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There is only short, rather cryptic introduction to corruptions in the ADOM Manual. Press \ to view your corruption status.

0.10.1 What is corruption?

Corruption is unavoidable in the Drakalor Chain for any PC who wants to make progress in the game. It is a background process that happens as a result of the Chaos Gate at the bottom of the Caverns of Chaos being open. Some locations remain free of corruption despite the gate being open, notably those near the surface of the Drakalor Chain. In order to get anything done, however, the PC must descend into corrupting areas. It is only a matter of time after that until the first corruption occurs. After ninety days of game time elapses, corruption rate doubles. After the gate is closed, background corruption ceases, which is nice if the PC wants to play tourist for a while. Definition

Corruption is the means by which the PC is tainted by the essence of Chaos. They can be corrupted by being damaged by a creature of chaos, triggering a corruption trap, eating the corpse of a corrupted creature, or local background corruption. A large amount of corruption can also be gained by drinking a potion of raw chaos, or completing certain chaotic quests. Some powerful artifacts of chaos will corrupt the PC simply by being in their possession; equipping them will amplify the effect.

Note that the possible corruptions occur in random order (not the order listed on this page) which is decided at the beginning of the game. However, if one or more corruptions are removed, the RNG is reseeded and the corruptions will reoccur in a new random order. List of corruptions

The following is a complete list of corruptions (there are 18 35 corruptions total):

