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Powers in ADOM are intrinsics, status conditions and item powers. Status conditions differ from intrinsics, as intrinsics are usually permanent unless/until they are removed (by removing an item if granted by one; or by magical means such as pools or karma). Also, status conditions appear in the bottom left of the game screen; whilst intrinsics can usually only be identified by a potion of insight or the Revelation spell. Item powers are magical properties of certain items, usually artifacts.

0.12.1 Intrinsics

There is no command to view your intrinsics. You have to find a way to see them in game. The available methods are: Resistances

There are various resistances available. These are:

Remember that resistance does NOT equal immunity in ADOM, ie. being hit by a death ray while resistant will not kill you instantly, but will still deal a significant amount of damage. Nevertheless two of the resistances don't have any levels, they equal immunities in effect: petrification and sleep. Some of the resistances can be gained by eating an appropriate monster corpse: Intrinsic fire resistance can be gained by eating the corpse of fire-related creatures. The game generates messages related to this:

There are further considerations about fire resistance in the Tower of Eternal Flames. See section 2.5 for more explanation.

An interesting test conducted by Petri Sihvola regarding petrification by a gorgon's breath:

> I did some testing and there's an approximate 50% chance of dying
> to a gorgon breath without resistance. However, if DV is high enough
> the chance is drastically reduced. This one shows my DV and how many
> times I died:

> DV:23 10/20
> DV:44 8/20
> DV:53 1/20
> DV:69 0/20
The following table shows the means of gaining various resistances:

Gaining resistances
Resistance Wearables Wielded Weapons Class powers
Fire ring of fire resistance, ring of minor elemental mastery, robes of resistance, bracers of resistance, red dragon-hide gauntlets, Black Torc, Perion's Mithril Plate Mail, Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense, Rolf's Savior, Nature's Friend, Ring of the High Kings, Elemental Gauntlets, Shezestriakis, blue armor Rolf's Companion, Hammerhead, Trusted One, Staff of the Wanderer, Whirlwind, red weapon Elementalist level 6
Cold ring of cold resistance, ring of minor elemental mastery, amulet of the cold heart, bracers of resistance, white dragon-hide gauntlets, Black Torc, Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense, Rolf's Savior, Nature's Friend, Ring of the High Kings, Elemental Gauntlets, Shezestriakis, red armor, white armor, Spiked Armor of Chaos and Terror sword of Nonnak, Trusted One, white weapon, Staff of Creation  
Acid ring of acid resistance, alchemistic gloves, robes of resistance, black dragon-hide gauntlets, Perion's Mithril Plate Mail, Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense, Nature's Friend, Shezestriakis, green armor, Spiked Armor of Chaos and Terror Staff of the Archmagi, Trusted One, green weapon  
Shock robes of resistance, ring of minor elemental mastery, bracers of resistance, blue dragon-hide gauntlets, Black Torc, Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense, Nature's Friend, Ring of the High Kings, Elemental Gauntlets, Shezestriakis, yellow armor, Moloch's Thorns Sceptre of Chaos, Executor, Trusted One, Spear of Raw Steel, yellow weapon, Staff of Creation Elementalist level 12
Poison crown of leadership, alchemistic gloves, Preserver, Ancient Mummy Wrapping, True Strength, Celestrix, Rolf's Savior, Shield of Raw Steel, Nature's Friend, Ring of the High Kings, Shezestriakis whip of the snake, Bugbiter, Serpent's Bite, Soaker, Sceptre of Chaos, Spear of Raw Steel Beastfighter level 6, Healer level 50
Paralysis amulet of free action, Preserver, Lust for Glory, Boots of the Divine Messenger Soaker, Long Sting, Trusted One Necromancer level 6, Paladin level 40
Petrification amulet of petrification resistance, Crown of Chaos, Medal of Chaos, Lust for Glory Trusted One  
Death Rays amulet of death ray resistance, bracers of resistance, Crown of Chaos, Amulet of Raw Steel, ancient mummy wrapping, True Strength, Celestrix, Lust for Glory, Bracers of War, Boots of the Divine Messenger Sword of Nonnak, Trident of the Red Rooster, Death's Blade, Trusted One, Foeslammer, Staff of Creation  
Confusion helm/ring of mental stability, crown of leadership, ring of the clear mind, Shirt of the Saints, True Strength, Protector, Bracers of War, Crowned Spiked Helmet of Chaos Lordship, Fencing Gloves of St. Montojja Staff of the Archmagi, Soaker, Skullcrusher, Executor, Axe of the Minotaur Emperor, Staff of Creation Mindcrafter level 6
Stun ring of stun resistance, Amulet of Raw Steel, Medal of Chaos, Ancient Mummy Wrapping, Protector, Bracers of War, Ironfist, padded armor, Moloch's Thorns, Fencing Gloves of St. Montojja Grod, Wyrmlance, Hammerhead, Skullcrusher, Executor, Big Punch, Trusted One Beastfighter level 12
Sleep bracers of resistance, Amulet of Raw Steel, Ancient Mummy Wrapping, Shirt of the Saints, Celestrix, Protector, Crowned Spiked Helmet of Chaos Lordship Staff of the Archmagi, Executor, Trusted One, Staff of the Wanderer, Black Thumb  
Sickness [1] amulet/armor of health   Paladin level 40, Healer level 50

