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Character creation

0.1.1 Day and date effects
Starting a game onResults in the messageAnd has the following effects
Creator's Day (TB's birthday, July 2nd) You feel that starting your adventure on Creator's Day was a good idea. PC starts with Lucky and Fate smiles; also, if the day falls on a Monday, HP are not reduced.
Christmas Eve (December 24th) A lone star leads you to this remote valley. PC starts with Fate smiles.
New Year's Eve (December 31st) You feel well prepared for the coming year. PC starts with six blessed potions of booze.
Any Friday the 13th You feel unlucky. PC starts Cursed.
Any Monday You feel slightly exhausted today. PC starts slightly low on HP (-2d2 HP).
August 22nd no message PC starts with the Boon to the Family talent.
Resurrection Day (August 30th) You feel as if a whole new life is waiting for you! PC starts with Lucky, +1 To and +3 Ma. Additionaly amulet of resurrection will be generated in Barnabas's shop.
Halloween (October 31st) You feel treated. PC starts with 1d6+2 blessed bits of plain candy and 1d2 blessed bits of gnomish candy.

There are of course Ancardian day and date effects as well, which are well covered in the ADOM Manual. One Ancardian time effect not mentioned is the fact that the PC's range of sight depends on the time of day on the overworld map and in the wilderness. During the day (which apparently begins around 6h), the PC sees further, and at night (which apparently begins around 20h) the PC's sight is limited to 2 squares on the overworld map, 5 in the wilderness. Terrain, Perception score, whether or not using lit torch(es), necklace of the eye, and the Farsight spell all contribute to the sight range.

Press @ or Ctrl-e to learn Ancardian month, day, and time. You start the game at day 1 of Unicorn, at midnight.

0.1.2 Birth Star sign

Check out the ADOM Manual for general game-related effect of starsigns. Additional tips are provided here.
  1. Raven:Raven +10 Speed, +2 Pe, messengers, harder to trick, stronger companions
    The +10 to Speed is good for all PCs. It can save the life of low level PCs who need to run away from a monster they can't handle. The "messengers will reach you faster" refers to the delivery of the Rune-covered Trident, which happens faster for those born in this month, at level 16 rather than 36, a nice bonus. The "harder to trick by deceptions" grants 75% chance to evade a doppleganger's confusion attack. The stronger companions characteristic makes this month excellent for Bards.
  2. Book:Book +3 Le, lawful tendencies, better at learnig spells
    Lawful tendencies means +500 to initial alignment and decrease of all alignment changes towards chaotic by 10%. One free skill increase each level helps all PCs, especially those with low Learning. Increased chance to learn spells means borderline casters have a better chance, experiencing less negative effects while learning spells. This is not the ideal month for a Wizard - they are already great at learning spells. More suited to elven fighting classes or a Dwarvish Paladin. The Book birthsign .
  3. Wand:Wand +2 Ch, lawful tendencies, if neutral: +2 Ma, +10 PP, 10% cheaper spells
    Lawful tendencies means +500 to initial alignment and decrease of all alignment changes towards chaotic by 10%. Here we have the sign for a neutral Wizard. Gray Elven Wizards are ideal with their naturally high Mana and neutral alignment. They are somewhat difficult to keep alive in the early game but become enormously powerful in the mid- and endgame. Note that both Wand-born Healers of chaotis races and Necromancers of lawful races start out neutral.
  4. Unicorn:Unicorn +2 Ap, harder to corrupt, harder to change from lawful
    Generic sign with resistance to corruption. Pretty attractive for any PC going for an ultra ending, especially an aspiring Avatar of Order. The fact that lawful alignment is difficult to change means such a PC can commit a few chaotic acts and get away with it without becoming a fallen champion. The Unicorn birthsign reduces corruption by 19% if the PC is L, by 37% if L+, and increases it by 30% for C-. All negative alignment changes for lawful PCs are reduced by 20%.
  5. Salamander:Salamander +1 Ch, +3 Ma, +20% PP, fire magic 20% cheaper
    Very attractive for Elementalists, who rely on a lot of fire magic. Not half bad for a Necromancer who finds some fire-based spellbooks, either. Necromancers need that +3 to Mana. Fire magic includes: Burning Hands, Fire Bolt, Fireball, and Improved Fireball.
  6. Dragon:Dragon +2 St, +1 To, -3 Wi, 10% increased effects from Tactics setting, 10% less marks for weapon skills, combat magic 10% cheaper
    Fighters. The +1 to Toughness is not significant - that is within the variability for the attribute for identical race/class PCs. The -3 to Willpower is significant and makes this unattractive for those who need it in the early game - Wizards, Mindcrafters. Not a bad month for Paladins with both weapon and combat magic costs reduced.
  7. Sword:Sword +1 Le, 10% increased positive effects from Tactics setting, 20% less marks for weapon skills
    Learning bonus is insignificant, although it can push a PC from illiterate to literate. The 20% reduction in cost to train melee weapon skills makes this attractive for a PC that really wants to become super-proficient with a weapon. Not a bad choice for Rangers, who start the game dual wielding swords.
  8. Falcon:Falcon +2 Wi, +1 Ch, Survival skill, one free talent
    Grants the Survival skill to any character. This skill is generally considered as being of little use (see section 0.4). The Willpower bonus is somewhat useful for spellcasters and Mindcrafters, although better starsigns exist for those classes. The Charisma bonus is of little significance for any character. The free talent is good for all PCs, especially for Gnomish and Hurthling Bards, as it guarantees them both a very useful Heir gift and the possibility to go for the Treasure Hunter talent.
  9. Cup:Cup +2 Le, 10% less experience points to advance, one free skill advance every two levels, learns spells 20% more effectively
    Another sign for Wizards. Higher Learning to start and the 10% reduction to gain a level means they advance rapidly, which is very helpful in keeping them alive at low level. The 20% effectivity increase in learning spells also helps keep them alive in the early game, while the player has not had time to raise their Learning score. While this bonus does not affect the chance to successfully learn a spell, it directly influences spell knowledge gained.
  10. Candle:Candle heals faster, one free talent, 16% reduced prayer costs
    This can be an unbelievable sign for Trolls. They heal rapidly anyway, but those born in this month almost don't need the Healing skill! Almost. Get it and they seem to have natural regeneration. Playing a trollish Healer born in this month is almost cheating. ;-) Candle-born characters are guaranteed to heal 2 hitpoints every 12 turns. Candle has been slightly nerfed in R+, providing 2 hitpoints every 20 turns, making it about 80% as effective as Healing at 100, instead of 133% as effective.
  11. Wolf:Wolf +3 Wi, +3 Pe, food 10% 25% more nutritious
    Significant benefits to Perception and Willpower. The Willpower is good for Wizards and Mindcrafters, of course. Drakeling characters, relying on their acid spit ability, can benefit from this bonus, while Troll adventurers will experience less difficulty in managing their increased food requirements.
  12. Tree:Tree +5 Wi, +2 To, +1 PV, harder to change alignment
    Made for Mindcrafters, who really need that +5 to Willpower in the early game. Not bad for Wizards either. The Tree birthsign reduces all alignment changes by 10%.

The Candle starsign is by far the best for any character, with Raven being the distant second. The Candle healing effect is great for everyone and it is better than the Healing skill at 100. Raven's speed bonus allows all characters to outrun most opponents. The effects of other starsigns are utterly negligible when compared to Raven and especially Candle. Special birth messages

If you are really lucky (5% chance), one of these messages will be generated along with the star sign:

0.1.3 Sex

The sex of the character has little significance. The following table lists all known gameplay differences.

Gender differences
Condition Male ♂Female ♀More info
Start with +1 St +1 Dx  
Shop prices depend on Ch Ap  
Wedding ring works for Banshee yes no 3.10
Wedding ring tames [1]berserkers female berserkers 0.11.3
Frog quest is available no yes Appendix K
Cheaper keys no yes 1.3.4
Base Smithing cost 5000 gp 5250 gp 0.15.4

[1] In R+, wedding ring tames berserkers of opposite gender, fixing unintended behavior from 1.1.1.

0.1.4 Race and class

A list of the races and classes (called professions) can be found in the ADOM Manual. It also gives a bit of background about each, much of which is flavor and irrelevant in terms of gameplay. Specific starting trained skills and alignment

Each race has unique characteristics including initial alignment, trained skills and modifiers to attributes. Skills in ADOM vary in terms of availability. All PCs are born with Climbing [1dDx + 1d10 + 20], First Aid [1dLe + 1d10 + 15], Haggling [1dCh + 1d10 + 15], and Listening [1dPe + 1d10 + 20]. All PCs other than Beastfighters and Barbarians with a Learning score of 10 or greater are born with Literacy [Le*4]. Many skills can be taught or trained by various NPCs during the game. Other skills are much more difficult to obtain if the PC is not born with them. Skills other than Alertness and Healing can be wished for. Any skill can be obtained from a potion of education, but this is a matter of random chance and cannot be counted on. Skills available only from wishes or potions of education are referred to as "Nonguaranteed Skills" for the sake of the tables below. The first table shows the starting alignment and trained skills [starting value] that each race is born with. For all starting values, please consider 1dx as 1dx-1, ie generating a random number between 0 and x-1. So 1d5+5 means a value between 5 and 9. Consider ydx (y > 1) normally.