Corruption Acquired message Removed message Attributes Special
You are surrounded by an unholy aura. You are suddenly emitting an unholy aura! The unholy aura surrounding you suddenly disappears. -10 Ch, +6 DV Occasionally makes monsters flee. Can turn shopkeepers hostile.
You rage! Suddenly a great hatred and anger takes control of you. You calm down. -9 DV +6 melee damage bonus.
Poison drips from your hands. Suddenly a poisonous fluid begins to drop from your hands! The fluid dripping from your hands suddenly is gone.   Poisons monsters, turns potions into poison, curses food.
You have grown thorns. Suddenly thorns grow from your hands! The thorns in your hands suddenly retard and disappear! -2 Dx, -3 Ap Replaces base 1d3 unarmed damage with 3d3.
Your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation. You suddenly feel more attuned to the astral planes. You suddenly feel less attuned to the astral planes.   +Tele.
You have grown a bulging cranium. Your cranium suddenly grows to enourmous proportions! Your cranium shrinks back to normal size. +6 Le, +4 Wi, -3 To, -6 Ap, -4 PV  
You are a living mana battery. You start to absorb mana at an enormous rate. You no longer absorb mana.   Drains all charges from wands, increasing max PP by 2/1/0 B/U/C. PP of spells reduced by 20%.
You have grown horns. Suddenly horns sprout from your forehead! The horns in your forehead disappear! -4 Ap Minor melee damage bonus (+2/+3 for weapon/barehanded attacks).
Your antennae explore the details of your environment. You suddenly grow antennae at your temples! The antennae growing from your temples suddenly disappear! -4 Ap Periodically reveals map in a circular area around the PC.
Your skin is covered by tough scales. Suddenly your skin is transformed into tough scales! Your scales transform into natural skin! -6 Dx, -4 Ap, +8 PV  
You have grown 10 extra eyes. Suddenly you grow 10 more eyes in a circle around your head! Suddenly 10 of your eyes disappear! +6 Pe, -6 Ap Near immunity to blindness.
You exhale sulphur. You start to exhale sulphuric clouds! Your breath suddenly is normal once more! -4 Ch Drakeling racial ability to spit acid at the cost of satiation.
You look somewhat apish. You suddenly feel that you are stepping backward in evolution. You seem to integrate into the evolutionary scheme once more. +3 St, -1 Le, -1 Wi, -2 Ch, -3 Ap Kicks in over periods of time further changing attributes, generating message: You suddenly remember your ancestors.
Your corrupted tissue seems to heal much faster. Suddenly an unnatural vigor seems to spread through your body! The unnatural vigor brimming through your veins suddenly is gone.   Healing ~20 HP in 100 turns, occassionally leaving scars (-1 Dx, -1 Ap), which are not removed with the corruption.
Your feet have been transformed into hooves. Your feet suddenly transform into hooves! Your feet are reversed to their normal shape. -6 Dx +8 damage bonus to kicking.
Your muscles have stiffened slowing you down. Your muscles suddenly stiffen slowing you down greatly. The stiffness disappears from your muscles. +2 St, +4 PV Energy cost of all actions +50%.
You have become extremely thin and nimble. Suddenly your body becomes extremely lean and your reflexes speed up! Your body becomes thicker and you assume your usual shape! Your reflexes slow down once more. +6 DV Reduces weight and increases hunger. Required to access the Quickling Tree.
You have become very light. You suddenly lose a *lot* of weight. Your suddenly gain a *lot* of weight. +4 Dx, -6 St, -6 To, -6 Ap, +20 Speed 1/10 weight. Required to access the Quickling Tree.
Your blood turned to acid. Your blood turns to acid! Your blood no longer is acidic.   =Acid. Can damage or blind attackers.
You sport a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves dark secrets. You sprout a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves! The babbling mouth on your forehead disappears. +8 Le, -6 Ch, -4 Pe, -6 Ap Periodically cast random spells draining all PP. Fail all Stealth checks.
Your eyes turned black. Your eyes turn black! Your eyes return to normal. +3 Pe +SeeI.
You sweat blood. You start to sweat blood! You no longer sweat blood. -2 Ch, -4 Ap, +5 Speed  
Your bones are made from bronze. Your bones turn into bronze! Your bones no longer are made from bronze. -2 Dx, -2 DV, +3 PV  
You are attached to ChAoS corrupting your foes. You embrace the essence of ChAoS! You feel somewhat less attached to ChAoS.   Melee attacks corrupt opponents.
The voice of ChAoS whispers disturbing secrets into your thoughts. You suddenly hear the constant whispering of ChAoS in your thoughts! The constant whisper of ChAoS suddenly is silenced. +4 Le, +2 Ma, -6 Wi  
Your blood is freezingly cold. Your blood freezes! Your blood returns to normal warmth! -2 Dx, -1 Ap, -10 Speed Drakelings' racial feature of cold-blooded physiology.
Your bodily tissues seem to be in a state of decay requiring a lot of will to stay up. Your body starts to decay! Your body gets rid of all decay. +10 Wi, -5 St, -5 Ap, -10 Speed Slows HP regeneration by 50%.
You thrive on the flesh of Order. You yearn to consume Order! You no longer hunger for Order!   Eating corpses of lawful monsters grants a temporary +1d100 Speed.
You sport gills. You grow gills! Your gills disappear. -3 Ap +WBre.
You hate the sun and try to blot it. You start to hate the sun. You no longer hate the sun.   Periodically darken tiles in PC's immediate vicinity.
Your flesh continually spouts disease-ridden maggots. Your flesh starts to spout disease-ridden maggots! Your flesh stops spouting disease-ridden maggots. -6 To, -2 Ch, -4 Ap, +4 DV Occasionally spawn tame white/red/brown/purple/green worm, dealing minor damage.
Your frontal eyes have merged to form one larger eye. Your frontal eyes merge to form one larger eye! Your central eye separates into two smaller eyes. +4 Pe, -2 Ch, -2 Ap Headgear blocks Perception bonus.
Your eyes are shrouded by the mists of ChAoS. The mists of ChAoS shroud your eyes! The mists of ChAoS no longer cover your eyes. -10 Pe +SeeI.
Your legs have stretched into long, fragile stilts. Suddenly your legs grow into enormous fragile stilts! Suddenly your legs return to normal length. -6 Ap, -4 PV Reduces movement energy cost by 25%. -4 to kick damage.
Your mouth has turned into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles. Your mouth collapses into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles! Your mouth returns to normal. +6 Dx, -15 Ap Significant chance for spellcasting, Chatting and Ventriloquism to fail. Evaluation of corruptions

Here are provided some comments about the corrupions effects and workarounds:

  1. You are surrounded by an unholy aura (Ch: -10, DV: +6).
    Acts mostlly like armor of hate. Causes monsters to become afraid of the PC at more or less random times. In their frightened state, they will flee. A very nasty side effect is that shopkeepers become homicidally enraged at PCs that move anywhere near shops with this corruption, fearing that their customers will be frightened away. If this happens with Munxip or Waldenbrook, the entire town becomes hostile and the PC loses access to local quests. Note that invisible PCs do not suffer the effects of this corruption: monsters that cannot see invisible do not detect this corruption. This works for shopkeepers until the "foo* stares at your position with great intensity" message is generated. After that, look out.

