of the herb bushes are new each generation and therefore unpicked, they will constantly be renewed. The danger with this pattern is overharvesting. If one bush dies, they all die. The square 2 x 2 pattern does not have this liability. If one (and only one) bush dies, it will be filled in the next generation.

Herbs apparently require light to survive. A message "It's dark here! Some herb bushes full of blossoms are growing here. The vegetation beneath your feet shrivels and suddenly is gone." has been observed.

Herbs can be generated on any dungeon level by Using a potion of holy water on a dungeon square, even for PCs without the Gardening skill. The success rate is 33%. Note that while any dungeon level will work, only those levels which already had herbs will support herb growth. In other words, herbs will not undergo the normal growth cycle unless the dungeon level had indigenous herbs. Consequently, the PC should avoid creating herbs in this manner unless the dungeon level already has herbs, unless it is a matter of life or death. The exception is PCs that have the Gardening skill. applying the Gardening skill with herb seeds causes a dungeon level to transform to an herb-sustaining state.

applying the Gardening skill to a blossoming herb bush will produce 1d2 herb seeds if a Gardening check is passed (and otherwise destroy the bush), allowing for seeds to be generated quite easily with high values in this skill.

Be sure to take advantage of the information below about creating especially desirable herbs.

Short treatise on herbs by the newsgroup poster known as Loves A Dustbin.
Generation of the R pentomino - thanks to Malte Helmert for the method.
A really big herb farm - contributed by Picking herbs

The strength of a particular herb bush can be determined by applying Herbalism skill. Three strengths are recognized: full of blossoms, strong, and withered. If is safe to pick up a herb full of blossoms or strong, but a withered herb may disappear after next pick up. There is Herbalism / 1d160 chance for the bush to not lower in status; so 3/8 of the time the bush will still go down at 100 Herbalism. The status of the herb picked is determined as follows: if Herbalism > 1d110 = Uncursed, THEN (only if it passed the first check) if Herbalism > 1d140 = Blessed. Level 18+ Farmers now have a 50% chance of anything cursed turning uncursed at this point, immediatelly followed by a 50% chance for uncursed to become blessed. Non-farmers get about 65% blessed herbs, 26% uncursed, and 9% cursed at 100 Herbalism; level 18+ Farmers should get around 80.5% blessed, 15% uncursed, and 4.5% cursed. Herbs properties

Herbs have the following properties:

Herb Method of useCursed effect Uncursed effect Blessed effect
stomafillia eat satiation +550 satiation +2000 satiation +6250
stomacemptia eat near starvation makes Hungry! makes almost hungry
curaria mancox eat smaller effect fights sickness cures sickness
devil's rose eat severe sickness sickness mild sickness
alraunia antidoteeat smaller effect cures poisoning cures most poisoning
demon daisy eat severely poisons poisons mildly poisons
pepper petal eat heals 3d4 HP heals 3d8 HP heals 6d10 HP
burb root eat more damage acid damage less damage
morgia root eat trains To 5d100+200, trains Wi 50d10
spenseweed use heals 1d6 HP heals 3d6+3 HP heals 5d4+20 HP
moss of mareilon use abuses Dx -10d100trains Dx 10d100 trains Dx 60d30+30

See section for more on training attributes with herbs, and the end of section 0.3.2 for more detailed information on stomacemptia herbs.

0.13.7 Shops

Shops have 1/4 chance to be generated for Merchants, 1/6 chance for others. Pickup items from shop freely (,, ;, Ctrl-p), but don't forget to pay for them. Use :p to pay for all items. Press P to see how much gold you currently owe. To sell, just drop (or :drop) your stuff to the shop floor. Check your purse with $.

The ADOM Manual provides some basic information about shops. Shops are rooms in the dungeons inhabited by shopkeepers and stocked with their wares. Shops can be general stores selling a variety of items or specialty stores selling only one type of item. Shops should always be entered and explored, since viewing the items in a shop permanently identifies them.

Certain powerful items are less likely to be generated in shops. These include wand of wishing (8x), scroll of chaos resistance (12x), ring of djinni summoning (5x), potion of cure corruption (6x), potion of gain attributes (40x), potion of attribute (30x), potion of potential attribute (20x), potion of water (2x).