Race-specific starting alignment and trained skills
RaceTilesInitial alignmentGuaranteed or NPC-available Skills [starting value]Nonguaranteed Skills [starting value]
DrakelingDrakelingfemale DrakelingneutralSwimming [1d20 + 40]Alertness [1d20 + 20], Food Preservation [1d25 + 20], Music [1d10 + 5]
DwarfDwarffemale DwarflawfulClimbing [1d10 + 10], Detect Traps [1d10 + 10], Smithing [1d30 + 20]Metallurgy [1d30 + 20] , Mining [1d10 + 60]
Dark ElfDark Elffemale Dark ElfchaoticClimbing [1d20 + 20], Stealth [1d20 + 30]Alertness [1d30 + 10], Find Weakness [1d10 + 10]
Gray ElfHigh Elffemale Gray ElfneutralListening [1d10 + 15], Literacy [1d10 + 30], Stealth [1d10 + 30]Dodge [1d10 + 10]
High ElfHigh Elffemale High ElflawfulListening [1d10 + 20], Literacy [1d10 + 20], Stealth [1d10 + 20]Dodge [1d10 + 20]
GnomeGnomefemale GnomeneutralListening [1d30 + 10], Pick Pockets [1d10 + 10]Gemology [1d10 + 10], Mining [1d5 + 5], Ventriloquism [1d20 + 20]
HumanHumanfemale HumanneutralClimbing [1d10 + 10], Haggling [1d20 + 10], Swimming [1d20 + 20]Food Preservation [1d10 + 10]
HurthlingHurthlingfemale HurthlinglawfulStealth [1d20 + 40]Archery [1d5 + 10], Cooking [1d20 + 50], Food Preservation [1d30 + 30], Gardening [1d15 + 15]
OrcOrcfemale OrcchaoticBackstabbing [1d5 + 5], Climbing [1d20 + 20]Find Weakness [1d5 + 5], Metallurgy [1d5 + 5], Mining [1d10 + 5]
TrollTrollfemale TrollchaoticBridge Building [1d10 + 10]Athletics [1d30 + 20], Food Preservation [1d40 + 20], Gemology [1d5 + 10], Mining [1d10 + 10]
Mist ElfMist Elffemale Mist ElfneutralLiteracy [1d10 + 40], Stealth [1d10 + 40]Alertness [1d10 + 10], Dodge [1d10 + 10], Concentration [1d10 + 15], Necromancy [1d10 + 10]
RatlingRatlingfemale RatlingneutralClimbing [1d20 + 20], Haggling [1d20 + 30], Stealth [1d10 + 20]Appraising [1d20 + 30], Detect Item Status [1d5 + 5], Survival [1d20 + 30], Swimming [1d20 + 30]

Lawful alignment is +2000, neutral is 0, and chaotic -2000. This is then modified by class: Druids have alignment set to 0, Necromancers get -1500 and Healers get +1000. Chaos Knights start with alignment set to -10000.

A table similar to that above showing the trained skills each class is born with:

Class-specific starting trained skills
ClassGuaranteed or NPC-available Skills [starting value]Nonguaranteed Skills [starting value]
ArcherClimbing [1d20 + 30], Listening [1d10 + 30], Stealth [1d20 + 30] Alertness [1d20 + 20], Archery [1d30 + 50], Concentration [1d20 + 20], Dodge [1d20 + 30], Fletchery [1d20 + 30]
AssassinBackstabbing [1d20 + 30], Climbing [1dDx + 20], Detect Traps [1dPe + 15], Pick Locks [1d20 + 30], Stealth [1d10 + 30], Two Weapon Combat [1d6 * 1d6 + 20]Alchemy [10], Alertness [1d30 + 20], Archery [1d10 + 20], Dodge [1d10 + 10], Find Weakness [1d30 + 20]
BarbarianClimbing [1d20 + 50], First Aid [1d20 + 20], Herbalism [1d10 + 20], Stealth [1d30 + 30], Swimming [1d30 + 30], Two Weapon Combat [1d20 + 20] Athletics [1d30 + 30], Dodge [1d20 + 50], Survival [1d20 + 30], Woodcraft [1d10 + 10]
BardNone guaranteed [1]Music [1d40 + 60]
BeastfighterClimbing [1d30 + 30], Healing [1d30 + 30], Herbalism [1d30 + 30], Listening [1d30 + 30], Stealth [1d30 + 30], Swimming [1d30 + 30] Athletics [1d30 + 30], Dodge [1d30 + 30], Survival [1d10 + 20]
DruidClimbing [1d20 + 30], First Aid [1d20 + 40], Healing [1d10 + 40], Herbalism [1d30 + 60], Listening [1d20 + 30], Literacy [1d20 + 40], Swimming [1d20 + 30]Concentration [1d20 + 30], Gardening [1d5 + 5], Survival [1d20 + 30], Woodcraft [1d5 + 5]
ElementalistClimbing [1d20 + 20], Healing [1d10 + 5], Listening [1d10 + 10], Literacy [1d30 + 30], Swimming [1d20 + 20] Concentration [1d30 + 50], Gemology [1d20 + 20], Metallurgy [1d20 + 20]
FarmerBridge Building [1d10 + 10], First Aid [1d20 + 30], Haggling [1d20 + 20], Herbalism [1d30 + 20], Smithing [1d10 + 10], Stealth [1d10 + 10] Archery [1d20 + 5], Cooking [1d10 + 10], Fletchery [1d10 + 10], Food Preservation [1d30 + 40], Gardening [1d(Le*2) + 20], Survival [1d20 + 40], Woodcraft [1d10 + 5]
FighterStealth [1d10 + 10], Two Weapon Combat [1d5 + 5] Athletics [1dTo + 1d5 + 25], Archery [1dDx + 10], Dodge [1dDx + 15], Find Weakness [1d10 + 10], Metallurgy [1d10 + 10]
HealerFirst Aid [1d30 + 40], Healing [1d30 + 50], Herbalism [1d40 + 40], Literacy [1d50 + 50] Alertness [1d10 + 10], Concentration [1dWi + 20], Cooking [1d30 + 10], Find Weakness [1d10 + 10]
MerchantHaggling [1d30 + 40], Herbalism [1d10 + 10], Literacy [1d30 + 40], Pick Pockets [1d20 + 20] Appraising [1d40 + 30], Detect Item Status [1d10 + 10], Gemology [1d30 + 30], Metallurgy [1d20 + 20], [2]
MindcrafterHaggling [1d10 + 10], Herbalism [1d10 + 10], Literacy [1d40 + 50], Stealth [1d10 + 20] Concentration [1d20 + 50], Gemology [1d30 + 20], Music [1d20 + 20]
MonkHealing [1d10 + 30], Literacy [1dLe + 40], Stealth [1dDx+ 1d20 + 20] Alertness [1d30 + 20], Athletics [1dTo + 1d5 + 30], Concentration [1dWi + 30], Dodge [1dDx + 20], Find Weakness [1d20 + 20]
NecromancerHerbalism [1d20 + 20], Literacy [1d30 + 50], Stealth [1d20 + 30] Alchemy [1d30 + 30], Appraising [1d10 + 10], Concentration [1d20 + 30], Find Weakness [1d10 + 10], Food Preservation [1d20 + 30], Necromancy [1d30 + 50]
PaladinHealing [1d10 + 30], Law [1d20 + 20] (if lawful initially), Literacy [1dLe + 25], Stealth [1dDx + 1d10 + 20], Swimming [1d20 + 20], Two Weapon Combat [1d5 + 5]Athletics [1dTo + 1d5 + 20], Concentration [1dWi + 20], Dodge [1dDx + 20]
PriestFirst Aid [1d20 + 20], Healing [1dLe + 40], Herbalism [1d30 + 30], Literacy [1d30 + 60] Concentration [1dWi + 1d10 + 20], Detect Item Status [1d50 + 50], Music [1d10 + 20]
RangerClimbing [1dDx + 20], Healing [1d10 + 15], Herbalism [1dLe + 20], Swimming [1d20 + 30], Two Weapon Combat [1d10 + 50] Alertness [1dPe + 20], Archery [1dDx + 20], Athletics [1dTo + 1d10 + 30], Dodge [Dx*2], Food Preservation [8d5], Survival [1d(Pe*2) + 30], Woodcraft [1d10 + 20]
ThiefBackstabbing [1d5 + 5], Climbing [1dDx + 30], Detect Traps [1dPe + 30], Disarm Traps [1dDx + 25], Listening [1dPe + 20], Pick Locks [1d20 + 30], Pick Pockets [1d20 + 25], Stealth [1d10 + 30]Alertness [1d30 + 10], Appraising [1dLe + 2d5]
WeaponsmithDetect Traps [1d10 + 5], Haggling [1dCh + 30], Smithing [1d30 + 40] Appraising [1d30 + 10], Athletics [1d40 + 20], Concentration [1dWi + 20], Find Weakness [1d10 + 10], Metallurgy [1d30 + 40]
WizardHealing [1dLe + 10], Herbalism [1d30 + 20], Literacy [100], Stealth [1d10 + 20] Alchemy [1dLe * 2 + 20], Concentration [1dWi + 10 + 30], Ventriloquism [1d20 + 30]
Chaos KnightBackstabbing [1d5 + 5], Two Weapon Combat [1d5 + 5] Athletics [1dTo + 1d5 + 35], Dodge [1dDx + 10], Find Weakness [1d10 + 15]
DuelistAlertness [1d10 + 15], Healing [1d5 + 5], Law [1d10 + 10] Athletics [1d25 + 15], Concentration [1d10 + 10], Dodge [1d(Dx*2) + 10], Find Weakness [1d10 + 15]

[1] Bards never get: Necromancy, Bridge Building, Tactics, Law, Courage. Every other skill (except Music) has 25% chance, with starting value of [1d20 + 15].

[2] If specializing in potions, then Alchemy [1dLe], else if specializing in scrolls then Literacy [1d20 + 30] else (wands or rings) Survival [1d20 + 20].

Falcon birthsign increases Survival by 10, or grants Survival at 10 if there was no Survival by race or class.

The manual also states that Bards get more skills than other classes. Testing does not agree with this. What the manual fails to mention is the two free skill advances per level Bards receive. This is useful for races that have low initial Learning scores, such as Orcs and Trolls.