  2. You rage (DV: -9, +6 melee damage)!
    Mediocre increase to damage in exchange for losing nine points of DV. Not a very good bargain, especially for low level characters, since this will make them easier to hit (and some monster hits cause further corruption). Is very good only for melee character with already great DV.

  3. Poison drips from your hands.
    Some players hate this corruption more than any other. PCs with this corruption poison any monsters they engage in melee (a nice effect), turn any potion they touch (drinking, dipping, throwing, picking up, dropping) into poison (very bad) and curse any food (including herbs) they touch (very bad). It can result in starvation quickly. The workaround is to wear thick gauntlets, which negate all of the above effects. Gauntlets of eternal peace or alchemistic gloves also can negate these effects when picking up potions or food items, but it is not guaranteed. However, they will never block the effects when drinking potions or eating food. Note that Poison Hands does not prevent the PC from Using herbs and applying Alchemy.

  4. You have grown thorns (3d3 melee damage, Dx: -2, Ap: -3).
    The extra melee damage occurs only when fighting unarmed. Also bleeding effect is added. Monks and Beastfighters get no benefit. In most cases, other classes should not fight unarmed, since the damage output and other benefits of most weapons outweigh the damage bonus from this corruption. Thorns do give a good boost to Necromancers' Shadow Touch, which can be used on weaker monsters after tough fights. Otherwise, useless waste of 2 Dx points.

  5. Your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation (+Tele).
    Very, very nice if the PC has teleport control. Very, very annoying if the PC doesn't have teleport control.

  6. You have grown a bulging cranium (Le: +6, Wi: +4, To: -3, Ap: -6, PV: -4).
    Learning and Willpower increases are nice especially for magic oriented classes. PV goes down because the PC's inflated skull is thinner, making it easier to damage? Not good for looks or Toughness either.

  7. You are a living mana battery.
    Another nominee for the most hated corruption. All wands the PC touches are drained of their charges. This does not destroy them; their final charge can still be wrenched from them, but extremely annoying nonetheless. There is no workaround. Some side benefits: 1) every time the PC touches a wand with non-zero charges, power points are added to the PC's maximum power score: blessed wands give +2, uncursed +1 and cursed 0. 2). Spell costs are reduced to 80% of their normal cost - note that this is not cumulative with Darknight / Silvernight reductions, since costs cannot drop below 50%. 3) PP regeneration is increased (if you aren't already gaining PP from another source (like Concentration), you have a 10% chance of gaining 1 PP).

  8. You have grown horns (+2 melee damage, Ap: -4).
    Melee damage in exchange for Appearance. The bonus is +2 for weapons or +3 barehanded.

  9. Your antennae explore the details of your environment (Ap: -4).
    Kicks in quasirandomly (1/250 chance every turn) to reveal a bit of the dungeon layout in the PC's immediate vicinity, as indicated by the message "You suddenly know more about your environment.". Loss of Appearance.

  10. Your skin is covered by tough scales (PV: +8, Dx: -6, Ap: -4).
    Nice PV increase, nasty Dexterity decrease, loss of Appearance.

  11. You have grown a total of 12 10 eyes (Ap: -6, Pe: +6).
    Nice Perception increase, loss of Appearance. May speed up recovery from light traps.

  12. You exhale sulphur (Ch: -4).
    This enables the PC to spit a corrosive acid for satiation, much the same as a Drakeling's racial ability. Definitely beneficial corruption except for Drakelings.

  13. You look somewhat apish (St: +3, Le: -1, Wi: -1, Ch: -2, Ap: -3).
    This corruption's effects reoccur periodically. Maximum is set at beggining of game, 1d10+4. Its effects are cumulative over time, so the PC keeps gaining Strength while losing Learning, Willpower, Charisma, and Appearance. At some point it also starts decreasing Dexterity and increasing Toughness. The game notifies you when this is happening with the phrase "You suddenly remember your ancestors." Nice for fighter types, nasty for spellcasters. Apish Look can only be obtained if the PC is 'extremely corrupted', as their 18th corruption. Consequently, a Chaos Knight can never start out with the corruption.

  14. Your corrupted tissue seems to heal much faster.
    Another corruption causing cumulative effects. The PC heals faster (1 HP every 5 turns), but the process leaves scars (every 1000 HP healed by corruption) which reduce both Dexterity and Appearance by one point for each scar. Scars do not disappear when the corruption is removed, and can only be removed by using gelee royal. Nasty over time.

