Credit Laszlo. BUGS

Known bugs with the Talent system:

The Good Learner talent grants an experience of 40% rather than the stated 2%. The Great Learner talent gives a net experience gain of ~20%. So Good Learner alone is much better than Great Learner.

The Skilled talent causes the game to crash. Do not select it.

All bug should be fixed in R+.


Alphabetical list of talents:


Here's a list of useful or potentially useful talents. Basically, anything that got a rating of 6 or above. Entries in brackets are only worthwhile as prerequisites. Details about all talents are listed below. Note that not all prerequisite relationships are shown, due to limitations of ASCII and because many relationships are cross- boundary; for example, a Defensive Talent might be a prerequisite for a Melee Talent.

  (Strong of Will)

  (Charming) -> (Boon to the Family) -> Heir

  (Alert) -> 3 Missile Affinities -> Missile Weapon Master
          -> (Miser)              -> Treasure Hunter


  Affinity (any) -> Melee Weapons Master

  (Aggressive) -> Natural Berserker

  (Basher) -> Powerful Strike -> Mighty Strike

  Strong Thrower

  Quick Shot -> Lightning Shot

  (Good Shot)     -> Eagle-Eyed
                  -> Keen Shot  -|
  Affinity (any)  ->             |-> Missile Weapon Master

  (Shield Specialist) -> (Shield Expert) -> Shield Master

  (Careful) -> Very Careful
            -> Defensive Fighter -> Dodger

  (Hardy) -> Very Hardy   -> Extremely Hardy
          -> (Tough Skin)
                -> (Iron Skin)
                       -> Steel Skin -> Mithril Skin

  (Potent Aura) -> Strong Healer
                -> Strong Magic
                -> Charged
                -> (Strong Aura) -> (Mighty Aura)
                                 -> Good Book Caster
                                        -> Great Book

  Long Stride
  Sixth Sense

  Quick -> Very Quick -> Greased Lightning

  (Porter) -> Master Packager -> Beast of Burden
Talents are divided into six cathegories: Starting talents (all these have a prerequisite of Level 1), Melee talents, Missile (and thrown weapon) talents, Defensive talents, Magical talents, and Miscellaneous talents.


Note that you only start with 1-6 talents. Since several of the
STARTING TALENTS are prerequisites, you need to consider your choice
of Level 1 talents very carefully. Since a +Attribute talent is
worth half a (blessed) potion of Attribute, it's probably only
worthwhile to take them as prerequisites if needed. Some +Attribute
talents, however, can be quite useful for early-game survival, and
should be considered.

   ALERT -- +1 to Perception.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 3 (4 for archers)
Prerequisite for: Treasure Hunter(9), Missile Weapon Master(3-7)

Prerequisite for Missile Weapon Master and Treasure Hunter. Treasure
Hunter is generally accepted to be one of the most desirable (if not
_the_ most desirable) talents, making Alert a populer Level 1 choice.
See Missile Weapon Master for a discussion on viability.
If you don't want Treasure Hunter or Missile Weapon Master, Alert is
of marginal utility; Perception is one of the less useful attributes,
and is fairly easily increased. A mid-range Perception score (12-18)
is a prerequisite for a number of talents, none of them very useful,
except possibly Great Book Caster.
Note that this talent is slightly more useful if you play ADOM on
higher than 80x25 resolutions.

   CHARMING -- +1 to Charisma.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 1 (2 for male characters and Bards)
Prerequisite for: Heir(3-10)

Prerequisite for Heir. If you don't have at least 3 starting talents,
or if you simply don't want Heir, this talent is next to useless.
While Charisma is not particularly easy to raise, it's almost
completely useless for everyone except Bards (for whom it is of
medium importance).
Charisma is a prerequisite for Silver Tongue and Natural Trader,
neither of which is worth getting, either.

   DEXTROUS -- +1 to Dexterity.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 3

Not a prerequisite and probably not worth it. Dexterity gives speed,
DV, and missile weapon to-hit (and possibly damage, anyone know for
certain?), but Dextrous is a dead-end talent and the specialized
talents for speed, DV, and missile bonuses are much more powerful.
Dexterity is the prerequisite for a number of useful talents. None
of them need above 18 Dex, though, and that shouldn't be too
difficult to come by in the early-to-mid game.