Shopkeepers will restock their inventory if it is depleted or appears to be depleted. It is a good idea to pick up everything in a shop and drop the unwanted items on one square. This gives the shopkeeper room to restock. Note that it is necessary for a certain amount of game time to pass in order for a shop to restock. PCs with sufficient Perception scores and Listening skill levels will hear a message "You hear arcane mumbling." which means a depleted shop has been restocked. Guaranteed shops

There are five guaranteed shops in the game:

Shopkeepers generally buy items as well as selling them. The exception is the Casino shop, which only sells. Specialty storekeepers are only interested in purchasing the items they specialize in. Sell Munxip those useless kobold corpses! Random shops

Other shops are found randomly in the dungeons. The following shop types may be randomly generated, listed with their chance out of 20:

Shop types
Shop typeChance
Scrolls 5
Potions 4
General 3
Rings 3
Wands 2
Books 2
Pets 1 Shopkeepers' racial prejudices

The following influences shop prices:

Shopkeepers have definite racial prejudices in addition to the special criteria Munxip (see sections 1.2.2, 1.2.6) and Barnabas (see sections 1.3.1, 1.3.2) use. Malte Helmert has done some testing regarding this and observed the following: the HMV and Lawenilothehl shops were generated 50 times each. The races of the shopkeepers were:

Other races may be possible, with a very low probability. Quoting Malte's findings:

"The following chart lists the percentage of the "base value" offered by a shopkeeper of the race specified in the column to a PC of the race specified in the row. 100% is normal, 110% is possible if the shopkeeper likes the PC's race very much (mostly if both are of the same race), and the value can become as low as 10% if the shopkeeper really hates the PC's race. Looking at the chart, you see that all non-Hurthling shopkeepers prefer PCs of the same race. Hurthlings are the only shopkeeper race that isn't prejudiced, and Hurthlings are also the best-liked PC race (there is no race that gives Hurthlings a really bad deal, and many give them excellent deals). Considering the fact that the most important shopkeeper in the game is a Dwarf (Waldenbrook), Orcish and especially Dark Elven PCs appear to have the worst time (this is not news, of course)."

Shopkeepers' racial prejudices
PC's race HumanTrollH.ElfG.ElfD.ElfDwarfGnomeHurthOrc Drake
Human 110% 100% 80% 80% 80% 80% 100% 100% 100% 80%
Troll 100% 110% 50% 20% 80% 60% 80% 100% 100% 80%
High Elf 100% 70% 110% 105% 10% 80% 100% 100% 50% 80%
Gray Elf 100% 50% 105% 110% 10% 80% 100% 100% 50% 80%
Dark Elf 60% 85% 10% 10% 110% 10% 80% 100% 110% 40%
Dwarf 100% 70% 50% 50% 50% 110% 110% 100% 20% 80%
Gnome 100% 100% 100% 100% 80% 110% 110% 100% 60% 80%
Hurthling110% 100% 110% 110% 90% 110% 110% 100% 80% 80%
Orc 80% 100% 50% 50% 100% 20% 50% 100% 110% 50%
Drakeling90% 100% 80% 80% 100% 80% 100% 100% 80% 110% Robbing shops

Shops can be robbed. This of course has effects on alignment, in addition to putting the PC's life at risk. These shopkeepers are maintaining a business in a highly dangerous environment and are well suited to dealing with those who choose to steal from them. In addition to their own very tough nature, they can summon hordes of thugs who attack the PC.

Some methods for robbing shops:

Robbing techniques and consequences
TechniqueAlignment dropCursingShopkeeper hostileThugs summonedVillagers hostileCalm Monster worksRemarks
Attack shopkeeperyesyesyesyesyesnoeven in Darkness
Pick Pockets against shopkeeperyesyesyesyesnonoeven if pickpocketed in Darkness
Teleport PC or shopkeeperyesyesyesyesnono 
Stun Ray, Paralyzation, bolt spells, Mindcraft in LOSyesyesyesyestowards shopkeeperyeseven if shopkeeper is killed
Stun Ray, Paralyzation, bolt spells, Mindcraft out of LOS or PC in Darknessnonoyesnotowards shopkeeperyeseven if shopkeeper is killed
Ventriloquismnonoyesnotowards shopkeeperyes 
Digging shop walls and kicking items out [1]nononononoN/Avery abusable

[1] No longer possible without consequences.