  15. Your feet have been transformed into hooves (+8 kicking damage, Dx: -6).
    Nasty loss of Dexterity, especially since most PCs aren't kickers anyway, but useful for Monks. Helps Monks kicking down walls and everyone kicking down doors.

  16. Your muscles have stiffened slowing you down (base action cost: 1500 energy points, PV: +4, St: +2).
    Very, very bad, possibly the worst. Slows down all your movement by 1.5x - should be removed immediately.

  17. You have become extremely thin and nimble (1/2 weight, DV: +6).
    Nice corruption. Six points of DV, but increases hunger by 1 per turn. This is one of the corruptions needed to enter the Quickling Tree, except for Hurthlings.

  18. You have become very light (1/10 weight, Dx: +4, St: -6, To: -6, Ap: -6, Speed: +20).
    Bad Strength, Toughness and Appearance losses in exchange for speed and Dexterity. It should be noted that despite its advantages, high speed significantly lowers experience gains. This is the corruption needed to enter the Quickling Tree, for everyone.
Credit ADOM Wiki - Corruptions.
  1. Your blood turned to acid. (=Acid)
    Provision of an elemental immunity and the potential to blind attackers makes it very desirable. It may even save a character's life, if they are engaged in melee while paralyzed and/or by a monster with multiple attacks.

  2. You sport a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves dark secrets (Le: +6, Pe: -4, Ch: -6, Ap: -6).
    At random intervals, the mouth screams a formula that invokes the same effect as a wand of wonder, i.e. casts a random spell and slightly increases the PC's knowledge of that spell. The effect seems to have a 1d1000 chance of occurring at each turn. Once activated, it depletes all of the PC's PP. This may prove very frustrating and even dangerous for PCs heavily relying on their own magic. It does have the additional benefit of training Mana quite quickly without draining the PC's own spell base. Very unfortunate accidents, like unexpectedly attacking an adjacent NPC with a ball spell, can occur.

  3. Your eyes turned black (Pe: +3, +SeeI).
    Grants the see invisible intrinsic, in addition to extra Perception. One of three corruptions with no negative effects whatsoever (the other being acid blood, and thriving on the flesh of order).

  4. You sweat blood. (Ch: -2, Ap: -4, Speed: +5)
    A decent tradeoff of attributes, since extra speed is beneficial for most situations.

  5. Your bones are made from bronze (Dx: -2, DV: -2, PV: +3).
    A fair exchange of dodging abilities for protection. Certainly not one of the most dangerous corruptions.

  6. You are attached to ChAoS corrupting your foes.
    Melee attacks inflicting corruption on monsters is almost universally undesirable. A monster that poses little threat to begin with may be transformed into a writhing mass of primal chaos; the corrupting touch actually heals chaos monsters like WMoPCs. The effect is usually not complete absorption - the enemy will suffer damage, and most corrupting monsters will recover just a small amount - but non-lethal hits will completely heal WMoPCs. PCs depending on melee should thus remove it immediately, especially if acquired in D:50.

  7. The voice of ChAoS whispers disturbing secrets into your thoughts (Le: +4, Ma: +2, Wi: -6).
    Willpower is usually easier to train than Learning by using herbs, so it is generally a good tradeoff; neither greatly beneficial nor very dangerous.

  8. Your blood is freezingly cold (Dx: -2, Ap: -1, Speed: -10).
    PCs with cold blood will slow down dramatically when cold and speed up greatly at the cost of taking damage when hot. Drakelings get no benefits at all from the corruption; they may want to remove the corruption to regain speed right away, though compared to some other corruptions it is somewhat tolerable. For other PCs, while the speed penalty is undesirable, the temperature-related effects can be positive as well as negative.

  9. Your bodily tissues seem to be in a state of decay requiring a lot of will to stay up (Wi: +10, St: -5, Ap: -5, Speed: -10).
    In addition to causing quite dramatic stat changes, the corruption also halves all HP regeneration for the PC. Though the Willpower boost may be of benefit to Mindcrafters and mages wielding ball spells, the disadvantages are likely to significantly nuisance them without adequate strategies to compensate the loss of mobility and carrying capacity. The regeneration penalty is definitely very undesirable to all, making this corruption one of the worst.

  10. You thrive on the flesh of Order.
    Eating the corpse of a lawful being gives a speed bonus of 1d100 points, that decays by 1 point per turn. The usefulness is limited by the facts that very few monsters in the game are lawful (blink dogs being one notable example). One of the three only positive corruptions, with weakest effect.