   FEY-BLOODED -- +1 to Mana.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 3 (2 for non-spellcasters)

Not a prerequisite. Of some use to spellcasters with low mana
scores (troll wizards, for example). If your starting Mana score
is low, this might be somewhat helpful in reaching the prerequisites
for the magical talents. Since Mana is probably the easiest
attribute to train, however, I'd advise against taking this talent.

   GOOD LOOKS -- +1 to Appearance.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 1 (2 for female characters)

Not a prerequisite, and a proufundly worthless talent. Appearance is
the least useful attribute for anyone.

   LEARNED -- +1 to Learning.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 4 (5 for illiterate characters)

Not a prerequisite, and fairly easy to train for most characters.
Learning does help with a good number of things, but if your
character automatically gets the Literacy skill, probably not worth
it. Even if they doesn't, 1 point is unlikely to make a difference.

   STRONG -- +1 to Strength.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 4 (5-7 for melee characters)

Not a prerequisite. Strength can be trained very quickly at low
levels, but slows down somewhat later. It is also one of the most
useful attributes for most characters. For this reason, melee
characters might possibly want to consider this talent.

   STRONG OF WILL -- +1 to Willpower.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 3 (4 for Mindcrafters)
Prerequisite for: Melee Weapon Master(5-7), Saint(2)

Prerequisite for Melee Weapon Master (and Saint, which is next to
usealess). If you don't want Melee Weapon Master, Willpower is of
medium-to-high importance (high for spellcasters, medium for everyone
else). It's easy to raise into the twenties by the early-to-mid game
(if you know how), though, making Strong of Will a bad choice except
as a prerequisite.

   TOUGH -- +1 to Toughness.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 4

Not a prerequisite. Would be a fairly good choice if there wasn't a
reliable method of raising Toughness into the mid-twenties by the
early-to-mid game. Still might be worth considering for characters
with a very low starting toughness, but the defensive talents are
overall probably better for early survival.

   WEALTHY -- Three times the normal starting money.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

   VERY WEALTHY -- Two times the normal starting money.
   Prerequisites: Wealthy, Level 1.

   FILTHY RICH -- Two times the normal starting money.
   Prerequisites: Very Wealthy, Level 1.

Rating: 1 (3 for Merchants)

These three talents are rather useless. All three of them
together will only get you twelve times your starting money
(or 24 times, with Boon to the Family), which only counts as
a lot at the very beginning of the game.
One exception: merchants with a lot of starting talents can
actually get quite a lot of money with these talents, potentially
opening up several interesting options for them in the early game.
Overall, these talents are still probably a suboptimal choice.

   BOON TO THE FAMILY -- Twice normal starting money.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 1
Prerequisite for: Heir(3-10)

A prerequisite for Heir. Otherwise even worse than Wealthy.

   HEIR -- Receives a special magical item inherited from his family.
   Prerequisites: Boon to the Family, Charming, Level 1.

Rating: 3-10 (depending on class; 10 would be for Bards)

Has two prerequisites, which means you must have at least 3 starting
talents to get it. Its usefulness is strongly dependent on your class.
For Bards, the reward is approximately worth a Wish, and is one of
the most powerful items in the game. Heir gifts for other classes
will eventually become obsolete, but usually help with early-game
survival a great deal. It's _three_ starting talents, though, so
consider it carefully.

   SKILLED -- +2 to all initial skill values.
   Prerequisites: Learning 9+, Level 1.

   VERY SKILLED -- +3 to all initial skill values.
   Prerequisites: Skilled, Learning 12+, Level 1.

   EXTREMELY SKILLED -- +5 to all initial skill values.
   Prerequisites: Very Skilled, Learning 15+, Level 1.

Rating: 3

You can only get these talents if you have a decent Learning,
which is precisely when you don't need them. At low levels,
skills go up fast. Leave these talents alone.
Note also that these talents are currently (ADOM 1.1.1)
buggy and can crash the game if taken.

   LONG-LIVED -- the PCs life span is extended by 30%.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 1-5 (Depending on race; 1 for elves, 5 for trolls)

PCs with short life spans might want to consider this. 30% is
not a lot overall, but might just be the bonus that saves your
life against Ghost Lords. It's a dead-end talent, though, so
consider it carefully.
   AFFINITY WITH AXES -- +2 to hit with axes.

   AFFINITY WITH CLUBS & HAMMERS -- +2 to hit with clubs and hammers.