There are definite effects on gameplay depending on the alignment, skills and birthsign the PC is born with. Note that none of the races is born with the Healing skill; it is entirely class-dependent. Nine classes are born with Healing. It is essential to obtain this skill (except for those born under Candle). This means that those without it must choose Rynt's quest as opposed to Guth'Alak's in Terinyo, whether they intend to actually obtain the skill from Jharod or Kranf Niest. This puts restrictions on the game right away, since the Keethrax quest and thus a guaranteed artifact and potion of cure corruption are forfeited before the game even starts. Further, three races start with chaotic alignment. If the PC wants to receive Healing from Jharod, thus avoiding Kranf Niest's attribute drains, alignment must be changed to neutral (or lawful).

Note also that no race starts with Herbalism, the other skill available through a Terinyo quest. If the player wants maximum flexibility - to do either Rynt's or Guth'Alak's quest, or neither (in the case of a minimalist challenge game) - choose a class that starts with Healing, Herbalism, or ideally both, such as a Beastfighter, Druid, Healer, Priest, Ranger or Wizard.

If there is a skill that is difficult to obtain that you cannot live without, such as Alertness, play a Dark Elf or Drakeling, or choose a class that is born with it - Archers, Healers, Monks, Rangers and Thieves all start with this skill. Many players feel similarly about Detect Item Status - play Priests or a Merchant for a challenge.

A PC that trains a given skill due to both race and class will be especially proficient with that skill. This makes certain combinations especially powerful. Dwarven Weaponsmiths (doubly trained Metallurgy and Smithing), Hurthling Archers (doubly trained Archery), Hurthling Farmers (doubly trained Archery, Cooking, Food Preservation, Gardening, Stealth) and Dark Elven Rangers (doubly trained Alertness and Climbing) are examples. Class powers

Press Ctrl-x to see the list or use your class powers.

The ADOM Manual contains a list of the classes along with their characteristics and class powers. The below well-arranged table is presented here for better comparisons:

Class Powers
Class Level 6Level 12Level 18Level 25Level 32Level 40Level 50
Archer800 EP / missile attack2x rangebonus to Fletchery600 EP / missile attackalways dodge missiles20% chance for a missile to penetrate armorhit several targets / 1 missile
Assassincreate poison from any potionbonus to Backstabbing+30% range+20% for critical hitsx2 bonus to Dodge=Poischance for instant kill [7]
Barbarianmighty blow: x2 dmg / 2500 EPmoving / 750 EPtremendous blow: x3 dmg / 4000 EP+1d4 HP / Level+3 St, +3 To+10 dmg / True Berserker800 EP / True Berserker
Bardfree skill increase / Level+1d3 lvl / 6 random weapon skills80+10*Le+20*Ma / 4 random spells+6 random skills or improves [1]x2 to HP regenerationx2 to PP regeneration+6 to all attributes
Beastfighter-Pois-Stunmoving / 700 EPsummon 2d2 bears or wolves / -1 Maswap position with hostile opponentschance to stun opponent on critical hit+6 St, +6 To
Druidevade wilderness encountersx2 to PP regenerationimmune to weather effectssummon 1d3 major animals / -1d3 Max2 to HP regeneration=Elec-10% corruption from attacks
Elementalist-Fire-Elecimmune to weather effects+WBreelemental storm / 120 PPsummon random elemental pet / -2 Maburrow through stone / 1500 EP + 20 PP
Farmer2x carrying capacityhalf food consumptionbonus to Herbalismiron rations from corpsesincreased chance to raise attributes and potentials [3]+3 St, +3 To-30% corruption
Fighter+7% PV+50% to Dodge+15% PV+10% for critical hits+25% PVbash: +20% dmg, stun / +500 EPall round attack / 3500 EP
Healerx2 to HP regenerationx3 to HP regenerationability to heal petsbasic spells: CM, CD, CLW, SP+2d3 HP / Leveladvanced spells: CSW, NPnear immunity to disease, bleeding, poison; +8 To
Merchant-20% shop prices 2x carrying capacity-40% shop pricesimmune to weather effects; immune to ambush-60% shop pricescalm monsters by giving away items3x carrying capacity; Create Item spell
Mindcrafter-Confsense the amount of enemies on current DL+1d6 PP / Level+5 Wiless corruption from chaos opponents+3d5 PP / Level, cumulativehalf damage from undead
Monkcircular kick / 2500 EPmoving / 800 EPmoving / 600 EP swap position with hostile opponentschance for instant kill of up to human sized opponents [8]chance for instant kill against any humanoid [8]-10% corruption
Necromancerresistance to St drain, -Para: (40+lvl)% turn undeadraise ghuls / 10 PP per raised ghulShadow Touch: transfer HP when hitting bare-handed [4]raise wraiths / 20 PP per raised wraithlowered Ma cost for using Necromancyreborn if To > 9 / -50% To, -50% Max HP
Paladincure disease / 1000 turnsturn undead / 3000 EP, pietyautomatical know alignment+1 DV / 2 levels in melee vs opposite alignment oppshealing touch: +(lvl-24)d6 HP / 1000 turns resistance to St drain, To drain, -Sick, -Para-30% corruption
Priestturn undead / piety-10% spells PP cost-25% spells PP cost-50% spells PP cost-50% piety consumption for praying destroy minor undead destroy major undead
Rangerbonus to Survival, immune to weathernot slowed down by terrain [5]+4 rangeevade wilderness encountersdouble weight bonus to Two weapon combatmoving / 750 EPquadruple weight bonus to Two weapon combat
Thiefautomatical search bonus to Backstabbing pilfer shops abilitystun opponent on critical hitbetter items pickpocketed [2]+20 Speedinvisibility when adjacent to a wall
Weaponsmithmelt metal items into ingots [6]4x faster smithing+4 Stautomatically recognize all metal=Fire+8 Toknow damage of unided melee weapons
Wizard-10% spell PP cost-20% spell PP cost-40% spell PP costgain xp in randomly choosen spell / Levelrecharge wands: once per wand; 50 PP per chargeuncurse item / -1 Mabasic knowledge in all spells except Wish
Chaos Knight+Rgen+1dLevel Speed+1d8 melee skill level+1dNumCorr St,De,Toslower corruption+1dLevel damage for two-handed weapons+4d6 PV
Duelist-15 EP per weapon skill level+2 DV per weapon skill levelglove slap for 2d3 turn stun+20% armor penetration+12 Dx+6 all one-handed melee skill levels+20 Speed

[1] Can be ANY skill, and does not have the restrictions imposed on character creation. Bards gain 1d20 + 20 in those skills.

[2] Stolen items must have at least 10 value.

[3] Trains St by (Level*5)-155)*4, Dx by (Level*5)-155), and To by ((Level*3)-93)*10.

[4] Shadow Touch will regain HP first; if maxed, it will regain PP instead. PP Gained is DamageDealt / 2, HP Gained is DamageDealt / 3. There is DamageDealt/1000 chance to get +1 Mana. If 1d10000-1 < damage dealt, you gain 1 Mana.

[5] Also receives only 1/3 of drowning damage.

[6] Melting ability is determined by the weight of what you're melting down as far as how many ingots you'll get. This means for example ultra-heavy armors are especially nice for melting down. Blessed hammer + blessed metal = 9:1000 (9 ingots for 1000 stones); B+U = 8,1:1000; B+C = 6,3:1000; U+U = 7,2:1000; U+C = 5,6:1000; C+C = 4,4:1000. Failing a Smithing roll halves the amount you get.

[7] If monster Level<50 and monster not unique: (50-moblevel)*2 / 1000 chance for instant kill.

[8] If monster not unique, and (monster is humanoid but not undead/construct), and (monster size < 3 or Monk Level >= 40): (50-moblevel)*2 / 1000 chance for instant kill. Starting attributes

The following table was generated directly from the executable. Remember that 10 is regarded as an average attribute. It gives a general idea of which races and classes receive bonuses or penalties to each attribute at the start of the game:

Race starting attributes
RaceStLeWiDxTo ChApMaPeTotalXp
Dark Elf8+1d29+1d2 11+1d2 14+1d4 8+1d2 7 11+1d3 15+1d4 12+1d5 +4+1d25 40
Drakeling 12+1d3 9+1d2 11+1d4 8+1d3 12+1d4 9+1d2 7+1d2 9+1d3 8+1d2 -3+1d25 80
Dwarf 11+1d4 10+1d2 10+1d3 9 12+1d4 9 8+1d2 9+1d2 10+1d2 -4+1d21 60
Gnome 8+1d2 10+1d4 8+1d2 11+1d2 10+1d2 11+1d3 9+1d2 13+1d4 10+1d3 +0+1d28 0
Gray Elf10 12+1d4 9+1d2 13+1d3 7 8 17+1d5 14+1d5 13+1d5 +10+1d3220
High Elf [1]9+1d312+1d48+1d2 14+1d5 8 9+1d2 13+1d4 12+1d3 13+1d4 +7+1d28 30
Human 9+1d3 11+1d3 9+1d3 9+1d3 9+1d3 9+1d3 9+1d3 9+1d3 9+1d3 -7+1d27 0
Hurthling 6 9+1d2 9+1d2 14+1d4 11+1d3 11+1d3 9+1d3 8 9+1d3 -6+1d22 0
Orc 13+1d4 7+1d2 9+1d3 9+1d2 12+1d4 7+1d2 7 5+1d3 7+1d3 -15+1d2660
Troll 17+1d104+1d3 7+1d3 7+1d3 17+1d7 5+1d3 4+1d3 5+1d3 6+1d3 -18+1d38150
Mist Elf10 15+1d6 8+1d3 14+1d4 7 8 22+1d6 19+1d8 16+1d3 +29+1d30120
Ratling 10+1d3 10+1d3 10+1d2 13+1d4 15+1d46+1d2 6 10+1d2 13+1d4 +3+1d24 10

[1] High Elves probably got +1 St and +1 Dx in R+.

Additionally, Hurthlings get a special *0.8 bonus to Xp requirement, Gnomes even better *0.75 bonus, Humans *0.86 bonus. Trolls get a *2.5 penalty.