  11. You sport gills (Ap: -3, +WBre).
    Very desirable corruption with only a minor downside. Water breathing is a quite difficult intrinsic to obtain, and it allows the PC to cross any river and even the Water Dragon Cave without taking any damage.

  12. You hate the sun and try to blot it.
    Occasionally forces the PC to replicate the effect of the Darkness spell. With no light sources, this corruption can become very annoying and the player might want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It is especially dangerous in places where there is no reason to cast Darkness anyway - such as Terinyo or Dwarftown where the PC can thus accidentally attack unseen civilians, or in shops. Can be deadly to doomed characters.

  13. Your flesh continually spouts disease-ridden maggots (To: -6, Ch: -2, Ap: -4, DV: +4).
    At random intervals a tame worm will spawn from the PC's body, causing a few points of damage. Though companions can be put to tactical uses by some players, the Toughness loss afflicted on the PC by the corruption is a very significant problem for many of them.

  14. Your frontal eyes have merged to form one larger eye (Pe: +4, Ch: -2, Ap: -2).
    Note that the positive part of the corruption will not occur if PC is wearing headgear, which limits its usefulness.

  15. Your eyes are shrouded by the mists of ChAoS (Pe: -10, +SeeI).
    Though it grants a quite useful intrinsic, there are quite a few other less harmful means of acquiring it. The significant loss of Perception is likely to have a noticeably serious impact on the PC's visibility range; additionally, if the PC's Perception falls as low as 1, the number of turns required for them to find a secret door/passageway by searching increases dramatically.

  16. Your legs have stretched into long, fragile stilts (Ap: -6, PV: -4, base movement cost: -25% energy points, -4 kicking damage).
    Kind of like the opposite of the stiff muscles corruption, this corruption exchanges some PV for increased mobility - quite a desirable tradeoff overall.

  17. Your mouth has turned into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles (Dx: +6, Ap: -15).
    Great gain in Dexterity, but a huge loss in Appearance. Since Appearance determines the PC's resistance to corruption, the latter means that the PC can be corrupted much more easily after getting this. The most serious effect of the corruption is its effect on spellcasting - attempting to cast a spell can cause it fail and waste a turn. Characters wishing to cast spells will need to remove this immediately. Trying to chat with NPCs also fails very frequently, but can be done with enough persistence and is usually not a major problem anyway. This corruption seems to prevent the PC from getting the Weird Tome from the Ghost Librarian even if speaking succeeds on the first try.

0.10.2 Gaining corruptions

The game keeps track of corruption with a numerical value which increments each time twenty turns pass in a corrupting zone. For each 1000 corruption points (CPs), the PC gains one corruption only if Appearance = 10, otherwise 910 CPs for Ap=1 and 1890 CPs for Ap=99. The amount required to corrupt the PC to death is 19 corruptions (the 19th corruption doesn't actually occur - instead, the PC is transformed and game ends). 180 points equals 1% corruption and the PC gains a new corruption each time they pass a multiple of 1000/180 = 5.556%. This is a strict rule only up to 99% corruption. The 99% corruption level begins at 99 * 180 = 17820 corruption points, but the PC is given extra leeway at this point and does not transform into a chaos creature until the counter is over 19000 points.

Additionally, the corruption system has additional effects for the PC with a certain number of corruptions the PC will get bonuses to Strength, Dexterity, Toughness and Mana, and a penalty to Willpower, depending on alignment. The gains or losses to attributes are as follows: PCs with lower Appearance acquire corruptions at a faster rate. This means that previously inconsequential Appearance losses now make certain corruptions more detrimental. Also, because about 1 in 2 corruptions reduce Appearance, they cause a cumulative acceleration of the PC's acquisition of new corruptions. Background corruption

Credit Vladimir Panteleev. As mentioned above, the PC must eventually enter areas where background corruption occurs. Areas with no corruption flag set:

Otherwise, the corruption points (CPs) gained depend on a Danger Level (DL) in particular area. Refer to section Appendix L for the list of areas and their DLs.

No other corruption occurs if:

The background corruption is applied once every N turns. If the PC is doomed, that's TWICE every N turns:

if (TurnNumber mod N=0) or (Doomed and (TurnNumber mod N=1)) then

(this is how mathematicians/programmers say once normally and twice with doomed intrinsic per N turns)

N is calculated based on the DL the PC is on.