   AFFINITY WITH DAGGERS & KNIVES -- +2 to hit with daggers and

   AFFINITY WITH MACES & FLAILS -- +2 to hit with maces and flails.

   AFFINITY WITH POLEARMS -- +2 to hit with polearms.

   AFFINITY WITH SWORDS -- +2 to hit with swords.

   AFFINITY WITH WHIPS -- +4 to hit with whips.

   AFFINITY WITH STAVES -- +2 to hit with staves.

   AFFINITY WITH TWOHANDED WEAPONS -- +2 to hit with twohanded

Rating: 6 (5 for spellcasters)
Prerequisite for: Melee Weapon Master (5-7)

If you want Melee Weapon Master, you must take three of these.
Otherwise, I suggest waiting until you're sure about what weapon(s)
you want to use in the long run; otherwise, it's a wasted talent.
+2 to hit is not a lot, but with the new ADOM combat system, you
can never have too much (or even enough) of a to-hit bonus, and
every little bit helps. The +4 for whips is nice, but still doesn't
make whips worthwhile, generally speaking.

   MELEE WEAPON MASTER -- +3 to hit and damage in melee combat.
   Prerequisites: At least 3 melee weapon affinities, Defensive
   Fighter, Strong of Will

Rating: 7 (5 for spellcasters)

This is a very expensive talent: it has 7 prerequisites. Still,
since four of them (with the exceptions being Strong of Will and
two of the three affinities) are useful for a melee fighter, it's
probably worth getting.
For spellcasters, DV and PV are much more important than to-hit
and damage, which makes Melee Weapon Master a less attractive

   BRAWLER -- +2 to hit in unarmed melee combat.
   Prerequisites: Strength 13+.

Rating: 1 (7 for Monks and Beastfighters)

Not a prerequisite. If you're playing an unarmed fighter,
probably worth getting.

   STRONG LEGS -- Kicking in doors is much easier. +2 to kick damage.
   Prerequisites: Level 1.

Rating: 1 (4 for Monks)

Not a prerequisite. Useless for anyone but monks; you very rarely
need to kick down a door quickly. Since not even Monks kick much,
even after getting the circular kick ability, and the damage bonus
is not at all spectacular, it's probably best to ignore this talent.

Note that this talent may or may not help with kicking down walls
quickly, for a Monk of level 13 or above.

   AGGRESSIVE -- +1 to hit in melee.

Rating: 5 (2 for spellcasters)
Prerequisite for: Natural Berserker (4-8)

If you want Natural Berserker, you must get this. If you don't,
you'd probably be better off with other combat talents. +1 is
not much at all.

   NATURAL BERSERKER -- +2 to hit and damage when berserking.
   Prerequisites: Aggressive.

Rating: 4 (may be 6-8, depending on playstyle).

Normally, one doesn't usually spend much time in Berserk mode, and
this talent isn't powerful enough to justify doing so. If, however,
you play a berserkering melee fighter, this can be a fairly powerful

   AMBIDEXTROUS -- +2 to hit when fighting with two weapons.

Rating: 6

Not a prerequisite. Probably a good idea to get it if you're planning
on fighting with two weapons.

   BASHER -- +1 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more than
      100 stones.

   POWERFUL STRIKE -- +2 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more
      than 100 stones.
   Prerequisites: Basher, Strength 13+.

   MIGHTY STRIKE -- +3 to hit and damage with weapons weighing more
      than 100 stones.
   Prerequisites: Powerful Strike, Strength 18+.

Rating: 9 (situational, 6 for spellcasters)

Unfortunately, most worthwhile weapons are 100s or lighter. Even with
these talents, the only weapons that are worthwhile are maces of
destruction and some artifacts. Also, some weapons with the "heavier-
than-normal" prefixes, as well as some non-higher-metal ego weapons,
might fit into this category.
If you actually manage to get one of these weapons, these talents can
be _very_ worthwhile. It's definitely a gamble, though, and none of
them can even be wished for, except the mace of destruction. For this
reason, I suggest only getting these talents if you've actually found
one of the above weapons, or you know you'll get it (quite a few of
the artifacts that fit the bill are guaranteed, including, notably,
the ToTRR). Getting these talents earlier is a very risky gamble.
   AFFINITY WITH BOWS -- +2 to hit with bows.

   AFFINITY WITH CROSSBOWS -- +2 to hit with crossbows.