[1] Final sickness attack deals 6d6 damage. It can be prevented with resistance, or (Wi*3.45)% chance or (Healing/5)% chance. Immunities

Immunity to the four basic damage types is possible: fire, cold, acid and shock. Immunity means that the PC will take no damage from the corresponding elemental attack. However, creatures which deal elemental damage can still harm the PC, due to their ability to deal physical damage. The PC is only immune to damage from the elemental attack.

Obtaining immunities: Dooming and Cursing

Basically, Cursed and Doomed intrinsics decrease PC's Luck, which is a hidden property. See section 0.6.4 for details.

Dooming or Cursing, as might be expected from the names, is generally to be avoided. They result from robbing shops, by drinking from pools, attacking karmic creatures in melee, reading scrolls of ill fate, cursing monster attacks (green hag, annis hag, black wizard, black druid), or eating certain corpses:

Cursing makes the game nudge all the die-rolls against the PC, generate more monsters which hit harder while the PC's hits become weaker. Dooming is a more severe form of this. Dooming also increases background corruption rate, and makes it much more difficult to pray for divine help.

Nevertheless, there are ways to exploit these intrinsics. These techniques are not for the beginner, of course. Vaults and wilderness encounters become more common. If the PC wants to achieve Grand Mastery in a weapon class, becoming Cursed and/or Doomed in the wilderness is the only way to do it in a reasonable time frame.

Dooming and cursing can be removed by sacrificing at a coaligned altar. It may take considerable sacrificing to remove the Cursed/Doomed intrinsics, since they are only removed at the "very close" level of piety. Praying while the PC is already at very close status also may remove dooming and/or cursing, although these intrinsics make it more difficult to appeal for divine assistance, as noted above. Removing Dooming (only) results in the message "You feel a terrible gloom being lifted from you." Removing Cursing (only) results in the message "You feel relieved." Removing both Cursing and Dooming simultaneously results in only the "You feel a terrible gloom being lifted from you." message.

Another trick for exploiting the Doomed state is as follows: If a PC finds an altar early in the game, ideally before the Si level so that zero or very few artifacts have been generated, the PC should purchase or acquire plenty of food (cooked lizards and/or stomafillia herbs), become Doomed by eating a dooming corpse (daemons and quasits spring to mind) or wearing a ring of doom, and then exploit the heavy monster generation by sacrificing the monsters on the altar. This can quickly lead to very close or even extremely close status. After the Dooming is removed, by removing a cursed ring of doom or through reaching very close status, the PC can be crowned or precrowned.

Dooming also has an effect in dark rooms: if a Doomed PC wanders into a dark room, there is 2% chance for an instakill "You are likely to be eaten by a grue." (this only applies to Doomed characters). Deliberately playing in a Cursed or Doomed state is dangerous and should be reserved for those players who know exactly why they are doing it.

There is a game bug that causes fireproof blankets to be positively affected by the Cursed and Doomed intrinsics. It makes them last almost forever in the ToEF. It is probably not worth the cursing or dooming to make the blanket last. The ToEF is usually difficult enough in a Blessed state. The bug is fixed in R+.