CorruptionSpeed is a 5-element array:

Put in words, N can be 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20. The smaller N, the faster the corruption. In the Infinite Dungeon, N is 20 for levels 10-29, 15 for levels 30-49, 10 for levels 50-69, 5 for levels 70-89, and 2 for levels 90 and above. The exception is level I: 66 (the special level with MaLaKaI) where N is 20. For other areas, N is 20 for DL 10-19, 15 for DL 20-29, 10 for DL 30-39, 5 for DL 40-44, and 2 for DL 45 and above.

If the background corruption is to be applied on this turn:

Now, there's a bug (fixed) in the corrupting code. This is how it SHOULD have worked:

However, only the first line is executed - the 90-day limit.

Being L+ decreases corruption by -30%, L or LN -10 %, C- enhances corruption by +30%, lawful Unicorn-borns -10%, lvl50 Farmers and lawful Paladins -30%, lvl50 Monks and Druids -10%.

Note that since background corruption is applied only by 1-2 points, the above do not affect its speed, but major corruptions, such as eating chaotic corpses etc. The "crowned as champion" status does not affect corruption speed.

Note that a corrupting level can be made less so, or even completely noncorrupting, by reading scrolls of peace. These reduce the danger level, and thus the corruption rate of the current level. Bless the scrolls before reading them. The number of scrolls required depends on the level. If Dwarftown is generated on D: 10 or D: 11, for instance, reading a blessed scroll of peace will probably stop corruption. On the other hand, if it is necessary to stop corruption on a particular level of the Blue Dragon Caves, approximately nine scrolls of peace are required. Corruption traps ^

Corruption traps are as common as any other trap in the dungeons. They cause 10d10 CPs. They are purple when revealed. Corrupting hits from monsters

Some monsters corrupt by hitting the PC in melee. Common ones include chaos brothers, chaos sisters and the grues found in the elemental temples. Appendix J contains a complete list. Artifacts which corrupt Moon Sickle (

Moon Sickle is a unique artifact unlike any other in the game. It does not contain the essence of Chaos and Corruption and so does not corrupt merely by carrying it. Likewise, wielding it does not cause corruption. However, successfully hitting a monster with Moon Sickle adds 2d3 CPs. Although it has no slaying powers, it is worth considering as a weapon against very difficult monsters for those PCs who have trained polearms, despite its corrupting nature. It has excellent base to-hit and damage at +6, 10d4+6 and polearms have decent to-hit and to-damage modifiers. Remember, however, that Moon Sickle is AUTOCURSING. Also, it will create potions of raw chaos from regular potions by dipping it in them. This also means that holy water cannot be used to remove the curse.

Moon Sickle will be found guarded by an unnamed stone golem in the Caverns of Chaos, between Dwarftown and the Wall of Flames. When carried

The following artifacts contain the essence of Chaos and Corruption and will corrupt the PC merely by carrying them:

The Black Tome of Alsophocus teaches the PC random spell, or improves knowledge in a known spell if read successfully. It grants 20 CPs per turn spent reading (base PP cost of the spell + 3), but min 200 and max 6666. The corrupting artifacts provide about 1/2 CP per turn when in backpack, and almost 1 CP per turn when equipped. The effects are cumulative. Of course more corruption is applied when successfully used (spear & sceptre). When used

All of the Chaos Orbs fall into this category, however, there is a great deal of difference in the amount of corruption caused by using the different Chaos Orbs.

Corruption caused by using the Chaos Orbs
Chaos Orb CPs added per useEffect
Water 600 full HP
Fire 300 fireball
Air 500 air elemental pet
Earth 300 earthquake
Mana 5000 full PP; +3 Ma

Note that if a PC is wearing the Elemental Gauntlets when the orbs are used, the above corruption points are halved. Potions of raw chaos !

Logically enough, if the PC drinks a potion of raw chaos it will cause corruption (50d5/50d10/50d30 CPs B/U/C). They can also corrupt, however, if the PC tries to use them to polymorph an item by dipping it in the potion. There is a chance the potion will explode, which causes 100d100 CPs as well as 10d30 damage. Dipping in potions of raw chaos will not make wands of wishing or rings of djinni summoning. See section 0.14.4. Tracts of chaos "

Tracts of chaos grant corruption, ~100 CPs per reading. See section 0.2.6. From pools 0

Drinking from pools may result in the message "You feel corrupted!" (1/52 chance). Self-explanatory, DLd30 CPs. Additionally, a pool inside Stone Circle causes massive corruption (10d100 CPs) per sip. From corpses %