Class starting attributes
ClassStLeWiDxToCh ApMaPeTotalXp
Archer+1 0 0 +4 0 0 +1 0 +3 +9 20
Assassin+1 +1 0 +2 +1 -2 0 0 +2 +5 35
Barbarian+5 -2 +2 +1 +3 -1 -1 -4 +1 +4 150
Bard 0 +2 +1 +2 +1 +3 +3 +1 +1 +14 10
Beastfighter+4 -1 -1 +4 +4 -2 -1 -2 +2 +7 40
Druid 0 +1 0 0 +2 0 0 +2 +1 +6 30
Elementalist-1 +2 +1 +1 0 -2 -1 +2 0 +2 30
Farmer+2 -2 0 0 +1 -1 -1 0 +1 +0 0
Fighter+3 -2 +1 0 +1 0 0 -3 0 +0 40
Healer-1 +1 +3 +1 +4 +1 0 +1 +1 +11 0
Merchant 0 +1 +2 +1 0 +3 +1 0 +1 +9 5
Mindcrafter-3 +2 +4 +1 -1 0 0 +1 +1 +5 20
Monk+2 +1 +3 +2 +1 -3 -1 -1 +2 +6 60
Necromancer-1 +2 +2 0 +1 -4 -3 +3 0 +0 20
Paladin+2 +1 +2 -1 0 +4 +2 +1 0 +11 60
Priest 0 +2 +4 -1 0 +1 0 +3 0 +9 5
Ranger+2 -1 0 +1 +2 -1 0 0 +3 +6 60
Thief 0 0 0 +3 0 +1 +2 0 +3 +9 25
Weaponsmith+2 -1 +1 +1 +3 0 0 +1 +1 +8 25
Wizard-2 +3 +3 +1 -1 +2 0 +3 +1 +10 5
Chaos Knight+5 -2 +2 0 +5 -4 -5 0 -1 +0 70
Duelist 0 +2 0 +3 0 +3 +2 -2 +1 +9 60

Higher Xp number means more experience is required to advance a level.

The ADOM Manual gives some hints about race/class combinations. For instance, the manual identifies Trolls as the strongest, toughest and stupidest race in the game and suggests that they make good fighters (because of their Strength and Toughness) and lousy magicians (because of their low Learning and Mana). This is true as far as it goes, but Trollish Wizards can be a viable combination if they are played more as fighters to start and later develop their magical talents. Elves make fantastic Wizards (due to their high Learning and Mana) once they gain some experience, but are difficult to keep alive in the early game because of their low Toughness. Humans are a jack of all trades race and can be used with all classes. Some combinations favored by newsgroup readers:

Classes and combinations that are regarded as difficult: Lifespans
RaceStarting ageMax ageGrown upMiddle agedOldVery Old
Dark Elf100+10d61200+10d10120400750900
Gray Elf200+20d102000+20d4025080015002000
High Elf150+10d101500+10d4020065010001350
Mist Elf3000+100d10040000+200d2004000150004500060000
+attributes  +1 St, +2 Le, +2 Wi+1 Le+1 Le, +2 Wi, +2 Ma+2 Le, +1 Wi, +2 Ma
-attributes   -1 St, -2 To, -1 Sp-3 St, -2 Dx, -2 To, -1 Ap, -2 Pe, -2 Sp-4 St, -3 To, -2 Ap, -3 Pe, -4 Sp

Press B to determine your age and age category. You can start the game as either young or grownup. The age category has definite effects on your attribute scores, listed in the effects fields. Generally, you lose Strength, Toughness, Appearance, and Perception with age. On the other hand, you gain Learning, Willpower, and Mana. During normal game, you naturally age very slowly, and this should almost never become any problem. However, undead attacks may unnaturally change your age and age category very quickly, depending on race. Use potions of youth to reverse the effects of unnatural aging. Potions of longevity increase your max age. Beware of cursed potions of youth and longevity though - they may result in an immediate death of old age. Special considerations

Dark Elves - Dark Elves receive very low offers and high prices in Waldenbrook's Dwarftown shop. Dark Elven Necromancers are very Chaotic. It takes some work to get them to Neutral alignment to receive Healing from Jharod, for instance, if that is desired. Dark Elves are unique in that spider corpses are nutritious for them. Poison resistance can still be gained from spider corpses. Also, if a Dark Elven PC is caught in a web and covered by "hundreds of tiny spiders", they won't be bitten and thus won't get poisoned (instead, the message "You welcome your spidery friends." is generated after the spiders swarm). Unlike most other races, Dark Elves' line of sight increases in the nighttime and decreases during the daytime.

Drakelings - Drakelings face special problems in the ToEF (see section 2.5) and D: 49 (see section 3.23). Drakelings who are unlucky enough to find a greater white dragon vault will also face speed problems. Drakelings have a unique racial acid spit - press m to use it - which does Max(2,Level/3)d6+(Level/2) damage, has Max(2, St/4) range, hits target if 1d(Level+10)+Dx > MonstersDV+3, and consumes 5d10+50 food points per spit.

Dwarves - Dwarves have unique access to the Mithril skin talent (+3 PV), and they find secret doors quicker. Also, they are more likely to receive the Rolf's Saviour artifact, and they can read runes on Griff Bloodax's grave.

Humans - No known inherent racial abilities.

Hurthlings - Hurthlings start the game with the Thrown Rocks missile weapon skill at level four. They also start the game wearing a cursed ring, unfortunately. Hurthlings also have a racial dislike for shoes, which causes a loss of Dexterity when Hurthlings use footwear in ADOM. Hurthlings also have an advantage over other races when training the slings and thrown rocks missile weapon skills: they require only two thirds of the marks other races do in order to advance a skill level.

Elves - All elves, High, Gray, or Dark, have very long lifespans. This is worth considering since several of the high level monsters encountered in ADOM have an aging attack. Ghost Lords, for instance, may well age a Human or Troll to death in one or two hits, since these PCs have a life span of 100 years or so at most. Elven PCs do not need to worry about this, since they live for about 1000 years. Balancing this is the fact that they are more fragile than other races in terms of Toughness in the early game.

Gnomes - Gnomes require only 3/4 the number of missile weapon marks to advance their crossbow skill level relative to other races.

Orcs - Like Dark Elves, Orcs receive very low offers and high prices in Waldenbrook's Dwarftown shop. Orcs have a short lifespan relative to other races. Unlike most other races, Orcs' line of sight increases in the nighttime and decreases during the daytime.

Trolls - Trols need about double the amount of food compared to other races. They advance in experience level very slowly relative to other races. Trolls start the game with the Twohanded Weapons melee skill at level two. Do not pay any attention to this if you are playing a trollish Beastfighter. Drop that club and fight unarmed.

Mist Elves - Mist Elves are most unique of all races. Their lifespan is infinite for all practical purposes, and their magical abilities are by far the best. Additionaly, Mist Elves take only half damage from melee attacks. Now for the disadvantages: they suffer somewhat from low Toughness and HP, but their main weakness is their hate of iron - they take damage from wearing iron items. The amount of damage depends on the type of item: one hit point for amulets, bracers or gloves; two hit points for boots, headgear or weapon; five for body armor. They can wear one iron ring without taking damage. Similarly to Dark Elves, they get terrible prices in shops. Finally, lawful and neutral Mist Elves practice White Necromancy, instead of the usual Necromancy. This unique skill requires lumps of clay to create constructs. Read more about this skill in section 0.11.7.

Ratlings - No known inherent racial abilities.

Archers - Archers find more ammunition and fletchery sets, and start at skill level 1 for their starting missile weapon.

Assassins - First Alchemy recipe is always for potion of poison. Assassins can receive the Filk quest as soon as level 30. They get increased damage from backstabbing with daggers.

Barbarians and Beastfighters - With the exception of Elves, they start illiterate. They also face huge difficulties learning spells.

Bards - Bards have an advantage when using Music; their chances for taming/calming down monsters is higher than other classes. Also, pets won't turn on a Bard upon triggering traps on them. Moreover, Bards will find more variation in item modifiers: to-hit/to-damage boni in weapons/missiles and DV/PV boni in armor.

Druids - All Druids start at neutral zero alignment, and get spellbook of Lightning Bolt. Non-summoned animals are neutral towards Druids (including cats). Bugs in the bug-infested temple are not included. Druids need 50% more marks to increase a weapon skills. They get a different reward for completing the Druid quest.

Farmers - Farmers start the game with a large dog pet, level two in Polearms weapon skill and require 20% less marks to increase their Polearms level.

Fighters - No known inherent class abilities.

Healers - The number of turns usually required for natural HP regeneration is halved for Healers. They do not spend any turns whilst using a stethoscope.

Merchants - Merchants always specialize in a certain item: potions, rings, scrolls, or wands. This specialization allows them to identify any item in that category on sight. Merchants have the ability to use thrown gold pieces as effective missiles. Dopplegangers are not able to deflect gold pieces thrown by Merchants. This is the only known way to attack dopplegangers with missiles. Merchants also receive better shop prices, the exception is Terinyo shop. They also find more shops.

Monks - Monks are expert kickers. They start off with a base damage of 1d10 to kicking, which increases as they gain levels - but lose the bonuses if burdened or worse. They cannot injure themselves by kicking the air. Their food consumption is about half the rate of other classes. Monks do not lose Mana when writing scrolls. They start with no gold, except when picking the "Wealthy" talents.

Mindcrafters - Mindcrafters possess really unique Mindcraft abilities no other class can ever obtain. The Ctrl-i command is used to invoke Mindcraft. More on the Mindcraft abilities in section 0.5.3. Mindcrafters have extremely hard time learning spells from books.