The following items grant Cursing/Dooming intrinsics: Lucky and Fate smiles

Basically, Lucky and Fate smiles intrinsics increases PC's Luck, which is a hidden property. See section 0.6.4 for details.

The Lucky and Fate smiles intrinsics are the good counterparts to the Cursing and Dooming intrinsics, respectively. They cause the game to nudge die-rolls in the PC's favor. The effect is not as dramatic as the Dooming and Cursing intrinsics - Fate smiles almost counters Cursing. It should be noted that all four intrinsics may be present simultaneously. The negative ones are considerably stronger.

The Lucky and Fate smiles intrinsics are naturally gained by PCs as they sacrifice on coaligned altars; the messages are:

"You feel an inner strength lifting your spirits!" - The Lucky intrinsic
"You feel very close to -deity-." - The Fate smiles intrinsic

Eating karmic corpses increases Luck, by losing Dooming, Cursing, or gaining Lucky or Fate smiles intrinsics. Scrolls of luck work similarly but have no effect on Dooming.

The following items grant Lucky/Fate smiles intrinsics: Teleportitis and Teleport Control

Teleportitis is a "disease" that causes your PC to teleport around randomly. It is obtainable from pools (you feel jumpy), corruption (your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation), from eating the right corpse (pixie) and items (helm of teleportation, cloak of Oman). It can be useful for escaping tight spots such as being surrounded by monsters (though it never seems to kick in when needed ;), for shoplifting and for reaching areas that are usually inaccessible.

Teleport Control allows you to choose the destination when teleporting your PC. It works whether the cause of the teleportation is teleportitis or deliberate, such as zapping a wand of teleportation or casting the Teleport spell at the PC's current location. Mindcrafters always get teleport control at experience level one, others have to rely on eating the right corpse (blink dog), drinking from pools (you feel like jumping around) or wearing items (amulet/ring of teleport control, boots of the Divine Messenger, Moloch's Thorns).

Controlled teleportation is important in the game. There is a guaranteed wand of teleportation in the VDDL level of the Assassin's Guild. It can be found using any of the item detection techniques. The wand and potions of booze are then on-demand teleportation. Teleport control is not guaranteed but if necessary, the PC can stair hop in the Infinite Dungeon between I3 and I4 until blink dogs are generated.

The following locations disallow teleportation of any source: Invisibility and See Invisible

Invisibility provides several bonuses to Stealth, Backstabbing, to hit/damage etc. Be aware however that invisible PCs are not allowed to fight in the Arena. Invisibility can be gained by drinking from pools (you suddenly are gone), eating invisible stalker corpse (10% chance), or wearing items, such as ring/robe/cloak of invisibility, or Brannalbin's Cloak of Defence. Being invisible by wearing items severely increases food consumption, see section 0.3.2 for details. Potions of invisibility/visibility and the Invisibility spell provide temporary effect.

The See Invisible intrinsic can be gained by drinking from pools (your eyes tingle), eating invisible stalker corpse (90% chance), wearing a ring of see invisible, Amulet of Raw Steel, Medal of Chaos, Ring of the Master Cat, Crown of Leadership, Ancient Mummy Wrapping, Shirt of The Saints, or wielding Rune-covered Trident, Trident of The Red Rooster, Crowned Spiked Helmet of Chaos Lordship. Water breathing

It is possible to gain the water breathing intrinsic by eating Blup's or Shyssiryxius' corpse. The message "For some seconds a strange liquid seems to fill your lungs." is generated.

Elementalists receive water breathing as an intrinsic class power at experience level 25. Certain items and wielded weapons grant the intrinsic:

The following items also stop drowning, although water breathing is not listed as an intrinsic at the time.