Some corpses will corrupt the PC if eaten. Obvious ones include the corpses of the Chaos Orb guardians. Others include Keethrax, Keriax and chaos animals. The effects won't be compiled here. You can browse Appendix J or section 0.3.3 for corruptions resulting from eating monster corpses. From quests

Riurry will reward the PC with 1 - 2 corruptions for killing the Greater White Unicorn Yrruir. Chaos Diplomat will reward the PC with 1 - 2 corruptions for killing the Ice Queen. Being crowned a champion of chaos

Being crowned a champion of chaos will cause 2 - 3 immediate corruptions. Additionaly, 75% of demons will be generated neutral to crowned chaotics.

0.10.3 Removing corruptions

There will be a time when your PC wants to remove one or more corruptions. Some corruptions are very troublesome and worth getting rid of immediately. Later in the game, removing corruptions may be necessary simply to extend the life of the PC. Whatever the reason, a thorough knowledge of how to remove corruptions should be part of every experienced player's repertoire. There are several ways of doing this as outlined below. Corruption removal items are among the most precious in the game. They should always be blessed unless the PC is trying to specifically remove only one corruption that is impossible to deal with (poison hands can be impossible to deal with without thick gauntlets) while preserving others (for instance one needed to enter the Quickling Tree). Potions of cure corruption !

Potions of cure corruption are exactly what the name implies - they remove corruption, approximately 0.75 corruptions for each blessed potion of cure corruption the PC drinks. A potion of cure corruption is also a quest object for Gaab'Baay. Beware of cursed potions of cure corruption. They cause corruption rather than curing it.

Blessed potions of cure corruption remove 50d30 CPs, uncursed remove 50d10 CPs, cursed add 50d5 CPs. Obtaining potions of cure corruption from Guth'Alak

Potions of cure corruption can be obtained from the druid Guth'Alak in Terinyo. He will reward a non-chaotic PC with a potion of cure corruption for delivering a greater chaos creature's or highly corrupted creature's corpse to him.

He will provide potion of corruption for the corpse of the following monsters:

If the PC is chaotic, it is a good idea to sell a chaos creature's corpse to Munxip for safekeeping, then buy it back at a later time when the PC is non-chaotic. It can then be traded to Guth'Alak for a potion of cure corruption.

4 potions of cure corruption can additionally be obtained by completing the first quest of the Ice Queen. Scrolls of chaos resistance ?

Scrolls of chaos resistance have been renamed to scrolls of corruption removal. Blessed scrolls of chaos resistance remove about 1.5 corruptions per reading. There are several places where scrolls of chaos resistance can be obtained: the only absolutely guaranteed location is the hidden room in the High Mountain Village. This will always contain one scroll of chaos resistance, although beware - it is always cursed. Khelavaster will give six scrolls of chaos resistance to a PC that manages to save him. The Dwarven Mystic in Dwarftown may give four blessed scrolls of chaos resistance to neutral PCs. The Bug Temple has three cursed scrolls of chaos resistance. Finally, the Mad Minstrel will reward a PC who brings him the Weird Tome with five cursed scrolls of chaos resistance. Beware of cursed scrolls of chaos resistance. They cause corruption rather than curing it.

Blessed scrolls of chaos resistance remove 100d30 CPs, uncursed remove 100d10 CPs, cursed add 100d5 CPs. Thus cursed SoCRs are twice as bad as cursed PoCCs, while blessed SoCRs are twice as good as blessed PoCCs. The implications should be obvious: never drink or read any cursed corruption removal item, and bless SoCRs in any but a dire emergency. Tracts of order "

Reading a tract of order amounts to an appeal to the lawful god for corruption removal - see section 0.2.6. The amount of corruption removed is around 100 CPs. Tracts of order are most useful to get rid of an annoying corruption as soon as it occurs, thus reseeding the RNG and hopefully avoiding it the next time a PC receives a corruption. Yrruir U - the Greater White Unicorn quest

Yrruir will remove all corruption once as a reward for the PC killing the Greater Black Unicorn - Riurry. It is wise to wait to use this cleansing until it is absolutely necessary. If the PC is doing a normal ending, this should ideally be the last thing the PC does before leaving the Drakalor Chain to ensure a corruption-free ending, which leads to better scores and a happier future history for the PC after the game is finished.

Updated July 12th, 2017