   AFFINITY WITH SLINGS -- +2 to hit with slings.

   AFFINITY WITH BOOMERANGS & SCURGARI -- +4 to hit with thrown
      boomerangs and scurgari.

   AFFINITY WITH THROWN DAGGERS -- +3 to hit with thrown daggers.

   AFFINITY WITH THROWN AXES & HAMMERS -- +3 to hit with thrown axes
      and hammers.

   AFFINITY WITH THROWN ROCKS & CLUBS -- +3 to hit with thrown rocks
      and clubs.

   AFFINITY WITH THROWN SPEARS -- +3 to hit with thrown spears.

Rating: 5 (4 for spellcasters, 7 for archers)
Prerequisite for: Missile Weapon Master(3-7)

If you want Missile Weapon Master, you must take three of these.
Otherwise, I suggest waiting until you're sure about what missile
weapon(s) you want to use in the long run; otherwise, it's a wasted
talent. Your to-hit bonus for missile weapons is less of a critical
issue than for melee weapons, which is why these got a lesser score.
For an archer, though, they're still very useful.

   GOOD SHOT -- +1 to hit and damage with missile weapons.

   KEEN SHOT -- +2 to hit and damage with missile weapons.
   Prerequisites: Good Shot, Dexterity 13+.

   EAGLE-EYED -- +3 to hit and damage with missile weapons.
   Prerequisites: Good Shot, Archery 80+, Dexterity 18+.

Rating: 6 (4 for spellcasters, 9 for archers)

These are excellent bonuses for an archer. Other characters will
want to consider how much they will be using missile weapons.
Note that Keen Shot is _not_ a prerequisite for Eagle-Eyed, just
for Missile Weapon Master. If you can, buy Eagle-Eyed first.

   MISSILE WEAPON MASTER -- +3 to hit and damage in missile combat.
   Prerequisites: At least 3 missile weapon affinities, Keen Shot,

Rating: 5 (3 for spellcasters, 7 for archers)

This is the same as Eagle-Eyed, but much more expensive. It has 6
prerequisites, 3 of which (Alert and two of the three affinities)
are not very useful. Characters other than archers will probably
want to pass on this one.

   QUICK SHOT -- Missile attacks require 10% less energy.
   Prerequisites: Keen Shot, Quick.

   LIGHTNING SHOT -- Missile attacks require 10% less energy.
   Prerequisites: Quick Shot, Archery 60+.

Rating: 7 (9 for archers, 5 for pure spellcasters)

If you're planning on using missile weapons at all, the bonus
speed from these talents is excellent.

   FAR SHOT -- Missile attack ranges are increased by 20%.
   Prerequisites: Keen Shot, Strength 10+.

Rating: 2 (3 for archers)

If you're not going to be primarily using missile attacks, the
extra range isn't going to come into play much. If you are, then
you should have more than sufficient range from your weapon skill
and the Archery skill. Avoid.

   STRONG THROWER -- +2 range with thrown weapons.
   Prerequisites: Strength 12+.

Rating: 2 (5 for throwers, 7 in special circumstances)

This is somewhat better than Far Shot (+2 range is usually better
than +20%; if not, then you really don't need to be increasing your
range anyway). It really becomes useful if you want to use unorthodox
throwing weapons like Hammer of the Gods or Long Sting. In those
cases, the +2 range can actually be very useful. I suggest waiting
until you're sure that's what you want to do, and then considering
buying this talent.

   CAREFUL -- +1 to DV.

Rating: 5
Prerequisite for: Very Careful(4-7), Defensive Fighter(7),
   Good Book Caster(5-8)

DV is very important for all classes in the mid-to-late game. +1 is
not much by itself, but Careful is a prerequisite for Very Careful,
for the Defensive Fighter->Dodger chain, as well as for Good Book
Caster. All great talents.

   VERY CAREFUL -- +3 to DV when fighting very defensively or like a
   Prerequisites: Careful.

Rating: 4 (7 for spellcasters, may be 5-7 for others depending on
playing style)

Most players probably won't be fighting very defensively a lot, and
this talent isn't good enough to make it worth doing so. If, however,
you're a spellcaster, or you generally fight at the Very Defensive
setting, this can be a useful bonus.

   Prerequisites: Careful, Quick.

Rating: 7
Prerequisite for: Melee Weapon Master(5-7), Dodger(7)

+2 DV is nice for all classes. This is also a prerequisite for two
useful talents.