Note the following:

As of R+, shopkeepers' stats increase with each artifact the PC sells them.

0.13.8 Rivers =

Rivers have 1/15 chance to be generated.

Rivers these can be found in the High Kings cave, Puppy Cave, Druid Dungeon, CoC, ID, UD. Like any body of water, they can rust unprotected iron items, drench scrolls and spellbooks and drown the PC. Drowning damage seems be dependent on max HP, with high-HP PCs taking proportionally more damage. Precautions include waterproof blankets, a high Swimming skill, water breathing gear (see section, rustproofing iron items, casting Earthquake (ceiling rubble can create land bridges), freezing the water (see next section), teleportation, trap creation (for teleportation trap), and Bridge Building (requires logs). Freezing water

Pretty straightforward: use some cold source while standing next to a water square and zap over it. Frost/Nether Bolt, Ice Ball/Freezing Fury, or a wand of cold qualify. Ice is fragile, of course, and there's a 2000 stone limit for your stuff's weight. Exploding ice vortices will freeze all water in the range of their blast. Likewise, monsters that cast Frost Bolt, ogre magi for instance, can freeze water. However, monsters that breathe ice, white dragons for example, do not freeze anything when their breath crosses water (bug fixed).

0.13.9 Pools 0

Pools have 1/6 chance to be generated, if no altar, no forge, no herbs.

Drinking from pools can do various magical things to a PC: one can gain or lose any intrinsic (except water breathing, confusion and sickness resistance) or unnatural aging. It is very possible to be corrupted by drinking from pools. Also, hostile snakes or water elemental can come out of pools. The most hunted-for ability of pools is the small chance of getting a wish. It has been rumored that pools with the color of the PC's eyes are the most beneficial.

Strictly speaking, when a PC drinks from a pool there is a roll for 52 possible effects. The first two effects listed ('pool dries up' and 'writhing with snakes') are much more common than the rest of the effects and have a 8/52 and 5/52 chance, respectively. The other effects each have a 1/52 chance.

For the vast majority of the intrinsics are lost if a PC is having them and gained them if not (intrinsic toggle). This makes pools much nicer for characters without many intrinsics already. There is 1/104 chance to receive a wish (as long as PC is not doomed).

The are at least 6 guaranteed pools in Darkforge. The pool inside the Stone Circle always corrupts by 10d100 CP's in addition to the normal effect.