Necromancers - The manual states that level 50 Necromancers can return from the dead if their Toughness is greater than 10. It goes on to say that they lose one-half of their Toughness when this happens. It does not mention that if their equipment keeps their Toughness at 10 or more, they can do this indefinitely. Necromancers suffer from low dice modifiers on their skills, finding difficulties to advance Concentration, limited by a 1d3 or 1d5 modifier. Of equal importance for Necromancers is Food Preservation, similarly limited. In contrast, Rangers, Bards and Beastfighters can expect very high 4d5 modifiers on most of their skills. Necromancers also need 100% more marks to increase weapon skills. Like Wizards, Necromancers find all spells (including Wish) in the Library. Finally, they can perform Necromancy very efficiently - see 0.11.6.

Paladins and Priests cannot use their class powers if they do not have enough piety with their deity. They also find more spellbooks. Priests need 50% more marks to increase weapon skills. Paladins do double damage with Justifier.

Rangers - Rangers do not receive the -6 penalty to-hit on each weapon when fighting with two weapons, like other classes do.

Thieves - Along with Dark Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves, Thieves have easier time finding secret doors. And they are masters when it comes to traps. They get increased damage from backstabbing with daggers.

Weaponsmiths - Your PC can never start out burdened - Strength will be raised enough so that the PC can handle the weight. Weaponsmiths start with a very heavy 1000s anvil; this can give weaker races, like Hurthlings, a large, free Strength boost. Weaponsmiths of course have easier time Smithing - see section 0.15.4 for details.

Wizards - Wizards born under the Salamander birthsign always start with spellbook of Fire Bolt. Wizards have easier time writing scrolls. They find more spellbooks than other classes, and they find all spellbokks in the Library, including Wish. On the negative side, Wizards require twice as many weapon marks to advance weapon skill levels.

Beastfighters and Monks increase their Speed, DV, to-hit and damage with level. Beastfighters lose their bonuses if using weapons. Monks get no bonuses if Burdened or worse, wearing a shield, or an armor other than robe, black robe, clean robe, clothes, elven chain mail, Shirt of the Saints, Robes of Resistance wearing armor heavier than 60s. The Speed bonus for both classes is lvl/2, to-hit bonus is lvl*2 + lvl/3 - (lvl-1)/5 - 1. Beastfighter's damage is 1d(4+lvl/3*2) + lvl/2+lvl/4, Monk's damage is 1d(8+lvl) + lvl/4. Beastfighters get +1 DV every third level, Monks get +1 DV in two levels out of three. Monks get also bonuses to kicking if not wielding weapons (they start with 1d10).

Bonuses for Beastfighters and Monks
Level Speed To-hit Damage DV
BeastfighterMonk BeastfighterMonk
1 0 +1 1d4+0 1d9+0 0 0
5 +2 +10 1d6+3 1d13+1 +1 +3
10 +5 +21 1d10+7 1d18+2 +3 +6
15 +7 +32 1d14+10 1d23+3 +5 +10
20 +10 +42 1d16+15 1d28+5 +6 +13
25 +12 +53 1d20+18 1d33+6 +8 +16
30 +15 +64 1d24+22 1d38+7 +10 +20
35 +17 +74 1d26+25 1d43+8 +11 +23
40 +20 +85 1d30+30 1d48+10 +13 +26
45 +22 +95 1d34+33 1d53+11 +15 +30
50 +25 +1061d36+37 1d58+12 +16 +33

Elementalists - Elementalists suffer from low dice modifiers on their skills, similarly to Necromancers. They also need 100% more marks to increase weapon skills. They have unique ability to gain access and increase knowledge in certain spells according to the following table:

Elementalists spell charges
Level Spell Increase Max increase
1-4 Burning Hands Level * 5 + 50 none
5-14 Level * 4 + 35 none
15+ Level * 3 + 25 none
1-4 Frost Bolt Level * 2 + 15 none
5+ Level * 4 + 50 none
5-14 Fire Bolt Level * 5 + 15 none
15+ Level * 5 + 25 none
5+ Fireball Level / 3 10
10+ Earthquake Level / 2 5
15+ Improved Fireball Level / 4 5
20+ Lightning Ball Level / 4 5
25+ Ice Ball Level / 4 5

Chaos Knights - Chaos Knights are the most unique class. They start out with extremely high PV, are very strong and tough, and are eligible for some extremely powerful crowning gifts. Now on the worse side. Their class powers are recalculated each turn. They start with 3 corruptions. If chaotic, most useful NPC's will simply ignore them. This includes all inhabitants of Terinyo, Arena, Dwarftown, and more. If neutral, they are unable to use any class powers, take fire damage every 5 turns (need fire resistance), and get -2 to all attributes. If lawful, even more fire damage (need fire immunity) and further -2 to all attributes. Finally, chaotic Chaos Knights shall not attempt an ordinary ending, since that results in disaster - most stupid follower of ChAoS ending.

Duelists - Duelists cannot activate or benefit from any class powers if wearing a shield, dualwielding, wielding a two-handed weapon, wearing heavy armor (250s seems to be the limit), or if burdened or worse. If these conditions are met, Duelists get bonuses of +1 to hit and +1 to damage per two skill levels for their wielded weapon. They require 20% less weapon marks for one handed weapons except polearms, but train much harder in other weapon categories (and shields) and need over 10 times the usual amount of marks for missile weapons. Race-specific starting companions
RaceBard petFarmer pet
Drakelinggiant lizardlarge dog
Dwarfcave bear
Dark Elfgiant spider
Gray Elffairy dragon
High Elfcooshoo
Gnomegiant raccoon
Humansilver wolf
Hurthlingbig dog
Orcdire wolf
Trollcave bear
Mist Elfmist wolflarge dog
Ratlinggargantuan rat Class-specific starting items
ClassHeir item
Archer40 winged arrows/quarrels/rocks/scurgari of hunting (race dependent)
Assassinpoisonous adamantium dagger
Barbarianbrutal mithril two handed sword
Bardseven league boots
Beastfightervigilant light furs of protection
Druidyellow leather armor of balance of life
Elementalistring of minor elemental mastery
Farmervigilant clothes of resilience
Fightereternium girdle
Healerelven chain mail of health
Merchantbeautiful leather armor of carrying
Mindcrafterempowered robe of protection
Monkpadded clean robe of defense
Necromancerchaotic skull staff of slaughtering
Paladinlawful mithril long sword (even chaotics get this - probably a bug)
Priestswift heavy mace of the sun
Rangermasterwork mithril battle axe of the eagle
Thiefadamantium dagger of penetration
Weaponsmithbrutal wicked mithril warhammer
Wizardwand of fire (30 charges)
Chaos Knightchaotic mithril battle axe of slaughtering
Duelistmasterwork <weapon> of defense (race dependent)