   DODGER -- +2 to DV.
   Prerequisites: Defensive Fighter, Dodge 75+

Rating: 7

Same as Defensive Fighter. Not a prerequisite for anything, though.

   SHIELD SPECIALIST -- +1 to DV when wielding a shield.

   SHIELD EXPERT -- +2 to DV when wielding a shield.
   Prerequisites: Shield Specialist, Shield Weapon Skill 3+

   SHIELD MASTER -- +3 to DV when wielding a shield.
   Prerequisites: Shield Expert, Shield Weapon Skill 6+

Rating: 7

These are only worth buying if you plan on getting all three.
Otherwise, Careful and Defensive Fighter are probably better.
If you use a shield, though, these three give a +6 bonus to
DV, which is excellent.

   HARDY -- +3 hitpoints.
   Prerequisites: Toughness 10+.

Rating: 4
Prerequisite for: Very Hardy(4-7), Tough Skin(5-7)

Prerequisite for the 7 talents below. If don't want them, Hardy
probably isn't worth it; 3 hitpoints doesn't count for too much
even in the early game, and quickly becomes negligible.

   VERY HARDY -- +6 hitpoints.
   Prerequisites: Hardy, Toughness 15+.

   EXTREMELY HARDY -- +9 hitpoints.
   Prerequisites: Very Hardy, Toughness 20+.

Rating: 4 (5-7 in the early game)

If you have a Toughness of 20 or more, 18 extra hitpoints aren't
going to mean much, especially in the late game. Your talents would
probably be better spent elsewhere. If you feel that the early game
is going to be the most difficult part for your character, though,
then these talents might just mean the difference between life and

   TOUGH SKIN -- +1 to PV.
   Prerequisites: Hardy, Toughness 12+.

   IRON SKIN -- +1 to PV.
   Prerequisites: Tough Skin, Toughness 15+.

   STEEL SKIN -- +2 to PV.
   Prerequisites: Iron Skin, Toughness 20+.

   MITHRIL SKIN -- +3 to PV.
   Prerequisites: Steel Skin, Dwarf.

Rating: 7 (5 without Mithril Skin)

Debatable. With the current combat system, PV is not as useful as
DV in the mid-late game. If you want to be difficult to damage,
you're better off using a shield and/or buying the DV talents.
On the other hand, PV is much more important in the early game.
If you feel that your character is most vulnerable early on, you
might want to give these talents serious thought, even if you
can't get Mithril Skin.
It's a big chunk of your available talents, however; Steel Skin
is 4 talents fr +3 HP and +4 PV, and Mithril Skin is 5 talents
for +3 HP and +7 PV.

   IMMUNE TO PAIN -- One point of damage is always negated for all
      attacks. At least one point of damage will be caused
   Prerequisites: Iron Skin, Willpower 15+.

Rating: 5

This is like a point of super-PV, that applies to everything, always.
Unfortunately, it's a single point, and it's a dead-end talent.
Probably not worth it.

   POTENT AURA -- +3 power points.
   Prerequisites: Mana 10+

Rating: 3
Prerequisite for: Strong Aura(4-8), Strong Magic(3-6), Charged(4-7?),
   Strong Healer(4-7), Good Book Learner(4)

This talent is the prerequisite for every single MAGICAL TALENT. By
itself, though, it's not very useful; 3 power points are even less
impressive a bonus than 3 hit points (see Hardy).

   STRONG AURA -- +6 power points.
   Prerequisites: Potent Aura, Mana 12+.

Rating: 4
Prerequisite for: Mighty Aura(4-8), Durable Magic(3-4),
   Great Book Learner(4), Good Book Caster(5-8)

Again, not too impressive in itself, but the prerequisite for two
useful talents.

   MIGHTY AURA -- +9 power points.
   Prerequisites: Strong Aura, Mana 15+

Rating: 4
Prerequisite for: Extended Magic(3-4), Great Book Caster(5-8)

Still not worth it by itself (the 18 mana given by this talent and
its two prerequisites is a drop in the bucket for any serious
spellcaster), but it is the prerequisite for Great Book Caster
(an excellent talent), and Extended Magic (a not so excellent one)

   STRONG MAGIC -- +2 to all damage caused by spells.
   Prerequisites: Potent Aura, Mana 15+.