Pool messages
# Message Effect
1-8 Nothing happens. The pool suddenly dries up. Pool vanishes.
9-13 The water is suddenly writhing with snakes!
You hear hissing sounds.
4d3 hostile water snakes spawned.
14 You feel slightly strengthened. Trains St 3d400.
15 You feel exhausted. Abuses St -10d1000.
16 Suddenly you are gone.
You feel translucent.
You feel on air.
Temporary invisible for 10d10 turns.
17 You suddenly are visible again.
You feel observed.
Your outfit suddenly looks much cleaner.
Lose +Invi, lose temporary invisibility.
18 Suddenly your ears start to bleed! Bleeding starts - 1d4 effects.
19 Wow! Pure beer! Drunk for +3d3 turns.
20 Great! Pure dwarven ale! Drunk for +3d5 turns.
21 You slip and fall in! Water damage.
22 You feel corrupted! Corrupts (DL)d30 CP's.
23 Bah! This liquid is extremely filthy! Sickens for 1d1000 turns.
24 You age! Unnatural aging for 4d6 years.
25 You feel younger!
You suddenly remember your early youth.
Reverse unnatural aging by 4d6 years or no effect.
26 Your wounds no longer bleed.
Your blood seems to cool down.
Bleeding stops or no effect.
27 You feel very very bad.
What do you wish for?
No effect if doomed, else PC gets a wish (1/2 chance), or +Doom (1/2 chance).
28 You feel much better.
Nothing happens.
Heal 6d8 HP or no effect.
29 Urgh! Poison!
The water tastes bitter.
Poisons 1d6 damage, 2d10 frequency, no effect if poison resistant.
30 Attribute decrease message, see 0.6. -1 attribute, 1/9 chance for each attribute.
31 Attribute increase message. +1 attribute, 1/9 chance for each attribute.
32 Lots of vipers burst out of the pool.
You suddenly hear many hissing sounds!
While you drink small waves seem to ripple the otherwise calm surface of the pool.
Suddenly a water elemental rises from the pool!
You suddenly hear roaring waves!
The pool bubbles. (not enough room)
if DL<9 3d4 vipers, else water elemental. Water damage in both cases.
No effect if not enough room.
33 You feel cool.
You sweat.
-Fire toggle.
34 Your digestion calms down.
Your stomach stings painfully.
-Pois toggle.
35 You feel hot-headed.
You shiver.
-Cold toggle.
36 You swallow hard.
You taste bitter bile in your mouth.
-Acid toggle.
37 You feel totally awake.
You feel tired.
-Slee toggle.
38 You feel flexible.
You feel gnarly.
-Petr toggle.
39 You feel very controlled.
You feel shaken.
-Stun toggle.
40 You feel bold at the thought of danger.
You feel like an endangered species.
-Deth toggle.
41 You hear a voice calling you "Iceberg".
You feel shocked.
-Elec toggle.
42 You are moved by the sheer pleasure of this sip of fluid.
You feel inflexible.
Gain -Para or lose -Para AND -Petr if PC has one of these.
43 You suddenly are gone.
You feel dizzy for some seconds.
You suddenly can see yourself.
No effect... as far as you notice.
+Invi toggle, second messages if the PC has +SeeI.
44 Your eyes tingle for a second.
Your eyes sting for a second.
+SeeI toggle.
45 You suddenly feel like jumping around.
You suddenly hate the thought of jumping around.
+TCtr toggle.
46 You feel jumpy.
You feel steady.
+Tele toggle.
47 You feel lucky.
You feel cheated.
+Luck toggle.
48 You feel very lucky.
You feel very bad off.
+Fate toggle.
49 You sense trouble.
You feel relieved.
+Curs toggle.
50 You become depressive.
You feel elated.
+Doom toggle.
51 You start a trip on the road to nowhere.
You continue the trip on the road to nowhere.
Gain +Curs if not cursed, gain +Doom if cursed, no effect if cursed and doomed.
52 A small frog pops up. The frog longingly watches you. (deaf female) No effect.
A small frog pops up. The frog explodes in a small fireball! (deaf male) 10d6 damage.
A small frog pops up. Ye are the boring kind, aren't ye? (male) No effect.
A small frog pops up. "Well met, beautiful princess." (female) Receive a golden ball (the Frog quest can be done without ever drinking from a pool).
A gush of water hits you! (tile not visible) Water damage.

0.13.10 Forges &

Forges have 1/8 chance to be generated if DL>5.

Forges are the basic pre-requisite for Smithing - you also need an anvil, an item to improve, a hammer and an ingot of the appropriate metal. See 0.15.4 for more about Smithing.

A forge is near-guaranteed to be found in the UD, and guaranteed places to find some include Dwarftown, Darkforge, and Ice Queen Domain.

Note that forges often don't appear with an anvil when found in random dungeons. An anvil will have to be found and carried to the forge before it can be used.

0.13.11 Hives *0

Hives are holes in the floor of the dungeon containing hive creatures, either ants or bees. Their population is finite. There is a guaranteed ant hive on level two of the Puppy Cave, and a guaranteed bee hive before the Banshee level in CoC. Ants a

Ant hives are filled with giant ant workers, giant ant warriors and a giant ant queen. The player is alerted to an ant hive by hearing "clicking sounds". They are simply a source of monsters to be killed with no particular reward associated with clearing the hive. Bear in mind that ants dig. Leaving them alone and allowing them to dig can be exploited as a source of rocks and possibly gems. Ant corpses are sources of acid resistance.