0.1.5 History

Four paragraphs describe PC's history (or Background): information about parents, childhood, youthhood, and young adulthood. All of these are pretty random and have little significance - different descriptions probably modify slightly starting attributes. Additional research is needed on this topic. History messages
Parents Your parents belong to the lower class. They were honest hard-working people, who did everything to enable you to live a comfortable and fine life. They were not very successful.
Your parents are travelling adventurers. Both are competent, talented and doing very well.
Your father is a guildmaster. Your family generally is rather wealthy and well-known in your home town.
Your mother is a mighty enchantress. She is unmarried. Your father is living in the vicinity of your mother's tower. He is a humble shepherd.
Your parents belong to the nobility. They are rich, respected, wealthy and own more than they can count.
Childhood In your childhood you were tortured by your cruel parents. They seemed to thoroughly hate and despise you.
As a young child you were often alone. You did not have any friends. You do not like to remember those times. They were very sad.
As a child you had to survive pretty harsh times since your parents seemed to have run out of luck. Their wealth was ever-declining and times were very hard.
As a child your parents cared a lot for you. Despite all circumstances you enjoyed a happy and fine childhood.
As a child you lived through happy days. Your parents tried to ease your life as much as possible and gave you a lot of comfort.
In your childhood you were a credit to your family. Your people loved you and enjoyed your presence.
In your childhood you were fascinated by your environment and the everchanging wonders of the world. You were a very curious and adventurous child.
During your childhood one of your uncles taught you a lot of things about the history of your people. Your vast knowledge on the legends and the lore of your people made you very popular with your friends because of all the exciting stories you knew.
Youth In your youth you became seriously ill and suffered for many years. When your disease finally was cured you were left weakened, both physically and spiritually, and bereft of the joys of youth.
During your youth you were very lazy. You slept a lot and didn't care too much for your duties and tasks. Your parents were not very happy with you.
As a kid you often watched the adult adventurers preparing for new exciting journeys. They sparked your imagination.
In your youth you enjoyed competition against others to the fullest. You were a very active kid.
During your youth you had a lot of fun playing with other kids of your age. You always were a natural leader and the center of interest.
As a youth you spent a lot of time in the wilds exploring woods and generally enjoying your freedom. You had a lot of fun and learned to value the treasures of nature.
Young adult As a young adult you left your home because of trouble with your parents. They opposed your plans for the future without understanding your wishes. Thus you decided to live on your own. You wandered through the country for many years, growing older and wiser and learning many things.
Your young adulthood was characterized by hard and long work. You had decided to study under a renowned master. To your great disappointment you had to find out, that he was a hard, unjust and tyrannic man, embittered by his old age. Your apprentice years were quite terrible.
As a young adult you spent a lot of time searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in your life. You pondered and pondered but nothing truly sparked your interest. Finally, after many many hours, you made a decision.
As a young adult you were a credit to your family. Your parents supported your plans and were very understanding. They tried to help you along your way with all means at their disposal.
Your path was always clearly lying before you. You knew about your destiny since your earliest years and fortunately your grandfather supported your wishes. You managed to find a competent trainer and began your studies.
Your life as a young adult was characterized by steady determination. Your goal lay clearly ahead of you and you never strayed from your path. History messages for Barbarians
Parents Your father was an accomplished hunter and warrior. You were well- respected and comparatively wealthy.
Your mother was a wise shaman and healer. You didn't know your father and his origins seem to be very mysterious.
Childhood As a child you were not accepted by the other children of your tribe. Your childhood was sad and lonely.
As a child you were very active and imitated the hunters and warriors of your tribe at all opportunities.
Youth During your youth you traveled to nearby tribes and traded with them. You met many strangers and learned a lot about the outside world.
In your youth you strived very hard to become the best warrior in your tribe. You watched, learned and became very strong and nimble.
Young adult As a young adult you more and more separated from the more traditional members of your tribe. Your desire to see the outside world became overwhelming.
As a young adult your family was killed in a raid. You became embittered and filled with the desire for revenge. History messages for Mist Elves
Parents You remember rising from the Mists... so long ago. Your brethren welcomed you into your physical existence and cared for you until you managed to cope on your own. Thus decades passed.
Childhood As a young child you were taught by the elders of your race. They showed to you the whole breadth of creation and opened your mind to encompass whatever your life goal would become. Thus centuries passed.
Youth You spent your youth honing your skills and preparing for the ultimate quest that would change you forever: the trip to the mists of Destiny. Thus millennia passed and empires rose and fell.
Young adult As a young adult your community prepared you for the final step towards adolescence: your Destiny Quest in the Mists of Time. In the full knowledge that this quest would change you forever you finally entered the Mists that birthed you and emerged changed... as decreed by the Dreamers from Beyond.
Mist Elves receive this history regardless of class. History messages for Chaos Knights
Parents You were raised in an orphanage with no knowledge of your parents other than dark rumors. The local priest always avoided you.
Your parents were slaves. Though poor they loved you, but they could not protect you from a harsh life.
Your mother was poor and forced to work as a prostitute. Your father was unknown. As her looks withered so did your family's fortune, and you often went hungry in dank alleys.
Your mother died in tortured childbirth and you were raised by your father. He always resented you for her death, and your stepmother hated you lividly.
You were born beneath a blood-red moon. Some called it an ill omen, but the influence of your wealthy parents put down any persecution.
Childhood From an early age you suffered years of abuse. But where others broke, you were hardened, and the memories have never left you.
As a child you were gifted, but often misunderstood. Your powers made others jealous, or afraid.
You were a selfish child, demanding that your every whim be met and throwing fits when it was denied.
In your childhood you were obsessed with knowledge, seeking secrets in places no others would dare.
As a young child you were ostracized from the other children. You spent a lot of time alone, dark thoughts slowly brewing.
Youth Your youth was spent in strict servitude to the local church. You resented each command and order, and took every opportunity you could to defile their sacred relics.
You were a quiet youth, spending much time alone in the woods. You used to hunt small animals, sometimes playing with their corpses. One day your collection of trophies was found by your carer, and you were never allowed into the woods again.
Your youth involved a lot of travel, usually on the run from the law. You saw many strange places and came in touch with odd people, but you never felt settled or relaxed.
During your youth you became involved in a local gang, carrying out various acts of petty theft and even some more serious crimes.
As a youth you were a brutish bully, torturing other children and dominating anyone around you.
You were a fey youth, prone to playful games and following your own mood. You were known for being active, curious and devilishly cunning.
Young adult As a young adult you became initiated into a local cult, performing vile rites and taking part in dark orgies of sin. You reveled in this worship of chaos, and accepted it as core to your being.
As you grew older you became enamored with fire. Minor toying soon rose to acts of arson, and eventually you burned down your whole village. To this day none know you were the cause.
You once fell in love with a young brethren, who encouraged you to repent from your darker ways. But a voice came to you in the night, and you could not resist its terrible instructions. The muffled screams still echo through your head.
As a young adult you rose in society as a manipulator and shrewd politician. You bred corruption, and profited immensely, but were eventually found out and put to trial. Only by your network of contacts did you manage to escape.
In your later years you became a sword for hire, known for your brutal and bloody murders. But you made many enemies, and suffered many scars from close encounters.

0.1.6 Opening question system

The attribute modifying questions can be found here, along with their exact function. You can disable the whole thing by setting the Questioned_Attributes variable to false.

0.1.7 Talents

Press Alt-t to display your talents, press :T to display talents available at next opportunity.

Besides the ADOM Manual, detailed description of all available talents in text format can be found here. However based on player's experience, the following table provides the best reference.

StartingLevel 1AlertTreasure Hunter (9), Missile Weapon Master (3-7)+1 Pe3, 4 for Archers
CharmingHeir (3-10)+1 Ch1, 2 for males and Bards
Dextrous +1 Dx3
Fey-Blooded +1 Ma3, 2 for non-spellcasters
Good Looks +1 Ap1, 2 for females
Learned +1 Le [4]4
Strong +1 St4, 5-7 for melee characters
Strong of WillMelee Weapon Master (5-7), Saint (2)+1 Wi3, 4 for Mindcrafters
Tough +1 To4
Level 1WealthyVery Wealthy3x starting money1, 3 for Merchants
Level 1, WealthyVery WealthyFilthy Rich2x starting money
Level 1, Very WealthyFilthy Rich 2x starting money
Level 1Boon to the FamilyHeir (3-10)2x starting money1
Level 1, Charming, Boon to the FamilyHeir receive a special magical item inherited from family, see 3-10 depending on class, 10 for Bards
Level 1, Le 9+SkilledVery Skilled+2 to all initial skills3
Level 1, Skilled, Le 12+Very SkilledExtremely Skilled+3 to all initial skills
Level 1, Very Skilled, Le 15+Extremely Skilled +5 to all initial skills
Level 1Long Lived +30% to MaxAge1-5 depending on race (1-Elves, 5-Trolls)
Level 1Strong Legs kicking in doors is much easier, +2 to kick damage1, 4 for Monks
Melee Affinity with AxesMelee Weapon Master (5-7)+2 to hit with axes6, 5 for spellcasters
Affinity with Clubs and Hammers+2 to hit with clubs and hammers
Affinity with Daggers and Knives+2 to hit with daggers and knives
Affinity with Maces and Flails+2 to hit with maces and flails
Affinity with Polearms+2 to hit with polearms
Affinity with Swords+2 to hit with swords
Affinity with Whips+4 to hit with whips
Affinity with Staves+2 to hit with staves
Affinity with Twohanded Weapons+2 to hit with twohanded weapons
3 melee weapon affinities, Defensive Fighter, Strong of WillMelee Weapon Master +3 to hit and damage in melee7, 5 for spellcasters
St 13+Brawler +2 to hit in unarmed melee combat1, 7 for Monks and Beastfighters
 AggressiveNatural Berserker (4-8)+1 to hit in melee5, 2 for spellcasters
AggressiveNatural Berserker +2 to hit and damage when berserking4-8, depending on playstyle
 Ambidextrous +2 to hit when fighting with two melee weapons6
 BasherPowerful Strike+1 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones9, 6 for spellcasters
Basher, St 13+Powerful StrikeMighty Strike+2 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones
Powerful Strike, St 18+Mighty Strike +3 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than 100 stones
Missile Affinity with BowsMissile Weapon Master (3-7)+2 to hit with bows5, 4 for spellcasters, 7 for Archers
Affinity with Crossbows+2 to hit with crossbows
Affinity with Slings+2 to hit with slings
Affinity with Boomerangs and Scurgari+4 to hit with boomerangs and scurgari
Affinity with Thrown Daggers+3 to hit with thrown daggers
Affinity with Thrown Axes and Hammers+3 to hit with thrown axes and hammers
Affinity with Thrown Rocks and Clubs+3 to hit with thrown rocks and clubs
Affinity with Thrown Spears+3 to hit with thrown spears
3 missile weapon affinities, Alert, Keen ShotMissile Weapon Master +3 to hit and damage with missile weapons5, 3 for spellcasters, 7 for Archers
 Good ShotKeen Shot, Eagle-Eyed+1 to hit and damage with missile weapons6, 4 for spellcasters, 9 for Archers
Good Shot, Dx 13+Keen ShotMissile Weapon Master (3-7), Quick Shot (5-9), Far Shot (2-3)+2 to hit and damage with missile weapons
Good Shot, Dx 18+, Archery 80+Eagle-Eyed +3 to hit and damage with missile weapons
Keen Shot, QuickQuick ShotLightning Shotmissile attacks require 10% less energy7, 5 for spellcasters, 9 for Archers
Quick Shot, Archery 60+Lightning Shot missile attacks require 10% less energy
Keen Shot, St 10+Far Shot missile attack ranges are increased by 20%2, 3 for Archers
St 12+Strong Thrower +2 range with thrown weapons2, 5 for throwers
Defensive CarefulVery Careful (4-7), Defensive Fighter (7), Good Book Caster (5-8)+1 DV5
CarefulVery Careful +3 DV when very defensive or coward4, 7 for spellcasters
Careful, QuickDefensive FighterDodger, Melee Weapon Master (5-7)+2 DV7
Defensive Fighter, Dodge 75+Dodger +2 DV
 Shield SpecialistShield Expert+1 DV when wielding shield7
Shield Specialist, Shield Weapon Skill 3+Shield ExpertShield Master+2 DV when wielding shield
Shield Expert, Shield Weapon Skill 6+Shield Master +3 DV when wielding shield
To 10+HardyVery Hardy, Tough Skin (5-7)+3 HP4, 5-7 in early game
Hardy, To 15+Very HardyExtremely Hardy+6 HP
Very Hardy, To 20+Extremely Hardy +9 HP
Hardy, To 12+Tough SkinIron Skin+1 PV5, 7 for Dwarves
Tough Skin, To 15+Iron SkinSteel Skin, Immune to Pain (5)+1 PV
Iron Skin, To 20+Steel SkinMithril Skin+2 PV
Steel Skin, DwarfMithril Skin +3 PV
Iron Skin, Wi 15+Immune to Pain one point of damage is always negated for all attacks; at least one point of damage will be caused nonetheless5
MagicalMa 10+Potent AuraStrong Aura, Charged (2-3), Strong Magic (3-6), Strong Healer (4-7), Good Book Learner (4) +3 PP4
Potent Aura, Ma 12+Strong AuraMighty Aura, Durable Magic (3-4), Great Book Learner (4), Good Book Caster (5-8)+6 PP
Strong Aura, Ma 15+Mighty AuraExtended Magic (3-4), Great Book Caster (5-8)+9 PP
Potent Aura, Ma 16+Charged regenerates PP at higher speed [5]2, 3 for spellcasters
Potent Aura, Ma 15+Strong Magic +2 to all damage caused by spells3, 6 for spellcasters
Strong Aura, Wi 16+Durable Magic all spell durations are increased by the PCs current level times 33, 4 for spellcasters
Mighty Aura, Ma 24+Extended Magic all spell ranges are increased by 23, 4 for spellcasters
Potent Aura, Wi 15+Strong Healer +4 to HP healed by spells4-6, 7 for spellcasters
Potent Aura, Good LearnerGood Book LearnerGreat Book LearnerPC is 10% more effective when learning spells from books4
Strong Aura, Great Learner, Good Book LearnerGreat Book Learner PC is 10% more effective when learning spells from books
Careful, Strong Aura, Dx 14+Good Book CasterGreat Book Castercasting spells from books costs only double PP 7-8, 5 for spellcasters
Mighty Aura, Good Book Caster, Dx 18+, Pe 15+Great Book Caster casting spells from books costs only 50% more PP
MiscellaneousLe 10+Good LearnerGreat Learner, Good Book Learner (4)+2% to all xp gained4, 5 for Trolls
Good Learner, Le 16+Great LearnerGreat Book Learner (4)+3% to all xp gained
St 8+, Dx 10+PorterMaster Packager10% more carrying capacity6, 8 for Monks
Porter, Le 12+, Pe 12+Master PackagerBeast of Burden20% more carrying capacity
Master Packager, Wi 12+, To 12+Beast of Burden 30% more carrying capacity
 QuickVery Quick, Defensive Fighter (7), Quick Shot (5-9)+2 Speed8
QuickVery QuickGreased Lightning+3 Speed
Very Quick, Dx 15+Greased Lightning +4 Speed
Ch 10+Silver TongueNatural Tradershop prices are reduced by 10%3
Silver Tongue, Ch 14+Natural Trader shop prices are reduced by 20%
Wi 15+PiousVery Piousprayers are 5% less expensive2
Pious, Wi 20+Very PiousSaintprayers are 5% less expensive
Strong of Will, Very Pious, Wi 30+Saint prayers are 5% less expensive
 Healthy heals wounds 20% faster6, 4 for spellcasters
Pe 18+Sixth Sense more easily evades traps [2]6
 Mechanically Inclined all Disarm Traps checks are 10% easier1
 MiserTreasure Hunter (9)finds more gold [3]4
Alert, MiserTreasure Hunter finds more items [1]9
 Long Stride movement costs but 950 energy points7
Dx 10+, Pe 13+Scout more likely to evade wilderness encounters, less likely to be ambushed5, 3 for spellcasters
 Stealthy all Stealth checks are 10% easier3