Rating: 3 (6 for pure spellcasters)

Not a prerequisite, but can be a useful talent for spellcasters.
Unfortunately, +2 is not much at all.

   CHARGED -- Regenerates power points at higher speed.
   Prerequisites: Mana 16+, Potent Aura.

Rating: 4? (7? for pure spellcasters)

The rating for this talents depends on exactly _how_ much extra
PP regeneration it gives. If it's the same 20% you get for Healty,
and it's added on _after_ Concentration bonuses, I'd give it a
rating of 7 for pure spellcasters, 4 for everyone else. It's quite
good, but not quite good enough to be essential.
Note that in the latest version of ADOM (1.1.1), casting spells
from HP is not as good an idea as it use to be, since doing so
abuses the Mana attribute. This makes mana regeneration more
useful than it used to be.

   DURABLE MAGIC -- all spell durations are increased by the PCs
      current level times 3.
   Prerequisites: Willpower 16+, Strong Aura.

Rating: 3 (4 for pure spellcasters)

Spells this applies to (presumably) are Bless, Slow Monster,
Invisibility, Strength of Atlas, Farsight, and possibly Scare Monster.
That's not a lot, and most of these spells can simply be recast when
needed, making this a not-very-useful talent.

   EXTENDED MAGIC -- all spell ranges are increased by 2.
   Prerequisites: Mana 24+, Mighty Aura.

Rating: 3 (4 for pure spellcasters)

For bolt spells, a range increase of 2 also means a damage
increase of 2, IIRC. For this reason and Death Ray, this could have
been a marginally useful talent. Unfortunately, for most spellcasters,
it's tough to get it in the early game, when bolt spells (and this
talent) would be the most useful.
Note that this talent does _not_ increase the area of effect of ball

   STRONG HEALER -- +4 to all damage healed by spells.
   Prerequisites: Potent Aura, Willpower 15+.

Rating: 4-6 (7 for pure spellcasters)

This can be a good talent, and not just for pure spellcasters. Its
usefulness wanes in the late game, but early on, it boosts healing
spells by quite a bit. Most characters don't have to heal themselves
very often, but when they do, it's sometimes imprerative that they
heal as fast as possible, which is why this talent is a potential

   GOOD BOOK LEARNER -- PC is 10% more effective when learning
      spells from spell books.
   Prerequisites: Potent Aura, Good Learner.

   GREAT BOOK LEARNER -- PC is 10% more effective when learning
      spells from spell books.
   Prerequisites: Good Book Learner, Strong Aura, Great Learner.

Rating: 4

These are just not very good. Together, they give 21%. If they gave
more than that, they could be useful for borderline-spellcasters,
like paladins. 21% is just not a significant enough boost, though.

   GOOD BOOK CASTER -- Casting spells from books costs only double
      power points.
   Prerequisites: Careful, Strong Aura, Dexterity 14+.

   GREAT BOOK CASTER -- Casting spells from books costs only 50% more
      power points.
   Prerequisites: Good Book Caster, Mighty Aura, Dexterity 18+,
      Perception 15+.

Rating: 7-8 (5 for pure spellcasters)

These can be excellent talents, primarily _not_ for pure spellcasters
(who tend to get enough castings from books anyway, thank you very
much, and have enough mana to cast from books when they need to), but
for characters learning spells at low effectivity through various
means, then casting the spells via books. Unfortunately, most of these
characters tend to wince at the 2-3 Aura talent prerequisites. Still,
these can definitely be worth considering.
   GOOD LEARNER -- Learns very fast. +2% to all experience gained.
   Prerequisites: Learning 10+.

   GREAT LEARNER -- Learns extremely fast. +3% to all experience
   Prerequisites: Learning 16+.

   Rating: 4 (5 for trolls)

Not quite good enough for serious consideration. +5% XP is never
enough for a single level, and spending two talents - 6 levels'
worth! on this small amount of extra XP seems like a waste.
Charactes with very important class abilities, like Mindcrafters,
could find even this little bit of extra XP useful, but +5% is
just pitifully little.

   PORTER -- Carrying capacity is increased by 10% due to the PCs
      efficient packaging skills.
   Prerequisites: Strength 8+, Dexterity 10+.

   MASTER PACKAGER -- Carrying capacity is increased by 20% due to
      the PCs efficient packaging skills.
   Prerequisites: Porter, Learning 12+, Perception 12+.