0.12.2 Status conditions

Status conditions are effects caused by certain actions in the game that temporarily influence characteristics of the PC (or a monster, if cast on one by certain means). Such characteristics include loss of HP, loss of certain attributes, inability to use certain commands or even complete loss of mobility for a certain amount of turns. Some may even be fatal. Status conditions are almost always negative; though a few can actually have positive effects. Hunger
Condition Effects Causes Cure Notes
Bloated -3 DV, -10 Speed, -2 to-hit satiation > 2500 wait Prevents PC from eating most food, except certain potions.
Satiated -1 DV, -5 Speed, -1 to-hit 1500 < satiation <= 2500 stomacemptia herbs or wait [4] 
Hungry none 100 <= satiation < 200 eating [1]Just serves as a warning.
Hungry! none 50 <= satiation < 100 Just serves as further warning. [3]
Starving! -4 St, then -St, -Le, -Wi, -Dx [2] satiation < 50 In this state, most PCs will eat things they normally wouldn't out of desperation; for example, Dwarves will eat orcs and non-trolls will eat dopplegangers.
Starved Death! satiation <= 0 n/a High To prevents dying out of starvation too soon.

[1] Or other methods for increasing satiation, see

[2] The attributes drop until half of the original value is reached (for St, it is half of original-4).

[3] In R+, some attributes may be reduced.

[4] Casting spells from HP also reduces satiation.

For more detailed information about hunger conditions and satiation levels, which are a bit different in R+, see section 0.3.2. Burden
Condition Effects Causes Cure Notes
Burdened -1 DV, -5 Speed, -1 to-hit, food consumption +1 +0.5 when moving carrying too much [1] droping items or increasing carrying capacity Trains St if St<15.
Strained -2 DV, -10 Speed, -2 to-hit, food consumption +1 +0.5, +2 +1when moving Trains St if St<16.
Strained! -3 DV, -20 Speed, -3 to-hit, food consumption +1 +0.5, +3 +2when moving [2] Trains St if St<18.
Overburdened!-4 DV, -40 Speed, -6 to-hit, food consumption +2 +1Trains St if St<20; abuses Dx; cannot pick up items or move.
Crushed! Death! n/a  

[1] The PC's burden levels can be checked using the command :b.

[2] Walking down staircases whilst very strained can cause the PC to fall, injuring her. Bleeding
Condition Effects Causes Cure Notes
Bleeding -1-4 HP/turn [1] monster attacks; poolsFirst Aid skill or bandage Can be inflicted on monsters by weeping weapons.
Bleeding! -5+ HP/turn [1]

[1] Bleeding status occurs when the number of turns the PC is to bleed for is between 1 and 4 inclusive, Bleeding! when it is 5 or higher. HP loss caused by either status is always equal to the amount of bleeding turns left, which decreases by 1 each turn. Tactics
Condition Effects Causes Cure Notes
Berserk + X to-hit, + Y to-damage, - Z DV [1]setting the appropriate Tactic - F1 choosing another tactic setting One of the conditions for becoming True Berserker, see 0.7.4.
Coward - X to-hit, - Y to-damage, + Z DV [1]setting the appropriate Tactic - F7 If your HP is below 1/3 of maximum, moving costs 20% less EP.

[1] X, Y and Z modifiers are increased by the Tactics skill, Strength and Dexterity. Positive
Condition Effects Causes Cure Notes
Blessed +2 Luck, +1 PV [1]casting Bless spell on the PC (temporary), crowning (permanent), drinking potion of holy water (temporary)fallen champion; particularly unholy rooms The only truly positive status.
Invisible see section above pools; potion of visibility (temporary); mummy wrapping Invisible PCs cannot enter the Arena.