[1] If a killed monster would drop nothing, then there is another check with 12.5% chance that it will drop something.

[2] Gives 16.7% chance to avoid traps.

[3] Predominately useful as a prerequisite for Treasure Hunter. There is 20% chance for Gold=Gold+(Gold/100*(1d20+100)).

[4] Note that talents are applied after skills are set, so this will not help starting with Literacy.

[5] If you aren't already gaining PP from another source (like Concentration), you have a 3% chance of gaining 1 PP.

0.1.8 Name

Of course, you can choose the PC's name freely, and you can also rename the PC later using the name command. You may as well let the game select a name for the PC, if you just press Enter to the game prompt, but only if Allow_Default_Names is set to true, that is. Otherwise you are required to enter a name! The monster memory remembers PC's name and provides verbal descriptions of their current experience level, attributes except Perception (including Perception), and DV/PV values.

0.1.9 Starting equipment

By the way, press i to view your equipped inventory, press I to view the contents of your bag directly. Beware of your :burden levels too, they depend on Strength. Race starting equipment
RaceStarting equipment
Drakelingiron ration
Dwarfiron ration
Dark Elfspider bread
Gray Elfelven bread
High Elfiron ration
Gnomeiron ration, gnomish boots (except Barbarian,Monk,Druid) [1], 2d2 torches, box with flint and steel, tinderbox
Humaniron ration, 2d2 torches, box with flint and steel, tinderbox
Hurthlingcooking set, cursed ring, 2 iron rations, 25%: elven bread, 2d2 torches, box with flint and steel, tinderbox, no boots
Orciron ration
Troll2 iron rations (Nec get only 1), heavy club & raw meat (except Wiz,Ele,Nec,Due), thick furs (except Wiz,Ele,Nec,Far)
Mist Elfiron ration
Ratlingiron ration