Huge rocks can be used to keep ants from escaping anthills. When an ant attempts to leave an anthill covered by a huge rock, the message "The uncursed huge rock (-10, 10d6) seems to be shaking." is generated. Eventually the huge rock is destroyed ("Something from below destroys the uncursed huge rock (-10, 10d6)!") and ants can come out of the hole again. Sometimes this happens after only a few turns, sometimes it takes more than a hundred. Multiple huge rocks are destroyed one after another and thus last longer than a single one. Bees b

Bee hives are filled with giant bee workers, giant bee warriors and a giant bee queen. The player is alerted by hearing "buzzing sounds". They are a source of beeswax, which can be used to plug the PCs ears. This deafens the PC and is one way to survive the Banshee level (3.10). A bee hive is guaranteed to be generated before the Banshee's level. They are also a potential source of gelee royal, which when eaten has a variety of beneficial effects: it is very nourishing, heals, increases Appearance and cures poisoning. All of these beneficial effects will not be experienced simultaneously, of course. Bees have a poisonous attack, which kills the attacking bee. Kicking the hive will cause the bees to become enraged and swarm the PC. Kicking the hive apparently increases the chance of gelee royal generation, although it is not guaranteed. Bees generated by kicking the hive are considered summoned and therefore cannot be sacrificed. Be careful of this if you are relying on an altar to get rid of bees.

0.13.12 Vaults

Vaults are large rooms, larger than tension rooms. Depending on the variety, they can be nearly completely filled with monsters or only partially filled. They vary in danger from moderate (a lesser vault full of gnolls and hyenas), a challenge for PCs less than experience level ten, to absolutely deadly (a greater vault full of greater undead), a challenge for experience level 50 PCs who have already won the game. Lesser vaults

Examples of lesser vaults

Lesser vaults generally take up about 1/4 of the screen with an 80 x 25 display. They come in every imaginable flavor, from gnolls and hyenas to lesser undead to a variety of berserkers. Their danger level is relatively low, comparable to a mixed tension room on the same level. The level message "You feel excited." is always generated when the PC enters a dungeon level containing a lesser vault.

There is one guaranteed lesser vault, on level six of the Puppy Cave. Another lesser vault is on level with Haggar in Frost Giant Jarl Caves.

Lesser Vaults
LocationsTypeMany Few One
D:1-3Koboldskobold, large koboldkobold shaman kobold chieftain
Goblinsgoblin, hobgoblinhobgoblin leader hobgoblin chief
Orcsorc, orc scorcherlarge orcorc chieftain
Gnollsgnoll, hyenalarge gnollgnoll chieftain
Jelliesgreen slime, gray oozegelatinous cubeyellow ooze
Lesser Undeadskeleton, zombie, ghulshadowslow shadow or ghost
D:11-25Spiderslarge spider, cave fisher giant spidertarantula
Ratlingsratling archer, ratling warriorratling duelist ratling warlord
Ogresogre, orcogre magusogre lord
Demonshell hound, least daemonlesser daemongreater daemon
Dark Elvesdark elven archer, dark elven warriordark elven wizard, dark elven lord dark elven priestess
Greater Undeadghost, spectrevampireghost lord
Berserkersberserker, berserker lordberserker prince berserker king
Common Golemsflesh golem, clay golemstone golem iron golem
D:26-48Rare Golemsstone golem iron golemeternium golem
Red Dragonsred baby dragon, red dragonancient red dragon great red wyrm
White Dragonswhite baby dragon, white dragonancient white dragon great white wyrm
Blue Dragonsblue baby dragon, blue dragonancient blue dragongreat blue wyrm
Black Dragonsblack baby dragon, black dragonancient black dragongreat black wyrm Greater vaults

Examples of greater vaults

Greater vaults are unmistakable. They appear in the CoC beyond the wall of flames. They take up half of a standard dungeon level. The level message "You feel truly excited." is always generated when the PC enters a dungeon level containing a greater vault. It is wise to immediately zap a wand of monster detection to determine the type of vault. They come in a variety of types, including fire creatures, giants, undead, and karmics. Greater undead and karmic greater vaults are particularly challenging. Some players will simply ignore greater vaults of greater undead, even with experience level 50 PCs. This is despite the fact that the rewards for clearing a greater vault are considerable. They generally contain one or two artifacts along with substantial amounts of gold, usually well over 100,000 gold pieces. This is in addition to any equipment that the monsters might drop, which is considerable in the case of a greater vault full of dragons. The amount of experience points available from clearing a greater vault is also huge.