[1] +1 additional PV per 25 levels, also +1 to-hit per 10 levels, +1 to-damage per 20 levels. Other
Condition Effects Causes Cure Notes
Blind -8 DV, -4 to-hit; you cannot see PC's location on the map; PC cannot identify monsters or items (same effects as being in darkness); disables many actions: shooting, kicking, applying certain skills light trap, flashing door trap; cursed potion of invisibility, potion of blindness, cursed potion of booze; being hit with a glob of mud; failing to learn a spell from a book the glob of mud is removed using Wipe Face; blessed potion of blindness; prayer Being blind is one way to melee a Dorn Beast without becoming paralysed.
Confused actions of PC are considerably restricted - any direction key, including . and 5, causes PC to stagger in a random direction (even if this means falling into water!); PC can't shoot, zap wands, read, sometimes also fail to cast spells and can't control teleportation doppleganger attacks; spells cast by monsters such as liches, wyrms or skeletal kings; eating certain corpses (such as minotaurs or displacer beasts); non-blessed potion of confusion; failing to learn a spell from a spellbook; IBM guild manual confuses permanently blessed potion of confusion; prayer Combat staggering by applying First Aid or cleaning Ears.
Deaf no messages related to sounds will be generated; additionally, the PC cannot Chat to any NPCs (the message "You don't know how to communicate by using sign language." is generated) plugging the PC's ears by Using beeswax; non-blessed potion of deafness; exploding door traps blocked ears are cured by using the clean Ears command or if the wax is destroyed by fire; blessed potion of deafness; prayer Forcing the PC to be deaf is one way to survive being instakilled by the Banshee's scream. Curiously, the PC can still hear shopkeepers whilst deaf.
Drunk -3 DV, -1 to-hit, +2 to-damage; no effect on moving, shooting or casting spells; small penalty for spell learning non-cursed potion of booze; ales from Torgall in Dwarftown; pools wait It wears off rather quickly.
Mute cannot cast spells except for by wands; obviously, cannot chat or haggle; cannot apply Ventriloquism harpy corpse prayer or wait  
Paralyzed cannot take any action for a number of turns - meaning that if there are monsters around, they are able to hack away at the hapless PC being attacked by or attacking a gelatinous cube, floating eye, Dorn Beast; attacks from mimics, ghuls, casino guards, carrion crawlers, brown worms, dark elven princesses, liches; attacking stone ooze; eating gelatinous cube or ghul corpses wait A PC can safely melee a Dorn Beast without being paralysed if they cannot see it (the PC is blind, the beast is invisible, or the battle takes place in darkness).
Poisoned PC takes Damage every Frequency number of turns (poison effect has two parameters: Damage and Frequency) potion of poison; potion of oil; oil of rust removal; monster attacks from snakes, spiders, assassins, thugs, dark elven warriors and lords, imps, centipedes etc.; corpses of certain monsters - spiders, imps, zombies, giant centipedes etc.; demon daisy; pools potion of cure poison, alraunia antidote, Neutralize Poison or Slow Poison spells; prayer Can be inflicted on monsters by attacking them with a weapon dipped into potion of poison (or Serpent's Bite).
Sick each attribute is reduced; the PC will suffer feverish attacks every time their HP is higher than half their max HP; it may wear off harmlessly by itself, but sometimes when it wears off the PC will "suffer one last major fever attack" which deals 6d6 damage attacks from mummies, corpse fiends, green blobs/slimes/worms; eating corpses of kobolds, rabid dogs, quasits, were-beasts; potion of sickness; devil's rose; pools Cure Disease spell; curaria mancox herb; potion of healing or better (these don't always work); fairy dragon corpse; prayer works only if piety is above 3000 and the PC is fully healed Feverish fits (last brutal sickness attack) + Paralyzed or Sleeping = Death.
Sleeping cannot act for a few turns harpy or werejackal songs; coshoo or homunculus attacks; eating a homunculus or coshoo corpse wait Though roughly equivalent to paralysis, sleep is generally not as dangerous; as monsters that inflict sleep do not tend to be as powerful or persistent as monsters that inflict paralysis.
Slowed Speed -50% Slow Monster spell cast on the PC; attacks from clay golem, slow shadow, stone snake, WMoPC prayer Increasing the PC's speed may improve the situation, but won't remove the speed penalty.
Stunned pressing a direction button will cause the PC to stagger in a random direction, but unlike confusion, the PC can safely skip their turn using . or 5; can't perform actions such as drinking potions or shooting; may be unable to cast spells flashing door trap; powerfull monster attack; failing to learn a spell from a spellbook; non-trolls eating a cursed hurthling cake prayer Note a potion of stun recovery won't work, as the PC's hands will shake too much to drink potions.