[1] Gnomes except Barbarians, Monks and Druids get no other boots, even if there should be some boots generated for class (Monks get sandals, Barbarians get light boots, Druids get no boots). Class starting equipment
ClassStarting equipment
Archer Human: leather armor, leather cap, apple, leather boots, gloves, dagger, long bow, arrows, fletchery set
Troll: throwing clubs
High Elf, Gray Elf, Mist Elf [4]: elven chain mail, leather boots, gloves, dagger, long bow, arrows, fletchery set
Dark Elf: elven chain mail, hand crossbow, dark elven quarrels, leather boots, light cloak, short sword, fletchery set
Dwarf: chain mail, heavy boots, heavy crossbow, quarrels, hand axe, light cloak, fletchery set
Gnome: light cloak, fletchery set, leather armor, light crossbow, quarrels, dagger
Hurthling: light cloak, clothes, gloves, sling, rocks, dagger
Orc: studded leather armor, heavy boots, light crossbow, quarrels, club, fletchery set
Drakeling: clothes, drakish scurgari, short sword
Ratling: leather armor, light cloak, short sword, light crossbow, quarrels, torches, fletchery set
AssassinAll: hooded cloak, 1d3+1 potions of poison, 1d4+5 daggers, gloves, hood
Human: leather boots, long sword, leather armor, dagger
Troll: leather boots
Elf [4]: leather boots, elven chain mail, 2 short swords
Dwarf: leather boots, hand axe, small shield, studded leather armor
Gnome: leather armor, short sword, dagger
Hurthling: boomerang
Orc: studded leather armor, battle axe, medium shield
Drakeling: clothes, bracers of protection, scimitar, dagger, drakish scurgari
Ratling: leather armor, leather boots, short sword, light crossbow, quarrels
Barbarian Human: light furs, two-handed sword, dagger, leather boots, amulet of luck, 2 iron rations
Troll: 4d4 rocks
High Elf, Gray Elf, Mist Elf [4]: long sword, hooded cloak, leather boots, leather armor, arrows, 1d2+1 dry meat, short bow or long bow
Dark Elf: hooded cloak, hood, clothes, 2 short swords, throwing knife, spider bread, 1d4+1 potions of poison
Dwarf: thick furs, bone helmet, leather boots, battle axe, 2d2 throwing clubs, 1d2 iron rations, 5d2 potions of booze
Gnome: hood, light furs, light boots, spear, sling, 1d3+3 rocks
Hurthling: light furs, short bow, 1d3+3 arrows, club
Orc: orcish helmet, studded leather armor, orcish spear, heavy boots, rocks
Drakeling: heavy spear, throwing club
Ratling: bone helmet, leather boots, studded leather armor, battle axe, light crossbow, quarrels
BardAll: 2-3 instruments, wand of light, whistle
All except Troll: 33%:sandals or 67%:leather boots, clothes, 50%:leather cap, dagger, more gold
All except Dark Elf [2]: 2d2 torches, box with flint and steel, tinderbox
Human, High Elf, Gray Elf: long sword
Mist Elf: mithril short sword
Dark Elf, Ratling: short sword, dagger
Gnome, Hurthling: short sword
Dwarf: hand axe
Orc: battle axe
Drakeling: scimitar, drakish scurgari
Beastfighter All except Troll and Dark Elf: light furs, 1d4+4 fresh meat, 1d4 apples, 1d3 melons
Human: leather boots
High Elf, Gray Elf, Mist Elf: leather boots, leather cap
Dark Elf: spider shell armor, leather boots
Dwarf: heavy boots
DruidAll: apple, melon, wooden shield, 2 potions, spellbook of lightning bolt
Human: leather armor, light cloak, sandals, spellbook, cudgel
Troll: hood, light cloak
Elf [4]: hood, leather armor, light cloak, scimitar, leather boots
Dwarf: heavy boots, hooded cloak, studded leather armor, heavy cudgel
Gnome: hooded cloak, leather armor, club
Hurthling: leather cap, leather armor, leather girdle, hooded cloak, club
Orc: quarterstaff, hooded cloak, studded leather armor, heavy boots, leather girdle
Drakeling: bracers of defense, robe, hooded cloak, leather girdle, scimitar or quarterstaff
Ratling: hooded cloak, leather armor, club, leather boots
ElementalistAll: robe, quarterstaff or dagger, sandals or leather boots, ring of fire resistance, ring, 2 potions, 2 wands, scroll, scroll & potion or scroll & wand or potion & wand, more gold
FarmerAll: hood, sandals, 1d4+2 herb seeds, 1d4+8 plant seeds, cooking set, fletchery set, whistle
All except Troll: clothes
Human, Ratling: scythe, 3d2 iron rations
Troll: light furs, 3d2 large rations
High Elf, Gray Elf: scythe, 3d2 loaves of elven bread
Mist Elf: mithril scimitar
Dark Elf: scythe, 3d2 loaves of spider bread
Dwarf: scythe, 3d2 loaves of dwarvish bread
Gnome: sickle, 5d4 bits of plain candy
Hurthling: sickle, 3d2 loaves of hurthling bread
Orc, Drakeling: scythe, 3d2 pieces of dry meat
Fighter Human: chain mail, medium shield, broadsword, heavy boots, light cloak
High Elf, Gray Elf: elven chain mail, small shield, long sword, potion of extra healing, leather boots, light cloak
Mist Elf: elven chain mail, light cloak, mithril scimitar, small mithril shield, mithril boots, potion of extra healing
Dark Elf: elven chain mail, small shield, short sword, hand crossbow, 4 dark elven quarrels, leather boots
Dwarf: chain mail, small shield, battle axe, horned helmet, heavy boots, gauntlets
Gnome: leather armor, leather cap, hand axe, small shield, leather cloak
Hurthling: leather armor, leather cap, small shield, short sword, sling & rocks or short bow & arrows
Orc: studded leather armor, raw meat, heavy boots, spear & metal cap & 2 daggers or battle axe & medium shield or broadsword & medium shield
Drakeling: scale mail, scimitar, medium shield, 2 raw meats
Ratling: leather armor, leather cloak, broadsword, medium shield
HealerAll: 1d3+1d2 potions of extra healing, 2d4+3 bandages, scalpel, stethoscope
Human: clothes, light cloak, light boots
High Elf, Gray Elf: bracers of defense, clothes, 1d3 healing potions, light boots
Mist Elf: bracers of defense, robe, 1d3 healing potions, leather boots
Dark Elf: hand crossbow, dark elven quarrels, 1d3 potions of poison, light cloak, clothes, light boots
Dwarf: leather armor, warhammer, heavy boots, 1d2 potions of healing
Gnome: clothes, light cloak, 1d3+1d2-1 potions of booze
Hurthling: 1d4+1d2-1 potions of healing, clothes, light cloak
Orc: heavy boots, thick gauntlets, clothes, club, 1d3 potions of poison
Drakeling: clothes, bracers of defense, light cloak, 1d2 potions of healing, sandals
Ratling: robe, light cloak, short sword, 1d3 potions of healing
MerchantAll: more gold, 7-10 rings or 5-8 wands or 11-26 scrolls or 11-17 potions
Human: leather boots, clothes, club, 2 rings, gold x1
Troll: leather boots, gold x1
High Elf, Gray Elf: leather boots, clothes, short sword, gold x10
Mist Elf: leather boots, clothes, gloves, mithril short sword, gold x20
Dark Elf: leather boots, clothes, 2 daggers, hand crossbow, dark elven quarrels, gold x3
Dwarf: leather boots, chain mail, warhammer, gold x20
Gnome: leather armor, short sword, leather cap, gold x5
Hurtling: clothes, leather cap, club, gold x3
Orc: leather boots, studded leather armor, broadsword, 2 daggers, club, gold x1
Drakeling: clothes, bracers of defense, short sword, gold x2
Ratling: clothes, leather boots, club, gold x5
MindcrafterAll: sandals, ring of stun resistance, ring, 1d2 scrolls, 2 potions, 2 wands, scroll & potion or scroll & wand or potion & wand, more gold
All except Troll: robe, quarterstaff
Mist Elf: gloves
MonkAll: no gold [3]
All except Troll: robe, quarterstaff
All except Mist Elf and Hurthling: sandals
Mist Elf: leather boots
NecromancerAll: sandals or leather boots, ring, scroll, 4 potions, book [1], scroll & potion or scroll & wand or potion & wand, more gold
All except Mist Elf: black robe, skull dagger or skull staff Troll: heavy skull club
Mist Elf: mithril mace, gloves
PaladinAll: holy symbol
Human: chain mail, metal cap, long sword, mace, medium shield, gauntlets, leather boots, apple
Troll: one-handed weapon (up to DL 3), food
High Elf, Gray Elf: elven chain mail, long sword, metal cap, leather boots, 1d3 loaves of elven bread
Mist Elf: elven chain mail, mithril cap, mithril dagger, mithril boots, mithril long sword
Dark Elf: elven chain mail, short sword, hand crossbow, dark elven quarrels, 1d3 daggers, spider bread, leather boots
Dwarf: plate mail, horned helmet, gauntlets, iron boots, battle axe or warhammer, medium shield
Gnome: chain mail, leather cap, short sword, small shield, potion
Hurthling: chain mail, leather cap, short sword, small shield, potion
Orc: chain mail, spear, everburning torch, metal cap, iron boots, gauntlets
Drakeling: scale mail, scimitar, medium shield, metal cap, 3 one-handed weapons
Ratling: metal cap, studded leather armor, mace, gauntlets, iron boots
PriestAll: holy symbol, 1d3+1 potions of water, spellbook, scroll, potion of healing
Human: mace or flail or club, robe & small shield & sandals & 2 scrolls & 2 potions & spellbook & 3 iron rations or chain mail & medium shield & leather boots & light cloak
High Elf, Gray Elf, Mist Elf [4]: mace or flail or club, elven chain mail, long bow, arrows, leather boots, hooded cloak, scroll, spellbook, instrument
Dark Elf: mace or flail or club, elven chain mail, hooded cloak, hood, leather boots, dagger, 2 spellbooks, 1d2 potions of poison
Dwarf: warhammer or battle axe, chain mail, heavy boots, metal cap, 2 potions, medium shield
Gnome: mace or flail or club, leather armor, leather cap, small shield, spellbook, scroll
Hurthling: mace or flail or club, clothes, hat, hooded cloak, small shield, potion, potion of extra healing, instrument
Orc: chain mail, spear, everburning torch, hooded cloak, heavy boots
Drakeling: mace or flail or club, bracers of protection, clothes, scimitar, 2 scrolls
Ratling: mace or flail or club, leather armor, leather cap, small shield, 2 potions, spellbook
Ranger Human: long sword, hand axe, leather armor, light boots, short bow, arrows
High Elf, Gray Elf, Mist Elf [4]: elven chain mail, short sword, dagger, light cloak, light boots, short bow, arrows
Dark Elf: elven chain mail, scimitar, scimitar, light cloak, light boots
Dwarf: leather armor, light boots, leather cap, battle axe, club, light crossbow, quarrels
Gnome: leather armor, leather cap, hand axe, dagger, short bow, arrows
Hurthling: leather armor, light cloak, short sword, dagger, short bow, arrows
Orc: studded leather armor, iron boots, thick gauntlets, leather cap, battle axe, club, light crossbow, quarrels
Drakeling: clothes, bracers of defense, ring of protection, scimitar, short sword, drakish scurgari
Ratling: leather armor, 2 hand axes, light boots, light crossbow, quarrels
ThiefAll: thieves picks
Human, High Elf, Gray Elf: leather armor, leather cap, gloves, light boots, short sword, 1d3 daggers
Mist Elf: robe, light cloak, mithril short sword, mithril dagger, bracers od defense, gloves, light boots, short bow, mithril arrows
Dark Elf: clothes, light cloak, bracers of defense, light boots, gloves, short sword, dagger, hand crossbow, dark elven quarrels
Dwarf: leather armor, leather cap, gloves, light boots, hand axe, 1d3 daggers
Gnome: leather armor, leather cap, gloves, short sword, 1d3 daggers
Hurthling: leather armor, leather cap, gloves, short sword, 1d3 daggers
Orc: studded leather armor, leather cap, light boots, club, dagger
Drakeling: clothes, bracers of defense, light cloak, scimitar, dagger, drakish scurgari
Ratling: leather cap, leather armor, short sword, light boots, 1d3 daggers
WeaponsmithAll: ring of fire resistance, anvil
Human: leather apron, heavy boots, large hammer, 1d4+1 iron ingots
Troll: large hammer, 1d12+2 iron ingots
Elf [4]: elven chain mail, leather boots, long sword, warhammer, 1d3+1 iron ingots
Mist Elf: thick gauntlets
Dwarf: leather apron, 2 warhammers, heavy boots, 10%:mithril ingot or 90%:1d8 iron ingots
Gnome: leather apron, warhammer, small shield, leather cap, 1d5 iron ingots
Hurthling: leather apron, leather cap, warhammer, 1d2 iron ingots
Orc: studded leather armor, heavy boots, warhammer, gauntlets, 1d3 iron ingots
Drakeling: clothes, scimitar, warhammer, drakish scurgari, 1d4 iron ingots
Ratling: leather cap, leather apron, large hammer, short sword, 1d2 iron ingots
WizardAll: robe, leather boots or sandals, quarterstaff or dagger, 2 rings, 3 potions, wand, 1d2 scrolls, 2 spellbooks, spellbook & scroll or wand
All except Dark Elf [2]: 2d2 torches, box with flint and steel, tinderbox
Mist Elf: gloves
Chaos KnightAll [4]: horned helmet, full plate armor, metal girdle, light cloak, thick gauntlets, iron boots
Human, Orc, Ratling: two-handed sword or huge iron hammer or great axe
Troll: huge iron hammer
Elf [4]: long spear
Dwarf: great axe
Gnome: battle axe, small shield
Hurthling, Drakeling: scythe
DuelistAll: leather girdle, leather boots, hooded cloak, fencing gloves
Human: leather armor, broadsword
Troll: trollish war club
Gray Elf, High Elf, Mist Elf [4]: elven chain mail, long sword or sabre or rapier
Dark Elf: leather armor, sabre or rapier or whip
Dwarf: horned helmet, leather armor, battle axe
Gnome: leather armor, hand axe
Hurthling: leather armor, short sword
Orc: leather armor, battle axe
Drakeling: leather armor, scimitar
Ratling: leather armor, sabre or rapier

[1] The Necromancer's book can be spellbook or tract of chaos or confucious book; in case of spellbook it will be Frost Bolt.

[2] Humans, Gnomes and Hurthlings get torches, flint and steel and tinderbox only once.

[3] All PCs except Monks also get some gold.

[4] Mist Elves always start with mithril, instead of iron items whenever possible.

Updated September 16th, 2016