PCs using good effectivity Frost Bolt or Fire Bolt generally have a fairly easy time clearing fire- or cold-based creatures, respectively. However, these ranged spells also destroy some of the equipment dropped by the monsters. High level Mindcrafters also have a relatively easy time with greater vaults (as long as they are not undead!). Casting Confusion Wave followed by (Greater) Mental Wave will clear a vault quickly, no muss, no fuss and no equipment destruction. Clearing a greater vault with a pure fighter is much more tedious.

There are no guaranteed greater vaults in the game.There are guaranteed greater vaults on D:45 or D:46, and on level 5 of FGJC.

Greater Vaults
TypeHordes Many Few
Giantsogre lord, hill giant, fomorian giant, ettin frost giant, fire giantfire giant king, frost giant jarl
Fire creatures fire lizard, fire elemental, red baby dragon, red dragon ancient red dragon great red wyrm
Undeadghost, spectre, vampire, ghost lord master lich, lich king emperor lich
Karmicskarmic lizard, karmic baby dragon, karmic dragon ancient karmic dragon great karmic wyrm

Giants were buffed: hordes of ogre lords, hill giants, fomorian giants, stone giants; many stone giant lords, frost giant jarls, fire giant kings; few titans.

0.13.13 Royal treasuries $$$

Royal treasuries are small hidden rooms generally found in the upper parts of the CoC. Their presence is indicated by the "You hear the steps of the royal guard." or "You hear the sound of falling coins." level messages. They are disconnected from the rest of the rooms on the level and thus can only be entered by tunneling or teleportation. Scroll or wand of gold detection can be used to identify the location of royal treasury. The named royal guard within will not be hostile towards PCs that simply pick up the gold. Attacking the royal guard is not really worthwhile. It does not curse or doom, but is a chaotic act. Note that eating the corpse of a royal guard curses the PC. Also note that chatting with the royal guard after picking up some gold will make him hostile.
The royal guardian will turn hostile if the PC picks any gold.

0.13.14 Altars _

Altars have 1/9 chance to be generated.

There are three types of altars: lawful, neutral, and chaotic. They can be used to sacrifice items and monsters to the gods. There is a guaranteed altar in Dwarftown. There are also guaranteed chaotic altars in each of the elemental temples. Refer to section 0.2.3 for a more complete discussion about altars.

0.13.15 Graves +

Graves are only found in two locations in the game: the Dwarven Graveyard (2.7.1), and the CoC Graveyard (3.8).

Most of the graves are not of much importance, but some of them will contain the inscription "Great treasures are buried here." These graves contain 1d10+5 items, other graves contain 1d6-4 (min 0) items. It is indeed possible to find an outstanding item, up to and including artifacts, but it is rare. Digging up graves is a chaotic act, which causes an alignment drop of 100, and will always summon some kind of guardian. The monsters that can spawn from a regular grave are chosen randomly from the following: vampire, skeleton, skeletal warrior, corpse fiend, mummy, greater mummy, lich, wraith, wight, ghul, zombie, spectre, shadow, and ghost. For "great treasures" grave, there is 5/6 chance for master lich, 5/36 chance for lich king, and 1/36 chance for the dreaded emperor lich.

Graves have a pattern, similar to that of traps or doors. The pattern is:

The pattern shifts by three items to the left for next row, unlike traps/doors, which shift just 1 item. It could be used by characters with low Literacy to find great treasures graves. Reading graves probably trains Literacy a bit.

All of this regarding digging graves assumes the PC has a means of digging. The available methods are:

0.13.16 Cavernous levels

Cavernous levels are a particular type of level that features large circular rooms occasionally interspersed with short connecting corridors. Cavernous levels tend to be considerably more dangerous than normal levels because monster generation rate is much faster, and it is easy to get surrounded. Most dungeon features cannot occur in cavernous levels, the exceptions being altars, hives, surges of power and threat rooms, i.e. rooms that happen to lack the actual walls holding the monsters in. In this form they are much more dangerous than on normal levels: they feature a large (often 25-40) number of leveled creatures of the same type that will engage the PC once spotted, and, due to their large numbers, close proximity, and the open spaces, can be very difficult to handle, particularly if the denizens of the open threat rooms are summoners, vortices, or otherwise dangerous monsters such as diamond golems.