0.12.3 Item powers

For the effects of "Essence of Chaos and Corruption" power, see section Regeneration

Regeneration is a special item power which generates one additional hit point per turn. It works in addition to natural regeneration described in section 0.14.6. The effects are cumulative, so if the PC has two sourcers of Regeneration, she gains additional 2 HP per turn. The following items grant Regeneration: crown/ring/bracers of regeneration, knife of endurance, Bracers of War, Preserver, True Strength, Celestrix. It is possible to regenerate a maximum of 9 8 HP per turn via Regeneration (head, amulet, girdle, hands, rings, bracers, missile). Missile slot no longer provides regeneration. Critical hits

Critical hits is a special item power which allows the PC to score critical hits more often. If a Critical hit is scored, the attack message generated includes "with full force" phrase. In case of missile attack, the message includes "exactly hit" phrase. As critical hits do not bypass PV, it is possible to receive the "You hit the -monster- with full force and fail to hurt it." message. In such a case even the double amount of damage wasn't enough to get past the PV. Consider switching the form of offense. The following items grant Critical hits: orcish dagger, whip of slaughtering, murderous weapon, Bracers of War, Ring of the Master Cat, Grod, Serpent's Bite, Axe of the Minotaur Emperor, Spear of Raw Steel, Foeslammer, Rapier of the Needle. Refer to section 0.7.7 for more quantitative details. Autocursing

Autocursing items become cursed when equipped, generating message "the <item> suddenly glows in a black light!". It is obviously a bad effect, though not terrible for moderately advanced PC, since the curse can be removed via regular means, which include dipping the item into potion of holy water, reading a scroll of uncursing, casting the Remove Curse spell, praying, or using Wizard's 40th level class power (see also 0.14.13). The following mostly bad items share the AUTOCURSING property: amulet of hunger, ring of doom, ring of the fish, ring of weakness, gauntlets of peace, boots of the slow shuffle, auto-locking armor, Black Torc, Medal of Chaos, Crown of Science, Shezestriakis, Moon Sickle, Kinslayer. Slaying

Many artifact and few special regular weapons are imbued with Slaying powers. This means the particular weapon always scores a critical hit against certain monster types. Vanquisher is very valued artifact weapon since it slays almost everything. A missile of slaying (without specification) slays everything. Refer to section 0.9.4 to determine monster types.

Slaying weapons
Monster typeWeapons
Battle bunnies rabbit knife
Constructs Vanquisher, Purifier, arrow/quarrel/sling bullet of construct slaying
Demons Vanquisher, Grod, Rune-covered Trident, Purifier, Executor, Trident of the Red Rooster, Justifier, arrow/quarrel/sling bullet of demon slaying
Dragons Vanquisher, Wyrmlance, arrow/quarrel/sling bullet of dragon slaying
Giants Vanquisher, Grod, arrow/quarrel/sling bullet of giant slaying
Humanoids Vanquisher, Serpent's Bite, Skullcrusher, Executor, Kinslayer, arrow/quarrel/sling bullet of humanoid slaying, Foeslammer
Insects Bugbiter, sling bullet of insect slaying
Jellies Vanquisher, Soaker, arrow/quarrel of jelly slaying
Plants Scorched Spear, Black Thumb, Foeslammer, sling bullet of plant slaying
Rats Cat's Claw
Undead mace of disruption, Vanquisher, Rune-covered Trident, Purifier, Trident of the Red Rooster, Justifier, Sun's Messenger, Black Torc, arrow/quarrel/sling bullet of undead slaying Returning

Some missiles or weapons possess a special Returning power, which means the missile or weapon returns when thrown. This does not mean the PC catches it automatically - the actual chance of successfully catching a returning missile depends on Dexterity and Luck. The following missiles and artifacts share the Returning power: boomerang, dagger/spear/drakish scurgar of returning, curved throwing club, javelin of doom, Black Torc, Rolf's Companion, Rune-covered Trident, Trident of the Red Rooster, Hammer of the Gods, Spear of Raw Steel, Thunderstroke, True Aim. Penetration

Penetration is the act of bypassing the PV of a creature in combat, dealing damage as if the creature has PV of 0. For PC, penetration can only be achieved via a phase dagger, a penetrating weapon, a missile of penetration, or via Archer's 40th level class power, which grants 20% chance of bypassing enemy armor when using missile. On the other hand, several monsters, such as ratling duelists and claw bugs, will always bypass the PV of the PC. Duelists fighting unencumbered can sometimes "locate a weak spot in the armor" of humanoid opponents. Their chance to do so increases at level 25. Item statuses

The following statuses modify the item's function or stats in some way. More than one status can be present at the same time.

Artifacts are mostly excluded from these statuses, except they can be poisoned by dipping them into a potion of poison and broken with a cursed scroll of repair. Fixed in R+.

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