   BEAST OF BURDEN -- Carrying capacity is increased by 30% due to the
      PCs efficient packaging skills and great endurace.
      Prerequisites: Master Packager, Willpower 12+, Toughness 12+.

Rating: 6 (8 for Monks)

These three talents together give a 71.6% bonus to carrying capacity.
This can be useful for most characters, and is especially critical
for Monks, who can rarely afford even Burdened status.
If you want them, you should probably buy all three.

   LONG STRIDE -- Movement costs but 950 energy points.

Rating: 7

Faster movement is always good, and this is somewhat cumulative with
other bonuses. Also, unlike speed bonuses, it doesn't affect the XP
you get. Can be invaluable in the early game for outrunning cats (or
any other monster).

   QUICK -- +2 to Speed.

   VERY QUICK -- +3 to Speed.
   Prerequisites: Quick.

   GREASED LIGHTNING -- +4 to Speed.
   Prerequisites: Very Quick, Dexterity 15+.

Rating: 8

Speed is hard to come by, and a hefty +9 is probably worth the three
talents it costs. It does come with an XP hit, but not much.
Quick is also the prerequisite for Defensive Fighter and Quick Shot,
two great talents.

   HEALTHY -- Heals wounds 20% faster.

Rating: 6 (4 for spellcasters)

Anyone with easy access to healing spells will probably not need this
talent. If you're not a spellcaster, though, an extra 20% of natural
healing can be handy in the early game, especially when you start
without the Healing skill. Later on, it's not that important, so buy
this talent early or not at all.

   SIXTH SENSE -- More easily evades traps.
   Prerequisites: Perception 18+.

Rating: ?

Unfortunately, does not say how _much_ more easily. This can
potentially be very useful; traps can be a very nasty and unavoidable
source of equipment destruction, and can even be a serious danger in
the early game.

   MECHANICALLY INCLINED -- All Disarm Traps checks are 10% easier.

Rating: 1

Absolutely useless. Disarm Traps is a low-priority skill in any case,
and 10% is nothing.

   MISER -- Tends to find more gold because he looks more intensely
      for it.

Rating: 4
Prerequisite for: Treasure Hunter(9)

If you don't want to get Treasure Hunter, it's probably not a good
idea to take Miser; gold is just not that difficult to come by in
ADOM, and the easiest ways to get gold are unaffected by Miser.

   TREASURE HUNTER -- Finds more items.
   Prerequisites: Alert, Miser

Rating: 9

Considered by many to be the best talent overall. I estimate that a
character with the Treasure Hunter talent gets about 50% more items
than one without. The quality of items is unaffected, but 50% is a
whole lot. Well worth the two prerequisites, in my opinion.

   SILVER TONGUE -- Shop prices are reduced by 10%.
   Prerequisites: Charisma 10+.

   NATURAL TRADER -- Shop prices are reduced by 20%.
   Prerequisites: Silver Tongue, Charisma 14+.

Rating: 3

Again, money is not much of an issue in ADOM, and a 32% drop in
prices is just not that impressive.

   PIOUS -- Prayers are 5% less expensive.
   Prerequisites: Willpower 15+.

   VERY PIOUS -- Prayers are 5% less expensive.
   Prerequisites: Pious, Willpower 20+.

   SAINT -- Prayers are 5% less expensive.
   Prerequisites: Strong of Will, Very Pious, Willpower 30+.

Rating: 2

These three are ridiculously weak. Prayers being 16% cheaper is a
very slight effect, and would probably not be very worthwhile even
as a single talent. As the sum of three talents, it's pathetic.
With all three talents, 6 prayers will still cost a bit more piety
than 5 prayers would for a person without these talents. Not
exactly exciting news.

   SCOUT -- More likely to evade wilderness encounters. Less likely to
      be ambushed.
   Prerequisites: Dexterity 10+, Perception 13+.

Rating: 5 (3 for spellcasters)

Can be somewhat useful in the very early game. Until and unless the
uber-jackal effect is fixed, this can retain its usefulness for non-
spellcasters. Still not a worthwhile pick, though; any character past
level 20 ought to have a solution to wilderness ambushes.

   STEALTHY - All Stealth checks are 10% easier.

Rating: 3

This might be interesting if it gave 30% or more. Even then, you'd
have to play a "stealthy" character to make use of the bonus, which
would be fun, but not really powerful. As is, the effect of this
talent is negligible.