Although the design of cavernous levels is not fixed (from their appearance, they are probably modified regular levels), their locations generally are. The following is a list of all cavernous levels in ADOM:

0.13.17 Webs |

Credit ADOM Wiki - Web. Webs are a semi-permanent dungeon feature that can trap either the PC or monsters imposing significant penalties on their actions. Webs are never randomly generated on levels - they can only be created either by the PC (the Web spell or a wand of webbing) or various spider-type monsters S. Each web occupies a single floor tile and will remain there indefinitely until it is destroyed. Webs can not be created on a tile already containing a herb plant or a trap - this can be used to create stable herb farms, and for trap detection. Webs likewise can not be created on non-dungeon floor tiles, staircases, doors, and over water.

The PC will always be caught in a web whenever she moves on a webbed floor tile either physically from neighboring tiles or by teleportation. While the PC is trapped in webs she can not perform the majority of standard actions - typically the only thing to do is to try to break from webs (by moving in any direction). The chances of the PC to break from a web are dependent on Strength score. Breaking from webs trains Strength, if it is lower than 15. When the PC gets caught in webs and each time she tries to break free and fails she may got bitten by a swarm of tiny spiders. This will poison the PC if she does not have poison resistance and will do nothing (except generate a corresponding message) otherwise. Dark elven PCs are immune to this poison and will instead "welcome her spidery friends". After the PC breaks from webs on a floor tile they are destroyed.

Monsters that move on a webbed floor tile have a chance to get caught. Trapped monsters will attempt to break free each turn and will be unable to move/attack the PC or use their abilities. It should be noted that monsters breaking free from webs will move/attack on the same turn. Various monsters simply ignore webs and will never be caught while moving on a webbed tile. These mainly include spider-type creatures, all dark elves, most constructs and undead. Fire creatures and incredibly strong monsters (like molochs) will immediately destroy webs while moving on a webbed tile without losing a turn. The majority of monsters are, however, vulnerable to webs. It should be noted that due to the high chance to evade webbing shot from a wand or spell and the high chance to simply avoid being caught in the webs, using webs as a disabler requires preparations. The most efficient way to utilize webs is to fill a large area/long corridor completely, alert the monster to the PC's presence, teleport over the webbed tiles and resort to missile attacks while the monsters try to cover the "minefield". Due to the fact that monsters can break free from webs and move/attack the PC on the same turn using melee attacks is a risky tactic.

Webs can be destroyed by fire/lightning/acid-based attacks performed by the PC and monsters, and likewise fire/lightning/acid vortices will immediately destroy any web that they move into. Webs will be destroyed on all levels of the Tower of Eternal Flames and in the Water Dragon Cave.

0.13.18 Statues &

Unlike normal statues ], found in the Bug Temple or created by Petrification (see section 0.14.3), these statues are not items but immovable objects that have chance to be generated on a generic dungeon level. Each statue features a unique description, which will be displayed as the PC moves onto its location, and (most) statues have a unique effect which can be triggered by one of the following actions:

It is possible that a specific spell/wand/scroll/book must be used to activate the statue.

The list of statues is very long and not all effects are yet known. Consult ADOM Wiki - Statue for the list, which is frequently updated.

0.13.19 Shifting levels

Shifting dungeon levels have a horizontal or vertical strip of dungeon squares which move one square every few turns. Horizontal strips move either east or west, and vertical strips move either north or south. When dungeon squares are pushed off screen, they appear on the opposite side of the screen. The message "You hear a violent grating sound!" is produced whenever the dungeon shifts out of line of sight. The message "A whole section of the dungeon <cardinal direction> of you shifts to the <cardinal direction>" is produced when the PC can see the dungeon shift. The message "A whole section of dungeon shifts to the <cardinal direction>! Everything is shaking violently!" is produced when the PC is shifted.

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